NDC Chipangali Candidate Apologizes for G12 Certificate Hiccup

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Eastern Province chairperson Samuel Lugomo-Phiri has apologized to his party members in the region for his failure to file for the Chipangali council chairperson elections recently.

Phiri who had announced that he was going to stand on the NDC ticket suffered a big setback on the nomination day because of the failure to produce a certified grade twelve certificate.

He claimed he forgot his certified grade 12 certificate at the NDC secretariat in Lusaka.

“I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all those who know me that all is not lost, let us give them this chance our chance is coming,” Phiri said.

He refuted allegations that he was bribed by the PF not to file so that they could have it easy.

Only three candidates namely PF’s Million Tembo, UPND’s William Banda and UPPZ’s Davy Kapwata are contesting the Chipangali council chairperson’s elections slated for July 26.


  1. Cadreman

    Ofcourse balichilishamo ,what can you expect from rats eating people, they always behave nga ba koswe

  2. Augprina

    Iwe chilugomo you just don’t have a grade twelve certificate why unama Bantu foolish! You think its a joke to sit on the desk for twelve years uli cikopo saana IDIOT!

  3. Joseph siame

    Tawakwatafye isukulu

  4. Mr Does

    Anali odyesela n’gombe haven’t gone to school yaaaaaa!!

  5. Nkonkosheni

    Just tell us the truth.Tawakwata aka pepper boi 2 bad 4 u. Try plan B.

  6. Pride

    I know it’s of who is doing this to NDC ,pf stop this foolish!!!!games

  7. Jms


  8. Danny luampa

    Its a planned move by NDC not to contest coz they know for sure that they will lose. Those they usually check them before nomination. Failed party, u can’t form a party out of frustration.

  9. Sitonya Oshed

    I think there should be also institutions that will enable qualified personnel to run offices in politics as well not only in teaching service

  10. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    False story idiot

  11. Nalelo Bwankoko

    Just say the truth, tawakwatafye akapepa, nothing to hid ulebepa nobufi

  12. King cool

    Forgive him,he is a great coward , such type of characters are not trusted any more. Very sorry for NDC

  13. Jms

    Don’t be surprised these are the people who may walk nude by forgetting to cloth himself shame REASON BEFORE YOU SAY OR DO SOMETHING ANYANDULE

  14. Claude Rodgers Snr

    Surely how can you forget grade 12 certificate??? Am suspicious

  15. Mwamba

    Don’t be an idiot…just say you don’t have g12 results

  16. Stephenmu

    Banani ukumulishamo? Is PF the only contestant in Chipangali. Maybe it’s the other way round.

  17. Maxwell

    foolish manners

  18. Kelvin

    It happens

  19. Tee jayhooker

    he’s a disgrace to his party…useless candidate

  20. City Slicker

    It happen dear don’t worry

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