Speed Trap Camera Stolen Installed on Great East Road Goes Missing

Unknown people have allegedly stolen one of the roadside cameras installed to monitor and detect traffic along Great East Road in Chainama.

The camera was installed by the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) but has vanished.

Motorists have routinely fallen victim to the regular speed trap along Great East Road probably instigating the illegal act of daring the law enforcement agencies.


  1. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    How can u develop if u r stealing things to help u???? It’s a pity!!!

  2. captain chanda

    Ubufontini sure . now were do you take that. God will punish you.

  3. Jms

    This isn’t stealing to me it shows these people don’t work properly how can they steal your tool during work we don’t have investigators if we have this will be found with no time be alert

  4. Robby

    Why Zambians

  5. James Mphande

    God is coming soon

  6. Jms

    This isn’t stealing to me it shows these people don’t work properly how can they steal your tool during work we don’t have investigators if we have this will be found with no time be alert UBUFONTINI is on you if you where at work how,why and when or which time do you expect that machine to get lost or missng IF YOU ARE ALERT you may know what time you suspected something wrong unfortunate kabwalala aibila kapokola

    • Wake up zambia, Unza will deliver!!!!!

      It’s not like that my brother, do u expect a police officer to come and guard a camera sure!!! Further more, don’t we love our own important properties… Let’s be patriotic citizens. Those are our own properties.. Let’s not tolerate this.. Let’s change the face of out country, thanks for your message..

      • Dj mwila

        yes bro you are right,how can someone steal the public property if he loves his country?

  7. Robby Chola

    Naumfwe nsoni.

  8. Wake up zambia, Unza will deliver!!!!!

    It’s so sad to hear,, speeding has claim a lot of lives in Lusaka the past months, people where crying for help, yet the measures where put in place to reduce this but again we don’t appreciate, don’t we realise that we are destroying our own lives… U can see how these traffic officers are concern about our lives when it comes to road accidents some of them even work when it’s raining heavil.. My appeal to my fellow Zambians is let us know development of this country lies in our hands, so let’s keep any too with jealousy for it has an important use to our life matter how old, dirty, small or big it is. Let’s be patriotic citizens, citizens who appreciates the beauty and properties of our mother Zambia.. TOGETHER WE CAN…

  9. mwimwi

    The same people who installed are the one who can do that.

    • Mukonka M

      The same criminals in name of cadres who are all over lsk

  10. Chisenga


  11. Edgar Musonda

    How can you develop as a country when you still having people with such mentality.


    How can you develop with people of such thinking ,bad😠😠😠😠😈😈

  13. Elijah Mache

    Its unfortunate when government is busy doing something good to people.How can we develop like that

  14. Jms

    Its unfortunate to learn that police officers don’t know how to guard their property if you don’t resign we need jobs

  15. Lemmy cheba

    Insoni e buntu bane! Surely do we need to move forward? Please bane lets change our mind set.

  16. adamwumfwa maisa

    Suspects are traffic officers and the reason is simple they used to benefit from illigal charges now they are hindered.they cant do there illigal practices pls rtsa take up this matter seriously they are not happy mwabafumya pakalilo.

    • CP

      This could a possibility. Police temunobe! Anything is possible with ZP.

  17. Jms

    Mwimwi is the person not included to you cowards who don’t think when such things occur REASON THATS WHEN YOU SAY SOME THING YOU WILL SEE THAT WE WILL HAVE GOOD REASONING CITIZENS

  18. lombe

    james mphande u even know that God is coming soon,but why insult your friends?wania uzakapya uzakankala nkuni.u are doing things deliberately but uziba vonse.

  19. muzo bit

    chisenga nosence.u r the one who stole the camera ubupuba sana.


    Police work on the matter.



  21. EM

    This is Zambia

  22. sakx

    Why doing like this mu Zambia bushye bututu or madness that’s why we are not developing here in Zambia,we will suffer like that

  23. Yen Mega Ntilima

    The crew installed the camera it’s the same crew stole it,, period.

