Chileshe Kapwepwe is New COMESA SG

Former Finance Deputy Minister Chileshe Kapwepwe has been appointed Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretary General.

Kapwepwe takes over from long serving Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya who is Zimbabwean.

She becomes the first Zambian and also woman to occupy that position.

Kapwepwe is the current chairperson of the ZRA and who served as IMF Alternate Director in Washington.

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is a free trade area with nineteen member states stretching from Egypt to Swaziland.

COMESA was formed in December 1994, replacing a Preferential Trade Area which had existed since 1981.


  1. mercutio

    Bravo our mother you work well there too….all the best.

  2. mukenga

    Congratulations go ahead to represent Zambia truthfully as usual.

  3. Poster Mwami

    Too clever and hard working lady.

  4. Amagenge

    Wow wow wow a Zambia woman! Ngwenya can now rest with his arrogance. He outlived his usefulness. More life Chilufya. But ba reporter also not even telling us about her qualifications.

  5. tk

    yeah. she deserves it

  6. Frank Bwalya

    Same old recycled stagnant brains..when will the fresh ideas be offloaded?? Bwafya mwandini..


      just farting in the office fuck you

      • My Dad

        kanyini,why insulting instead of appreciate for what the government is doing to develop our country? dont you have something else to do?

  7. James Mphande

    Cool to see more Zambians in COMESA

  8. Mk

    Congrat our mother for the position. Work well mama

  9. Chosen

    Zambia’s pride, congregations mama!

  10. zamb


  11. zed

    Congratulations Mama K

  12. Michael Mulenga

    Congratulations mama

  13. Michael Mulenga


  14. Teddy Chimulambe

    Congratulations mama,God has blessed you with that position,,, work well.

  15. chanda mulenga

    Hard working always yields positive results, go go mayo continue raising the flag of our late political legend Mr. Simon mwansa kapwepwe( mhsrip) like father like daughter, congratulations mama for now representing our great nation mother Zambia in regional trade sector

  16. christopher phiri

    Congrats,remember you’re carrying more lives in hands serve the people with Godly values. Wish you all the best.

  17. Bs

    Congrats mama

  18. Benny

    Conglats daughter of later Mr simon mwansa kapwepwe l wish 2 work 4 comesa one day despite being deaf

  19. Kapwepwe

    Congulatulations auty

  20. Nkonkosheni

    Congratulate mama.

  21. Jms

    Congratulations to you and use your post to be recognized in Zambia

  22. JMB

    Thats great mam please keep it up and work extra hard. You make us proud.May the lord almight be with you always.Thankyou

  23. Bravo

    Congrats Madam Kapwepwe for getting this post. At least the dictator and thief from Zim is gone. Look into the financial trails of your predecessor as the guy has looted COMESA . Call for an honest audit of the finances of this institution over the last four years and you will discover the rot.

  24. FGM

    Names of politicians that valued education Never Die!!! Congratulations mama, lift the Zambian flag through diligence and hard work.

  25. Stanley Chiti

    Congrats and keep it up .you are an inspiration to the women

  26. King David

    Congratulations my Sister

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