OPINION: Mukubesa Could the Neutrals Choice in Mayoral Race

Mundia Mukubesa, better known as Petersen has been running a smart campaign for the mayoral seat in Lusaka. It had seemed like a joke when Petersen showed up at the Lusaka Civic Centre to file his nomination as a candidate. It had almost seemed like one of those wishy-washy undertakings that were just an egoistic fulfilment of infant dreams. But Zagaman or is it Zagaze has clicked with some mass of prospective voters.

One has got to admire the sincerity of Petersen in evaluating his chances in the mayoral race. Petersen has conducted an honest appraisal of his chances which is accurately reflected in his campaign song “Tikosesa” which translates in we would make it difficult. Petersen knows very well how hard it would be for him to win the Lusaka mayoral seat given his credentials that may beyond the enthusiasm of youth just has him dismissed as an entertainer. He has not been so outright about winning but making a mark on this campaign. The better enlightened could classify his pursuit in the league of the “strike a blow and die”. Strike a blow and die in script of Malawian independence hero William Chilembwe. Enough about history lessons! Petersen is not only coming up against a campaign that is heavily viewed as a two horse race between the Patriotic Front and the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

He is standing on the nondescript People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) that is rather seeming like just fulfilling an electoral obligation to field a candidate. But Petersen who will appear on the ballot as Mundia Mukubesa has not let the negative vibe weigh him down and has gone about his campaign business alongside his youthful president Andyford Mayele Banda. It is very clear that Petersen has emerged as the neutrals’ choice. Petersen could very easily cause an upset on July 26 if his vibe continues resonating with the Lusaka voters. Of course winning may be a tad too far but Zagaze may have come of age to finally practice what he has preached over the years. He has made the right political and societal commentaries in his music over the years. His voice has resonated with the downtrodden of society making him a rare moral voice in music circles.

His trademark songs like Anyandule, Bufi (collaboration with Pilato) and now Spartacus are some of the social commentaries that set him apart from the crowd. He may not win the mayoral race but Zagaman deserves some respect. He is a man simply living his dream. It may not come to fruition this time given the dominance the ruling Patriotic Front enjoys in Lusaka but surely Zagaman may just be happy to live his word.



  1. Chisenga



    Can sure weed smocker be a perfect candidate for this position?

    • playscute

      that’s the reason why you will never see change you people. Do you believe in changing the political atmosphere??

      you are still down in your thjngking

    • Leon

      In Zambian leaders there is no difference between a weed smoker and a vegetarian

  3. James Mphande

    Who Said we want musicians on this position no PF or UPND that’s all

  4. palata minina

    Could be better sure

  5. nwach

    the only sane candidate i can vote for…go for it mukubesa,so many are behind you,we will vote for you

  6. Self Nyokozi

    Some who are quite do wonders, he can make it

  7. mauto nkhowani

    Let’s try him

  8. chris

    He is better than to stand in party full of tribalism and genesis of violence like Upnd.who started violence in munali constituency on Saturday. We witnessed that of were neutral. Forward again.

  9. Chris

    The pf were neutral.thax Ba pf for maturity.


    Chamba smoking man he is not suitable for the city of lusaka maybe dundumwezi…

  11. Kambwili

    New Petersen ft Lenado Song. Download here;

  12. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Rest in pieces boi

  13. can you count

    who knows…he can do it

  14. Dj mwila

    vote for you

  15. panorama

    Chamba chamba what has weed done piz!!!!!!!!!! Mwebanthu a good leader can neva be determined By the dobo,dagga in other terms or an alcoholic but the love that an individual has for people.#non party partisan.

  16. Mwana wakwi2

    Mmmm Petersen y don’t u stand in pf candidate sure OK thanx 4 trying woi otherwise kaya

  17. DO OR DIE

    Chiwamina Galu. I kno zed pipo daznt want 2 fix uths on such poztionz. ZAGAMAN vot 4u.


    Who New that Mr Lungu will become a good president?so jst let us support Petersen n see what will come next

  19. Petersen jubilee chitemene system

    I just luvs ur music not voting for weed guy,,, i can rather vote for mulyokela than u boi

  20. Kajaba PK

    Loading………. . .

  21. Mulenga Joseph

    I wish if am a lusaka registered voter,i can vote for one zagaze mundia mukebesa.
    Kindly all my PF friends and members vote for him Petersen,he has a vision in politics.

  22. tk

    just because he’s tired of drinking alcohol and smocking, he has decided to try politics…

  23. one Zulu

    ÔKÁY.wê wíll fíx yôú bóí bút óthérwísé kàyà…Bút Mmmmmm
    zínthú sízílí múshé.

  24. :-O

    The only real person

  25. Simataa siloka

    One 🇿🇲one nation.

  26. Chimbwi Yano Muchila

    This guy knows he stands no chance of winning. Nintota chabe elo nodyako tuma sese twamu PAC
    just like the Pasterprenuer ‘Jason Kabanana’. These guys are jokers. Boring jokers to be precise!

  27. Richard longwe

    I’ll vote for u but don’t be a nyandu….

  28. Dwayne

    Am behind you Zagaman

  29. Teddy Chimulambe

    If my voters card was registered in Lsk,I would have voted for you.
    Anyway you have my surport mr zagaman munyaule saboi.

  30. çütëthäñg Måjør



  31. Tambala

    I wish you all the best .Lets hope some of the songs you where singing may be of great value to your political move.

  32. kwakamwane MAMFUKA gift

    The faithfully are free and not afraid either nor,by faith we stand to support the willing


    Esako boy vikangile mkati.Waganiza bwino

  34. Lupek

    Honourable Zagaman you have my vote under what restrictions.

    People let’s try him and no one new President Lungu would make it. People called him names but today we are all under his reign. So the issue of calling each other names is bad and all we need is to listen to what these candidates are saying and then make a decision.

  35. Innocent

    I love this guy,keep the fire burning. We are behind you boi

  36. Joe Makazo

    Never give up boi.

  37. kkk

    Zwelapili wahesu mulena aku tuse. Si sabi sesi sholokota luteni u ar nt alone.

  38. legendary

    He can do Better

  39. Hollywood

    Munyaule nafuti, anyandule muzabweza ziko pansi

  40. Kashimani Ka Nalikwanda

    I know the vision less zambians are busy criticising and calling His Worship Mayoral Mukubesa Petersen Mundia all thoughts of names and wishing him bad luck. But all we can say as Pro Zagaman is that #TIIKOSESA💯💥🔥🔫💪💪💪
    Waesu mwana wabo malume sipula kisa hao uwinile kale and we are fully behind you both the Old and the Young, Usike waipumelwa kuli mane usabe sisi sholokota… Tiya mwa lingongo mwana esu luinzi niwena!!!

  41. Nabwela Nafuti

    Zagaman go go we are behind u

  42. Robert Joel Mbambara

    one zagaman we are behind you

  43. Jms

    I edge all celebrities join good parties so that people can recognise you not that you are just being in activities

  44. john mwalukanga

    our late president waz a weed smoker and yet delivered , zagaman can just be as good as him mark my words.ZAGALIFE !!!!

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