More Ex-Miners Get Land

Ex Miners who lost Jobs in 2015, have continued to receive farm land on the Copperbelt with the latest team of 425 being recipients of offer letters for land in Lufwanyama District.

Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe yesterday handed over 30 letters as a demonstration with an instruction that the rest begin to receive their letters today from the Office of the District Commissioner in Kitwe.

The Permanent Secretary did however not leave without a warning to the former miners for prudent utilisation of farm land.

He further advised the former miners that there is readily available market in Saudi Arabia for goats.

Nundwe urged ex miners to explore goat keeping and supply to Saudi Arabia which requires about a million goats every month.

He said government has demarcated about 1000 plots in Lufwanyama District at a cost of one million adding that each ex miner has been allocated 5 hectares.

And Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has lobbied through government that ex miners be considered in the US $50 million for aquaculture from Africa Development Bank.

Kang’ombe said the ex miners who have waited for the pieces f land for over three years need start up capital to make good use of the land.


  1. Chichi


  2. Dot Me.

    It is good move,just hope those miners will be wise enough to effectively utilize those pieces of land, becuase they have just been handed to manage one of the most valuable a resourse.

  3. muntungwa

    But this was just a handful. Most of us just walked away after being made to wait for more than two hours. So the question is when is the next batch?? 3 years of waiting is just too long!!!

  4. Christopher Mutambo

    That’s good.
    Miners make the most of those assets.

  5. Razor

    Most of them have got bills and credits which they accumulated after waiting in vain for 3 years so most will just sell this land to offset the credits.

  6. Doreen

    Make use of the land and suffer no more

  7. Self nyokozi

    Job well done


    This is too little an effort by government.
    How many mopani permanent employees who were made to sign early retairement retreanched in 2015 to whom ECL gave the promise of farms ,and dont only concetrate on those in kitwe what of those in Mufulira,let everything be done orderly and smoothly and ensure actual farms are given not only just papers but without actual farm.
    We dont want a situation where only a few will be given and others are left out these people worked for zambia from ZCCM -MOPANI,Chiluba swindled them of their benefits under ZCCM by handly them to Mopani without paying them,but atleast he gave them houses cheaply.
    Now Edgar Lungu must wholely fulfill the alocating of farms to them something which will be an indelible legacy of his presidency in the land of the copperbelt for doing thus is empowering the families of these former miners and Proving he is a man of his words with this the much talked about diversification will have an effective practical launchpad. Which will see ECL and PF take unchallenged dominance of this province.
    MOPANI must also help these fomer employees (who laboured tirelessly for the company to make huge profits) by giving them farm inputs for the initial farming attempt on those farms plus two cattle(MAKE/FEMALE)and three goats to each.
    This is very possible, if this company was ready to pay $20,000 each to Nkana fc players if they qualified for African champions league then what of this more important nd economically beneficial initiative proposed here.

  9. lombe

    Comment:iwe ufuna tidye land?jokes aside we are hungry.

  10. Umwina kantanshi mufulira

    Nga ifwe kuno mufulira mukatupela lilali?
    Some of our former workmates are dying without recieving any land leaving young children
    Endesheniko tulefwaya ukupoka ama farm yesu twambe ukulima,epo amaka tayapwilila,

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