Chiwempala Market Modernization Plan Raises Eyebrows

Another rumour of the sale of a public market has engulfed Chiwemapla traders in Chingola with government refuting the allegation.

Provincial Local Government Officer Maclleod Nyirenda has announced that Chiwempala Maket has been put on the list of markets to be modernised in the province which has raised suspicion among the traders in the area.

Nyirenda said government has come up with an initiative to modernise markets for the benefit of traders.

He has warned individuals against giving false information whenever government comes up with the good initiative.

“Let’s support this good initiative and give government the benefit of doubt so that once the project fails, you will be able to say you lied to us,” he added.

Meanwhile, Provincial Senior Engineer from the Department of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Cliff Njovu disclosed that government has signed a contract with Sino Hydro Mine to modernize Chiwempala market.

He emphasized that traders inputs on the design of the market will be considered.

And Chingola Municipal Council Town Clerk Kabombo Mutakela has pleaded with traders not to politicise the development but work with the council.



    Lets support Government on this modernising markets that will result in the common good of ordinary marketeers is what must be aimed at,rentals must not be exploitative otherwise angry mobs will burn/blow up the modern structures you will set up

  2. Jonathan kunda

    Please you are welcome if any it possess the danger of fire encanchment zone. So the decision is infanct long overdue

  3. father fm

    Good idea.
    Can you revisit the works on market road. The contractor hasn’t done a good job there. That’s sad bane.

  4. 16nasha

    Thats good ideal

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