Kitwe Businessmen Fund Kamfinsa Correctional Facility Facelift

A team of businessmen in Kitwe led by Power Tools and Bus Services proprietor Mbachi Nkwazi has successfully funded the construction of 8 dormitories at Kamfinsa Correctional Facility to accommodate about 600 inmates.

Late last year after visiting Kamfinsa Correctional facility, Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu engaged businessmen in the district to help realise the change from prisons to correctional facility at Kamfinsa.

The facility has for a long time been faced with congestion because of the initial holding capacity that cannot sustain the current number of inmates going beyond 2,300.

As a way of completing government efforts to make correctional facilities, the business community in Kitwe district responded positively through corporate social responsibility to fund the construction of the 8 dormitories and about two boreholes.

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has commissioned the dormitories during the International Day of Prayer and Action for Inmates in Zambia.

Kampyongo further announced that government has procured 18 motor vehicles for the correctional facility to address transport challenges.

The Shiwang’andu Parliamentarian has since commended the gesture exhibited by the business community in Kitwe on the construction of the 8 dormitories to supplement government efforts in improving infrastructure in correction facilities.


  1. elez

    y not funding school and hospital where most inocent people are found? bt you ar wasting money on building structures where those notorious people like the tokota gang, the muderers, most of them who are there are criminals and law breakers. useless funding

    • Chichi

      My dear these people are doing gud and fulfilling what is written in the Bible, those people who found their are not all criminals.

    • kopala.

      u can as well fund the schools and hospitals. ur friends hv done their part,it’s ur turn to do ur part as well.

    • Pc

      My dear you don’t know what tomorrow has for you, who knows? You can be the victin. Umuandu mume!!

    • Kamwendo

      Umulandu mume one you may kiss the prison gate…… And not everyone in prison is a criminal… God bless you

    • National councillor

      We are all criminals,we have not just been prosecuted and thrown into prison.If you think you are not ask a police officer or lawyer you will be amazed to know how many criminal cases you commit a day.

  2. Don doc

    How much kabili? Tell us the amount they funded.

  3. Lemmy cheba

    We should remember one thing that not all people in prison’s are criminals,learn to appreciate if dont have the ❤ heart to give better keep quiet.

  4. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    The way to go.Big up to this companies that came on braod.Anyone deserve a better shelter!!!


    Congratulation mr mbachi…..

  6. Munasi

    They know where to put their money because tomorrow it could be them or you! Anybody can be in prison President Chiluba,Kaunda and so on.Therefore it makes sense to rehabilitate prisons.

  7. Popoloza

    Job weldone Binwell,Mbache,Patel and Gemcanton not forgetting the staff for the job done

  8. DO OR DIE

    Job well done.thnx

  9. Samuel


  10. sunday chisha

    job welldone and keep it up

  11. DJ Hamuchigushe Ta

    Bravo. Even Biblically this is right – where it says ” i was in prison you visited me…” Awe Keep It Up. They Say Ushitasha Mwanawa…. Doesnt Matter Whether You Are Free Or Caged We All Human Adios

  12. Chakunyonga ka

    fund for the hospitals and schools yourself.

  13. chumbu

    Ba elez muletasha ngaimwe mwacitapo fund finshi, awee cishinka kuli mwebantu takwaba cisuma

  14. w

    Good move.

  15. Chisenga kandela

    They deserve to be treated like humans indeed…..

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