Choppies Gets All Clear to Import GMOs

Chain Store Choppies, has been granted a permit to begin the importation of Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs into Zambia by the National Biosafety Authority.

Among the products the chain store will import and place on the market include instant choppies porridge, chilli beef flavored soup, oxtail flavored soup, chakalaka flavored soup, brown onion soup and choppies corn flakes.

During their Authorities last meeting held on Friday July 6, 2018, the Board approved the application for a permit to import products that may contain GMOS by choppies superstores following a recommendation from the Scientific Advisory Committee –SAC-.

The Committee after conducting a risk assessment, found that the products that choppies superstores sought to import did not contain toxins and allergens that might cause harm to the humans, animals and the environment.

The Authority in  April this year while accompanied by Inspectors from the Ministry of Health, Lusaka City Council and the police swung into action and pounced on Lake Road and Ibex choppies superstores confiscating food products worth over K21,000 which were brought in the Country without obtaining approval from the authority.

Meanwhile, the Authority has issued 23 permits since 2015 to various companies for the importation and or placing on the market of products that may contain GMOS.

The import permits are valid for 5 years while permits for placing on the market range between three to six months to ensure compliance and prevent companies from contravening the law.


  1. Rynashe

    Great development

  2. Shaka

    Unhealthy,GMOs again .

  3. Christopher Mutambo

    Choppies are here for business…
    Great development move.

  4. Ohh my God government is so relaxed.that's jux there way of putting up an excuse at I it has no toxins.too bad

    That’s just a way of putting up an excuse those GMO’s are defined by there name.even if they say they will have no effect they are still GMO’s.

  5. Sj

    Someone must ‘ve got a good kick back for introducing GMO’s in this country. You need to go VISIT Cancer Disease Hospital in Lusaka to check out the increased STATISTICS of all sorts of Cancer patients COMING from various far flang areas and within Lusaka who come to receive various CANCER treatment. All because food does not contain the original God given modification.
    Has the country become a dumping ground for GMO’s weather safe or not or are we being used as Guinea Pigs?
    Late President Mwanawasa protected us from GMO BUT alas now, because our begging bowl has always been sent to who ever can fill it up, we’re @ their mercy.
    Surely we’ve sufficient indigenous food in the country, all we may need is NUTRITIONISTS to help in the preparation, storage and cooking.
    Remember Local is Laka?Comment

  6. elias

    Just say “embarmed” foodstuffs. I can’t enter it’s premises again.

  7. Matildah

    Ba Ecl Is Rubbish

  8. Joe Kawimbe

    GMO’s are back in Zambia!!!! Welcome back cancerous diseases……


    its up to you to go and buy those gmo or to stick to what you grew up with.simple.

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