PICTURE FOCUS: Miles Sampa on the Campaign Trail

The heat is on for the July 26 mayoral elections with President Edgar Lungu joining the Patriotic Front team. On Thursday President Lungu was in Matero Constituency’s Muchinga grounds where he drummed support for Miles Sampa.

Sampa is the frontrunner for the mayoral race bit has had his naysayers taking pot shots at him liberally.


  1. kufahakurambwe

    Is this normal? I have traveled and lived in several countries in europe particularly USA. NEVER have I seen anything of this nature… a grown ass ‘man’ on his knees before the Head of state. Makes me wonder whether Zambians are aware that the president is ‘our’ civil servant. You vote him in. Why, why, why is Zambia so backwards? Miles Sampa you have sunk to an all time low. However, an optimist like myself will find the silver lining in this and use it as a learning moment. ‘Just because one is educated does not mean one is enlightened’ is what I have taken from this. Miles you are a BOY disguised as a man. Shame on you and whichever ‘girl’ allows you to lay with her. I chose ‘girl’ cause a real woman would treat you like a leper and run.

    • PF

      On the race to civic center there only three people who are making sense the rest are jokers BA Lusaka remember if u want cholera out of there vote for wise people we have people like KANGWA chileshe , mumdia mukubesa,saboi mbolela these are young energetic who can work for you as your slaves miles kuwayawayafye he is a joker he has no focus

    • Leon

      Crookedness has spoiled politics in Zambia,they are humble before and foolish to the voter later

  2. mengmoreler

    Iyeee!ba sampa samba ni kuzipubisa uko sure !!!mmmm this money it cn make som1 foolish ai,so evn yo children seeing u lik dat iyaaachu!fyabupuba.

  3. Abena lusaka

    Ala kwena chachine insala ibii
    Kneeling before chagwa foolishly like this, a man capable of earning his daily bread Cant trade his dignity cheaply in this manner. Aaaaaa…. Yamunyokola insala Miles Sampa,What a shame!.

    Ba chagwa nabo awe sure no understanding what political leadership is.

  4. The political prophet

    This picture symbolises fraud and luck of proper workable stratage.
    Sampa can olny win through underhand manipulations in colusion with ECZ.
    Let Lusaka emacipate it self ,let the ideal candidate of the peoples choice curry the day.
    Let all witchcraft enchartments on this election be destroyed and scattered,all dark lordsof rulership in spirit world you are here by rendered powerless.

  5. dawnz

    What hunger can do….

  6. Razor

    Poverty and hunger coupled with lack of dignity can bring a man down on his knees.

  7. James Mphande

    Awe people he was just asking for forgiveness coz he run away and now his back is there any problem

  8. Frank Bwalya

    Ba pompwe mushibila nsala na lelo baisa to foool the docile zambians who will never wake up from their deep slumber..


      hahaha kikikikiki this chap will regret we are just fooling him he came back coz squeezed by zra, zesco bill na nkongole ku bavitumbuwa kikikikik maweeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Mwana wakwi2

    Sampa don’t worry dia u a with us pf n u a ored win dia n bangakupishe bwanji balikumbuyo ba kachema


      uuuuuuuurrggg I have vomited maggots suck suck suck suck ahhhhh im sucking the vomit tastes sweet especially maggots and fecal matter and used sperms and condoms

  10. Things fall apart

    Ba Lusaka lets teach these idiots a lesson and make them realise they all are our servants and both ought to kneel to us,

    Lets show them that a company of fools can not alway have its way. Enough of this cursed people ruling us and their usless drama

  11. Inter city call boy

    Iwe james mphande how many times must this poverty striken guy kneel before Edgar Lungu ,dont you know that it is foolish to act to be humble because of poverty,
    This man is kneeling foolishly in public like this because he badly needs a source of income to earn a living from hence this bootlicking hes doing.
    Naimunyokola insala uyu mambala

  12. Chrispine

    Uh kkkkk!!!!!!

  13. The kamwala boy

    PF a congregation of nincipoops
    Insala sure yasebanya miles sampa,did he ever imagine himself in such situation when he was deputy minister of commerce 7years ago.
    How things easily change, let even chagwa learn from this young man who knows what can happen to him after 2021.

