Saboi Strikes Confident Posture Ahead of Mayoral Race

National Democratic Congress candidate Saboi Imboela had her moment in the sunshine when her party leader Chishimba Kambwili took her on a driva around town to market her candidacy.

Imboela who is the only female candidate has been hard at work bolstering her chances for the July 26 poll where she has an outside chance of upsetting the tables.

Kambwili who is Patriotic Front Roan Member of Parliament addressed a public rally at Chawama grounds.

The Roan lawmaker has been finding out how hard the actual business of winning elections is from just making political noise.

Kambwili and his NDC could not field a candidate in the Chilanga parliamentary by-election and are due for another political awakening on July 26.


  1. Chrispine nyirenda

    This party is going no where Males Samoa all the way nayonayo

    • Patmoll


      • King cool

        Never give up, be like a hyenas . No getting tired. Lungu is not doing enough, Kambwili is a great Man he fears no one

    • Barbara

      Listening to Saboi on radio made me realize she has substance and something to offer.. It’s time we supported each other as women.. Go mama go… All the best

  2. Augprina

    May the best and hardworking candidate win on that day!

  3. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    Its the only up coming political party that can make this pf government work

  4. Ree-shar

    Try and error!!!!

  5. Razor

    She has lost her chances after making the comment about bringing street vendors back.

  6. chanda mashs

    We need you kambwili to be our President 2021.work hard for that post and scope

  7. James Mphande

    Iye mum u will cry😭😭😭😭😭PF,UPND,PAC that’s all and the first party mentioned will win the city

  8. Chisenga


  9. Keagan Mwanauta

    Comment Haa!! Chishimba Kambwili Being The President Of Zambia Then Everyone Wil Start Insults. It The Money U Steal.

  10. Patmoll

    You will win, unless

  11. Mukai

    Kikikiki ur just waisting your money

  12. asidah

    Even sata you said napena and to insults but he did wonders Lungu is jumping on sata foundation Kambwili is king cobra 2 go lady go.

  13. Don doc

    Comed at its best. Even if it’s democracy! But some opposition political parties ar just for fun not to compete. Madam Saboi try to be a councillor that’s my advise.

  14. ndamwumfwa maisa

    It is not that kambwili fears nobody no,he is just one of those who talk nonsense and the wiseones will will not follow suit at all,if he is brave and popular let him resign from pf and you will see how he is going to loose his sit in parliament. Ala ba chishimba is just a sanguine balanda landafye.He must stop hiding from pf twakana!!!.

  15. Mwana wakwi2

    Ba KAMBWIRI sure awe kuwayawayafye n hw can u do twice things coz u a PF & ur party n u a water Mellon OK bt u will b back 2 our party like miles sampa


    Liule lyakwe ili

    • Henry

      Saboi is the only right candidate for the seat. Not these recycled politicians.

  17. Disappointed

    You people why cant you analyse these mayoral candidates with maturity ? Give points as to why one candidate is better than the other . Give reasons as to why the Zambian people should not vote for candidate A in preference to candidate B . I think that will make sense unlike ukusatasatafye . Watch and listen to all the aspirants on Diamond tv on 24 / 07 / 2018 at 18 :00 hrs to see who can make the best lsk mayor . Vote wisely……..

  18. Teddy Chimulambe

    Good luck BA saboi, have faith in everything that you do .

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