OPINION: Mayoral Crown Offers Miles Sampa a Window for Self Redemption

Miles Bwalya Sampa is almost certain to be crowned Lusaka Mayor on July 26 after the electorate have their say in the poll. Sampa has had a troubled political trajectory. For a man of his academic standing and experience, Sampa has made monumental political errors that have reduced him to almost a figure of fun in politics. Some of the scorn poured on him are only second to the now deceased father of politics of benefits Daniel Chibbwalu Munkombwe.  He fleetingly at the whims of his emotions jumped from one political party to the next and even experimented with forming his own.

But unlike many others that have gone to their graves without having an opportunity to rectify their errors, Sanpa has a rare opportunity to bounce back and win over his doomsayers. The former Matero lawmaker still has age and time to retain his political shine and be the mayor that Lusaka has been hoping for. Sampa knows the political ins and outs of Lusaka like the back of his hand and also has the advantage of having served as Member of Parliament for Matero Constituency in Lusaka. Knowing that the microscope is fully on him to weigh whether his political reformation is authentic could spur Sampa to work harder.

He has the energy and drive of a teenager as his diverse initiatives in Matero Constituency showed at the time he served as Member of Parliament for Matero. President Edgar Lungu has taken the front seat role in the campaign for Sampa which could be the master stroke for Sampa to seal victory in the election. President Lungu has also cast aside the verbal abuse that Sampa lumped on him in the period of his political madness and offered Sampa a second chance at political and economic survival.  That too could drive Sampa to work harder. In any case why would society want Sampa crucified for his political naivety forever? Surely everyone deserves a chance at redemption and for Sampa Lusaka offers him that lifetime opportunity to repent from his political sins. Samps should know better that his conduct will either open or shut the door the many prodigal sons waating to return to PF.


  1. Mainalababy

    Maybe, but let’s wait for 27/07/2018 thanks ba zed.

  2. The political prophet

    I Saw Vote- MBS for 2021, and the whole wait was pushed on him but will they let him . We shall see what happens from now and the next three years

    • Jaguar

      Well atticulated ba Zambia reports . But my only advice to Miles is not to end up worshiping ba Chagwa . We all have the Almight God to worship and not fellow humans . You can thank ba presido for such a gesture , but that should be done privately ulike kneeling in public. Wishing you all the best in your race.

  3. Leon

    Sampa is best pf presidential candidate in 2021 also

  4. Bomber

    He just want the job.He is a prostitute in politics.No good deciding minds.

  5. tk

    To tell the truth…I doubt Sampa

  6. The Laughing Philosopher

    They are all there for money.

  7. The Think Tank Intellectual Property

    I love ❤️ Zambia 🇿🇲

  8. The Think Tank Intellectual Property

    I love ❤️ the Map of our Country our home Zambia is blessed

  9. James bond

    Let’s wait

  10. Biloko

    The desperation by PF to get this mayoral seat is frightening true democrats will work with any combination of human resource available to them it would appear the fear to work with other people is because they don’t want their wrong doing to be exposed.This also explains their fear for press freedom.

  11. Evans mooya

    Whoever wins pliz b there pipo and don’t go go gogo leaving yo pipo thirsty.

  12. 4th crew.

    I will one day make the necessary difference as a head of state.

  13. Dickens

    Bonse ni ka kwacha tufwaya ……No one hates money…..
    When God opens a door for someone….no man can close….
    God sees our hearts….but man judges from the appearances…

    Sampa will make it for the position….. We all learn at times thru mistakes..

  14. ba shanflex

    They ar all in it for money

  15. Musa Mbawo




  17. Kubeja Badaala

    Even if he wins given the massive financial resources the PF have put into this election, he won’t win a landslide.

  18. Innocent

    Am even wondering y pipo keep supporting pipo who have been pulling down our country!! Just because he has stand on pf ticket,ala!

  19. awa na moyo

    he deed very well in matero as an mp.he was misled by that demon hh .as mayor he will do best.go sampa go

  20. Say No To Sampa Campaign

    Sampa is a know No Good type of a boy, very immature with out of this world crazy boy ideas, very unrealistic, and it’s a shame that PF who are not shot of Leadership Qualities within the party had to settle for a guy like him, a guy without moral standards, self respect, and political will power to stand apart from the rest… We can not put our lives in the hands of a political prostitute and seller out like himself… Lusakaens let’s make a difference in this election tomorrow!!!

  21. Delgracious

    Let’s wait for the elections. By the way mind your spellings. As a reporter these are small details you should look into and perfect. You are award winners. Prove it in your reports.

  22. Nshebele Ati

    Miles kilometers Sampa you are the best

  23. Nshebele Ati

    Congratulations in advance

  24. Kenny k

    When you win take care of Lusaka ok.

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