  24. Jms

    We know you people you just learn from your own mistakes and by the way don’t put God in this never mention God in useless things RESPECT. You should start watching television and see how others guard their property If a witch kills someone the one involved has to be a family member who knows every corner of that passed person and their is no way one can take something he isn’t using unless you again send someone to do a thing for you because you can’t run while sending a runner who even risks his life FILTHY WORK

  25. brush kay

    awe sure…

  26. Carol ngulube

    Pa zed napo awe mwe

  27. MMG

    We need more man power in our country coz thief’s have increased

  28. Mr Peace

    One thing I know is that developed countries are enough and developing countries will keep on trying but will never get there.No country can develop with people of this nature.

  29. Sylvanus

    Lack of vigilance .or simply cleptomania at play some people are still in the stone age.

  30. GFUNK

    In the first Republic under Multipartism, we complained that the whites were too harsh with rules. Under one party, we cried loud that it was dictatorial. Now under Multipartism rebelisation we are stealing from our selves!

  31. Mugabe

    Too bad investigation must start with those who that their was a camera

  32. Blessing Tembo

    Zedians chabe first Yenze TV in the stadium now speed trap and you want development in your nation……

  33. Razor

    It’s police officers from traffic who stole it because their cash income from the roadside had dropped drastically after the installation of the camera since with the camera payment is at the station so officers in the field don’t benefit.

    • Zimbabwean

      In support of your assertion Brother. Our Zim Police had become so corrupt as to charge for a faulty Car radio. They have been removed from the Road since the Famous Coup till now by ED. ZP must be removed from the Road and they are resisting by removing this technology. Shame on Africa.

  34. Danniel mj

    lets just work for our own dont steal cansoni mwe no musebanya

  35. Moses

    Pliz don’t share this news to the outside world otherwise it’s so embarrassing

  36. Mulilo

    A risk assessment should have been done first. We are not yet that civilised.

  37. garry chuula

    Hahaha Zambians

  38. Emmanuel ngenda Jr sesheke usm commander

    mmm I understand why they have stolen it because this is zambia

  39. Cyril Ramaphosa

    Awe lekeni inseke first pwaaaaaaaaa kikikikikikikikikiki hahahahahahahaha mmmmmmmm kabwalala mupondo aibila bakapokola sure…

  40. Jasper chishi

    Why Zambian

  41. Mulenga Bwali

    That is Africa for you Zambia in particular,we really need to change the way we think.

  42. Wendy chandA

    Too bad dangerous prayer should follow them cozone no way affiliated normal person can do that

  43. Wendy chandA

    Lets pray for them

  44. RS

    This is not Zambian sure?

  45. Don doc

    Pliz pipo! This thing was not stolen but moved by rtsa to another location. Muletekanya ba Zambia Reports naimwe, mwakulabepa abantu.


    Good, welldone ba speed trap bamachedwesa

  47. Zulu

    MA levels

  48. Dabwiso

    You are missing the point. The first thing to condem is the type of camera purchased. That is archaic stone age type no longer in use in developed countries. What’s in use now is overhead cameras mounted high where it’s difficult for thieves to reach. What we bought was from stock clearance.

  49. Jamba

    There are bigger problems that need attention in this country than a simple camera that serves only to benefit the police officers?

  50. Julius

    People let’s be responsible this z our country

  51. Hunter Shilesa

    Wasnt this anticipated? In a country full of idiots you should have anticipated that and put cameras that have gps inside the gadget.

  52. Robert Sindaza

    This is Zambia the real Africa.

  53. Mumu

    OK this is sad. Whoever did this God is watching. Let’s hope you won’t loose a loved one because of over speeding and careless driving.

  54. Jere

    Ba Zambia Reports,that’s a lie,that thing is put there in the mornings and removed in the evenings,it hasn’t been stolen at all.

  55. Bashi preido

    I watched ZESCO NKANA GAME WHER FUNS STATED UPROOTING trees planted at Mwanawasa Stadium, destroying seats all in the name of protest too. ZAMBIANS DOING THAT NEEDS TO BE JOINTLY C

  56. Kabaso

    Pa zed that can happen.. Its good we can’t win the world cup..coz it can be stolen like yesterday..

  57. Banda Gabriel

    We are taking ourselves backwards. Hope perpetrators will realise that the property they stole is for all Zambians and it was meant to improve our lives.

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