Kitwe DC Offers Support to Families of Black Mountain Victims

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu has not forgotten about the families of the 11 victims who died at the Black Mountain.

Mpundu called on all the families in the aftermath of the Black Moutain accident with the possibility of giving them some form of support.

“Today I took time to visit families that were affected by the Black Mountain accident to check on how they are doing as well give them some support,” he said.

“I learnt a number of unique challenges that most of them are facing as some of them lost bread winners while all of them are grateful to his Excellency the President for the gesture of giving part of the Black Mountain to the community.”

He said that his office would explore ways of easing the pain for the families that lost their loved ones that were breadwinners.



  1. Mainalababy

    That’s the to go.


    Let them not take an advantage

    • Shaka

      Take advantage of what? Allowing their deceased to go and scavenge from the black mountain so that their demise could attract donations from government ? This is utter nonsense Shi aliko. Think before you type anything on this platform. How i wish one of your relatives died in that tragidy .

  3. singoyimartin

    send their children 2 school

  4. Hotness

    Way to go ba DC

  5. Bradon

    Nimwe mwasuminishe black mountain so musakamane indupwa shabafwa nabalipo pakutila nabobene bekafwa ngefyafwa abanabo.

  6. talazheyi

    Ba Dc right truck God himself will bless you

  7. Mk

    Thanks Ba DC,politics aside

  8. Bayoka

    He is the most hard working DC I have ever come across…… Humble and works works with every one above all non selective…. Keep it up one Binwell

  9. Dabbison

    God bless you sir

  10. Ntoni

    Jay bless you fool

  11. Tinnk Brown

    Please Mr DC take care of them and bring thier children to school

  12. Boyd

    DC well done umunobe nipa ma problems God bless u dear

  13. He Zukor

    Their’s nothing wrong

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