PICTURE FOCUS: Presidential Kiss, Croatia President Steals Show

Croatia President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has set social media abuzz with her captivating image at the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Her locking lips with France President Emmanuel Macron after her country lost 4-2 in the finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup has become a global sensation.


  1. John pd

    This is nice

  2. Beyond Global

    She Is imotionaly confused after FRANCE humiliation I can’t blem her.

  3. martin chiyesu

    English maners.

  4. Gift

    Away some


    Ubusungu busuma ukucila bucifita mwe….i like it nice one….

  6. Edward

    Pays one kaili

  7. joe mbale

    Nice one

  8. Bs


  9. Dolobuchi

    How many frogs has she kissed in her life….kikkikikii

  10. Chola mulundu

    English manners

    • Stephen Mwanza

      Ba Chola Mulundu Muli bwanji? Please confirm if you are the coach in Swaziland and former Ndola United FC player. My contact number is +264814881515 or +264812718902

  11. Bradon

    Nice one

  12. Maxiwena Maxinal

    Nice appreciation

  13. nshilimubemba

    Ala inkanda tayapusanya po umuntu amano ya muntu onse apo apela yamo yene .
    No lubembe lumo lwine , no lupato lumo fye nemfwa imo ine .
    Nomu fimbila umo wine

  14. Claude Rodgers Snr

    Good manners

  15. Nkonkosheni

    I wish its in Africa u can take to parliament.

  16. Madalitso Banda

    Culturally correct.

  17. Moses

    In Africa it’s a taboo

  18. Isaac Phiri

    CommentFikaya kulibena.

  19. Onlooker

    I watched this, they never locked lips. No.. not at all. It was marely a hug and a side chik kiss which is normal as per western ( english ) tradition.

  20. Christopher Mutambo

    Wow….looking cute..

  21. James Mphande

    How I wish I was a Frances president☝🌷😂😂


    Nice one


    Yawama Yeve elo ilila itambika pa RUSSIA WORLD CUP.

  24. Fred

    I wish it was in Zambia coz Parliament would have been on fire.

  25. Bartholomew Chishimba

    Chapwa isha world cup bayakana

  26. Kennedy

    it’s just a kiss not things that the have done something bad A KISS


    Nikuno mwangala

  28. Kunbucha drink

    What a lyf kuba sungu

  29. Mr ford

    Nothing was wrong just a side kiss no jealousy over that..

  30. Chavavn

    Great soul.
    She is simply great
    Hope I get a chance to meet her


    It was just a side kiss,no big deal ask them

  32. Sky ANDREA

    Nice one

  33. Kesh

    Wow amazing…..

  34. bryt trey

    she was comfused and part of their culture kk …

  35. Mateo

    Yes madam hide your shame its for the benefit of you and your country

  36. Edwin from Kenya

    Whaaaaat…I wish I was the french president…I would have died to be kissed by my crushie kolinda grabar Croatian President… I can’t wait to go to Croatia and see her

  37. Desma Fote

    Intentional affection…

  38. Joshua Daimon Miti

    It’s a friendly kiss, no big deal.

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