  14. Emmanuel ngenda Jr sesheke usm commander

    Competition seems to be very hard for the gentle man hehehe…. Let’s hope that stress won’t attack someone there! I see likute now [respect]

  15. Chisenga


  16. Elijah Mache

    Its had being a culture in Zambia.

  17. Cs


  18. Joezman

    Yabaaa ba mils………UmuntuTemunobe

  19. Benny

    No, Miles sampa was kneeling before Lungu 2 show him that he is humble 2 Ecl so that even if he fails 2 win elections he maybe be given another job l know he is very hungry Zambians are full of nonsense

  20. Matero resident

    Chisenga walikwata amenso ayamonafye bwino iwe? Whom is miles sampa facing as he kneels the voters or ECL,dont compare SATA’s political antiques with what these nincipoops are doing
    Sata always made the aspiring candidate to face the people and kneel before them and reminding that the voters are the real bosses he should humble himself and ask for their votes because the power for victory lies with them.

    Not umuntu insala yamunyokola he starts bootlicking the president who is constantly deceived by his aides.

  21. fisunge

    I think lusaka pipo shud go for sampa why because he’s experienced, mature, he knows where to press the buttons, And he has olso learnt from his mistakes so to me his the right person to do the right job for fear to be criticized again he’s worthy it unlike this bachileshe kangwa and bena saboi who will be doing job on training and also make alot of mistakes These people shud just go to their field of play pastors and musician what are they going to offer in politics mwebantu God doesn’t want to be mocked you can’t save two masters at once let’s just go for politicians and not these hypocritical men who hide in the sheep’s skin vote wisely and note blindly you will fall in the ditch that’s why they burn markets we know them

  22. Kwa george

    Fisunge you have a clogged mind,we need new people to take up into politics motivated by servitude not this one motivated by hunger,i think kangwa chileshe is more than capable of performing as a mayor can easyly coporate business community to raise resources as well as the general lusaka residents .

    KANGWA CHILESHE FOR MAYOR OF LUSAKA,come on Jason get it rowling lets suprise those understimating you

  23. Pf cadre


  24. Shaka

    Time will tell

  25. Don doc

    Sampa is the ryt person at a ryt party and at a ryt time! Sampa has more experience in both politically and Academically. The rest are just babies . Lusaka is a Capital city of Zambia which needs to be run by an experienced Mayor not artist or tu pastor from tumteba churches. Give Sampa a vote and see our capital city develop to international standards. Let those chaps gain experience by start standing as councillors ( Petersen, Saboi, Pastor Kangwa)

    • bright party

      Lusaka doesn’t need a political prostitute

  26. Bright party

    I would rather vote fe a dog than Sampa a political prostitute

  27. Laban k

    Once upon a time, I respected sample or sampa!! But now I don’t know why this fox aipufisha if,, N way this is political vibes Zambians politicians bashanako
    Balashala notushiki pamulandu yama coins.

  28. Nkonkosheni

    I don’t trust this man anymore.

  29. SMZ

    He’s a prodigal son of PF.

  30. Sampa

    Miles I know u want money only because u can’t work, how come now u are back in pf because u rain way we don’t trust u any more

  31. Jms

    We are feud up with these stupidness occurring miles is kneeling tomorrow he will be crawling behind being handled like a man fearing a snake behind his big short stupid

  32. Saul

    The lost son but found

  33. chomz

    Miles Sampa tapali uwingaluba imisango shakwe.pls my fellow voters twibepekwa Nana pompwe munshibila nsala tumone umuntu twingasala

  34. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Nifyofine our of desperate kusalafye nefikopo

  35. USA

    For that one who has boosted to have leaved all the countries in Europe and went to say particularly USA. Sorry that you were out when sata was around. Thus what we do in PF all defectors neel to prove on the real come back. It is has been the ruling part’s policy and no one can change that! Viva Sampa mayor one. 2021 viva again.

  36. Goma adams

    Any way

  37. Gerrard

    Mr sampa, never mind with this childish who usually boast themselves like a genius. Remember charity begins at home, when you raised on respect maintain it you lose nothing,you father is you father and a friend is friend

  38. Zolileshamboko @shamboko.com

    Kikikikikikiki what hunger can do

  39. Jomwa

    Ba SAMPA were have u taken your party

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