Six Women Detained for Careless Waste Disposal

The Kitwe City Council Police have arrested six women of Mulenga Compound for allegedly dumping waste in undesignated places.

The six were rounded up following an operation with the help of the state police in enforcing statutory instrument number 12 of 2018 which bans dumping of garbage anyhow.

Kitwe City Council Public Relations Manager Beauty Undi said the six women identified as Esther phiri, Susan Munyenyembe, Veronica Malama, Lister Lubange, Ireen Menyenyembe and Jacqueline Mungwagwa are detained in police custody at Mulenga Police Post.

She said the six have been charged and are expected to pay a K 500 penalty fee failure to which they will be taken to court.

“Through our Council Police with the help of Zambia Police we arrested six people of Mulenga Compound for indiscriminate disposal of garbage along Kitwe-Ndola dual carriageway, this is happening were people are throwing liter in the drainages especially in the night,” Undi said.

She has sounded a warning that the local authority will not allow such vices to continue but will make sure those engaging in such activities are brought to book.

Undi hoped that the arrest of the six will help deter others from engaging in such acts that are derailing their efforts to better the outlook of Kitwe district.


  1. ghm

    Wel done ba council.

  2. Lazi

    Lesson learnt. Am sure it shall not be repeated.

  3. muntungwa

    There are people in Nkana East dumping diapers along the way leave between Mwenda and Central streets opposite the shops and they should be caged also.

  4. Gift

    were is that compound?

  5. Kasawa levy

    They have learnt a lesson

  6. Alex

    How thoughtful of the counsel, why eat when you can’t manage you waste. 🚮 am in support with any measures taken in order to give us a clean society for our children

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