Zambia Nominated for Top International Award

Zambia has been nominated for the award of Best State Strategy in Africa over its management of harnessing opportunities in the economy and efforts in attracting foreign investment.

This is contained in communication sent to the Zambian Embassy in France by the Secretariat of Africa Investments Forum and Awards based in Paris.

Africa Investments Forum and Awards was inaugurated in 2017 with the support of the French captains of Industry namely the Council of French Investments in Africa (CIAN), the French Private Equity Association (AFIC), Paris Europlace, Agence Française de Développement (AFD), Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables, among others.

The event is dedicated to business opportunities on the African continent in various fields such as Energy, Infrastructure and City Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Growth Strategies and Real Estate Industries.

Zambia has since been invited to officially submit its nomination to the Secretariat of Africa Investments Forum and Awards to be reviewed by the jury of 80 high-profile experts from public and private sectors.

Furthermore, the Secretariat explained that the assessment would be based on the consistency and quality of investment and its evolution over the last 3 years, the innovation ability as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility vision.

The winners of the prestigious award will be announced at the next Africa Investment Forum and Awards slated for 8th November, 2018 in the French capital.

Other countries that were preselected in the “Best State Strategy” are South Africa, Benin, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, Egypt, Algeria, Ethiopia and Ghana.

The Government has made tremendous efforts in realigning the economy through diversification from a mono-economy dependent mainly on copper exports as the main revenue earner.

Under the Seventh National Development Plan launched by His Excellency President Edgar Lungu to run from 2017 to 2021, the Government aims at developing Zambia to a prosperous middle-income nation by 2030.

The Government has prioritized agriculture, tourism, investment in the energy sector, infrastructure development and manufacturing as key growth sectors to raise Zambia to achieve job creation, address poverty while reducing the people’s socio-economic vulnerability, reduce developmental inequalities and enhance human development.


Issued by:


Yande Musonda (Ms.)

First Secretary – PRESS



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  1. Christopher Mutambo

    Its good that Zambia has been nominated……
    The Government should real prioritize agricultural, Energy, infrastructure and tourism investments.


    Interesting news “thou zambia would have developd a long time ago, its just that we are lacking people to develope our economy, too much dependant on investors”

  3. Sj

    Politics of the belly ‘ve killed this nation. Who ever gets appointed to position of authority/power must first fill their basket leaving the citizenry more sustable to poverty.
    Only God will redeem his people from suffering. For the high numbers living below poverty datum line continue to be marginalised/squeazed. Comment

  4. James Mphande

    Under the leadership of👇👇👊👊👊👊

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