Pres. Lungu Heads to Eastern Province on Friday

President Edgar Lungu is this Friday expected in Eastern Province to beef up campaigns for PF candidates in next week’s elections for district council chairpersons.

Eastern Province PF chairperson Andrew Lubusha confirmed the development in an interview today.

Lubusha who could not give more details said the Head of State would be in the province on Friday.

The PF has fielded candidates in all the new districts that go into polls for council chairpersons namely Lusangazi, Kasenengwa, Chipangali, Lumezi and Chasefu.


  1. kopala.

    go go go.no mercy,we hv to leave no stone unturned. bakateka.u hv our votes don’t worry,in 2021 ni landslide. wina azalila!azaimangilila che.

  2. burton lusale

    Comment ABOUT the visit to our nice province I urge our hard working leader to also check on lundazi chama and lundazi to the boader with Malawi roads come 2021 ni ba lungu Chee Zambia the next Dubai under pf government thank you

  3. James Mphande

    PF pamaka zoona

  4. Himz Lucky

    i Said Thnk To Our Govrt Because Nw started Working With Us Here In Eastern Province, We Had Smal Districts Bt The Goverment Worked On Dat Issue…
    Go A Head With Progres. Thn Us Citizens Wil Continue Giving U Powers.

  5. joe breaker

    2021 ni walk over but tell your lobour minister to visit some companies tulechulasana.

  6. semmy

    2021 akazimangilile gbm asiye kusamwa he thinks he is too big akayondeletu though he says he iz ob diet

  7. Ashamo Makofi

    My president, my pationate appeal to you your excellency is that kindly prevail over your MPs who are the majority to ammend the national constitution to bring to an end this endless electioneering. There should be more time to work to develop the nation . Of what benefit is it to the country when one stupid councilor who cheated and got elected by the people for sake their trust and crosses to another party for the sake of personal gain. And we glorify such a one for the sake of making numbers. Can we celebrate the amount of monetary, material and lost time such a one causes to the state. In fact it is high time they started going to jail for cheating the state and citizenry because such resources can go a long way in alleviating the suffer ing of our people. Our people are daily crying for medical help and school sponsorship and a daylight robber deprives them of such hard earned tax payers money. My president this is my humble request and cry to you.Do something before you leave office at God’s appointed time.

  8. SpecialB

    Wina azalila go go go PF

  9. Jms

    Ashamo makofi you are right together with some massages BUT NO MATTER HOW YOU SPEAK WELL OR LOUD TO UNCONCERNED PERSON MIND YOU THAT MAN HAS TWO EARS perceiving while removed



  11. Kunbucha drink

    This party pf was chosen by God

  12. Evergreen

    Go pf not upnd

  13. Zankalewa

    hh follow your friend chiluba you will make my day, go pf go Zambia go ecl pamaka zoona


    We are having a pf party this coming weekend zankalewa,evergreen,kunbucha drink and main more within lsk you are also invited if you don’t mind for more details contact this 🔢

  15. HH

    iye I will just join pf upnd is stinking of cowdung im fed up


    It’s good but don’t 4get when Times up go PF go 2021 niyatu.

  17. Kubeja Badaala

    Useless! Just squandering tax payers money. In the midst of so called austerity measures you can afford to do that. Anyway just see the results and you will know the voting pattern of the easterners.

  18. xvision

    iyeeeh ati go pf… u will go poor

  19. Kancy Dollar

    Ibange lyakupepa.-Allow Junior virgina,METH,pamaka.PRESIDENCY LEGACY.

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