Political Violence: Who is the Villain and Victim?

Could this be a classic case of the villain playing victim to political violence and attacks? A Patriotic Front campaign vehicle found itself on the end of an attack after the political rally addressed by President Edgar Lungu on Monday afternoon in Chawama Constituency.

Some political parties have successfully coned the whole world of their innocence in perpetrating political violence. Could this not be an embodiment of what they truly are?


  1. kopala.

    we know this moooooooo party is more violent such that they even forget that we know them.they always play victim while they r in the forefront sponsoring violence. there so called leader r on record saying panga for panga,Armageddon, and many more violent inciting words.but they r always crying pretending as if they r the victims. nowonder their councillors r leaving them on a daily basis after knowing the type of people they hv as leaders.viva PF.nankwe nankwe. continue with violence,and see if violence will take u to state house.

    • Jomwa

      Kopala learn to be mature in the way u present issue wat evidencr

    • Mother to kopala

      Kopala kumanyoko waumfwa,learn to control yo cikanwa fack u

      • kopala.

        young boy!it’s not my fault that ur party is losing councilors. it’s just that people hv realized,what a worst of time to support this violent party,which has got nothing to offer but just full of dunderheads like u idiots who r empty.

  2. The Chosen One

    I think you guys have not done justice to this story. You should have told us the number plate of this vehicle. This vehicle had one of those nasty number plate “ECL 2021”. I strongly commend the guys who stoned this vehicle BECAUSE RTSA and police have failed to remove these vehicles with PF illegal number plates.

  3. chi

    When they c something lyk dat they feel happy. Chiwamina galu!

  4. Ba Mwaata

    Now u Chosen if the vehicle has ECL 2021 is to be stoned…i head RTSA saying these plates are leagal…even us we can put GBM 2021 only that HH has 2 letters otherwise we can also put..nothing wrong with that according to RTSA..don’t support the violence if it’s us UPND who stoned that vehicle we need to apologise to the PF for that condemn the act….!!!

    • The Chosen One

      @Ba Mwaata,
      RTSA said such a number plate is not there in the system. No one has patented it. Letters in a number plate can be from 1 up to a maximum of 3. Such letters are followed by number(s) from a single digit up to 4 digits. So, “HH 2021” or “H1” etc are perfectly legal. All you do is go to RTSA and pay K8000 and it will be given to anyone. But what we’re seeing is a convoy of vehicles all spotting ECL 2021 and driving on our roads with impunity and no regard for other motorists. Police can’t even arrest them. I repeat: The vehicle that was stoned had an ILLEGAL (non-existing) number plate. That number plate hasn’t been assigned to any car according to the confession made by RTSA.

  5. King cool

    Bring the criminal to Justice


    That’s too nako How can wi sporting criminal why jastince will come.

  7. Chamajohn

    Anytime if election u form groups if violence, so u think all elections ba pf balamibila??? U will never be in power u violence makers.

  8. Jms

    Chris you must tell the people when ,which time, how,because if you let us say thing without knowing exactly what happened its wrong. Mind you if you don’t know how to report items ask people are willing to help those who help themselves

  9. Jnk


  10. Razor

    If that vehicle was indeed carrying an illegal number plate and police or Ratsa were failing to impound it then it is their own fault. But if it has a proper registration and was attacked then the attackers must be brought to justice.

  11. Sama

    I support mr chosen let them go ahead and finish those vehicles.

    • Anthobalachio

      Kkkkkkkkkki mulesabaila cila nshita nilungu lungu, landeniko inshita iitali pali YEHOVA LESA pantu ena wamuyaya umuyaya umuyaya

  12. tk

    That ‘kopala’ person is not normal. he should see a doctor…all he thinks of is upnd. Brainless fool

    • kopala.

      the only fool here is u tk.cos hw can u surely respond to a person who is not normal? only a fool can do that.and am sorry to let u know that u r a fool.it’s ur parents who were supposed to tell you that,unfortunately, they r not concerned with ur mental status,so,i thought i should tell u.

  13. Anzelu achoka Ku mawa.

    BT I can agree with KOPALA coz dis KACHEMA party wch he called PANGA 4 PANGA is de mostly violence party dats y I Neva made my mistake 2 vote 4 him n pali pf I will die with dem 4eva

  14. FuManchu

    Violence can not be always aligned with a party but can also be attributed to individuals who have their own reasons to engage violence and other anti social behaviour movements therefore the law enforcement wings must up their game to protect the citizenry!

  15. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Stop stoning vehycles ba upnd its up to an individual´s feeling if you ve money like u claim just pay K8000 ít shall be given to u. Crying babies pf shall never insult u or fight u panga to panga bút they will fight u through a vote and win mind you this is campaign period try to be smart sell your manifesto ba upnd not breaking cars,maybe you students from kaponya university are doing practical in panga to panga and insults it will not help you win elections you ve lost already ba upnd tapali naba mifyenga tukamwumina kuma votes dununa!!!.No utubepesho when you loose this time.

    • Mazuba Isaacs hamumba

      Do u really Kno what u want in life,am failing to understand ur thinking capacity.

  16. Chisenga


  17. Kp

    Tall your neighbor sheeeeee, NO TO VIOLENCE.

  18. Jms

    You think that saying which says an EYE FOR an EYE is a joke if you are idiots you will now know it because you are taking us for granted you never understand what (panga to panga means ) just interpret or tell the deference between love and like in you language you will see what I’m taking about an idiot if you don’t give him/her a law he may do a worst thing SO DO (panga to panga mean,)I KNOW U WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND I don’t blame you but your parents

  19. BBC mwaimona

    An eye for an eye pf thinks they will stay for ever we had doctor kaunda kumulu lesa panshi bakaunda were is he now that what we shouldn’t forget they say whatever goes up must come down soon they time is coming

  20. BBC mwaimona

    Sometimes I don’t blame mr lungu no the people to blame are fools who are being used in name cadres these people they don’t know the meaning of being cadres

  21. Mazuba Isaacs hamumba

    Who is very violent,the ones killing people or the ones distroying the vihecles.will c,when upnd reports to zp and take the more matured way of taking things to courts of law ,they are crying babies, meanwhile we are defending our country from the envil ones.when we defend ourselves,we are violent .what do you want us to do,we should just seat back and watch bad things happening in our country?all pf supporters are fools just

  22. Mwami

    Take the Bible and read.

  23. Mr Peace

    E16 service currently scrumbled….

  24. talazheyi

    Even their lawmakers talked it in parlerment

  25. zamb

    Stop bring premature stories here er are serious and anxious to know the truth

  26. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Even if change comes today as long as HH is a leader of upnd you never come into power and pls u can never be goal minder,a defender or striker at the sametime you must know your position in a field of soccer play that is my advise to HH and his followers.

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