Luwingu OP Officer in Court for Sodomy

An Office of the President Officer in Luwingu District has been caught up in a sodomy scandal which has landed him in court.

The 33-year old Moses Chanda is alleged to have sodomized a 15-year old boy whom he gave a K20 bribe.


Luwingu, July 11, ZANIS—A sodomy case involving a senior civil servant working for the office of the president in Luwingu district failed to take off because the docket was not made available by the public prosecutors.

Appearing before Luwingu magistrate Davy Simfukwe was Moses Chanda aged 33 facing three counts of unnatural offence contrary to section 155 (a) of chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Facts before the court were that on 26th June 2018, Mr Chanda is alleged to have had canal knowledge of a 15 year old boy whom he gave K20.00 for appreciation.

In second count, on 27th June 2018, Mr Chanda is alleged to have committed a similar act with a 15 year old boy and on 28th June 2018, Mr Chanda is alleged to have repeated the act and gave the boy K60.00 for appreciation contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The matter has been adjourned to 26th July 2018 for mention and 14th August 2018 for commencement trial.

Magistrate Simfukwe has since grated him a cash bail of K25, 000, with two working sureties of managerial position and reporting at the Zambia police every, after, two weeks.




    It’s an embarrassment

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  5. Fred

    Why granting him a bail? That s being corrupt!!! He needs to be jailed.

  6. Augprina

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  8. blues

    It is a sad story considering the fact that, the offender is a public service employee and is supposed to conversant with the laws of the land.

  9. Doubt Katwishi

    Where are we heading to people?


    Its too bad

  11. zamb

    You failed to go and give money to a prostitute and decided to trouble someone’s child …. You are a cock that has seen a very small chicken moving…. Fooooooooolish officer

  12. YOUNG TC

    what a shame

  13. nicolas

    Just slap him with some years not bail!!!!

  14. Beleshi Victor

    Sad development

  15. Beleshi

    Sad development

  16. emmanuel mukuka

    That officer is not a human he need to be jailed 200years in prison

  17. zeckman

    Such offences does’nt deserve bail

  18. City Slicker

    chaipa ice ai a government employee.

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  20. Jms

    That’s witchcraft. Where did he get that k25,000 bail together with abcd. eeee

  21. MOSES

    On Three Ocassions? Sodoma Yawamapo. If Proved Guilty Send Him To Hell

  22. Dafer's Husband

    Were Is This World Going Issues Of Sodomy They Are Just Increasing So Much Whats Wrong With These Pipo

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