NDC Launch Anti-China Crusade

National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili’s anti-Chinese sentiments has rubbed off his juniors officials with National Youth chairperson Charles Kabwita launching a scurrilous attack on China.

Kabwita has launched widespread condemnation of Chinese investors that he accuses of enjoying preferential treatment under President Edgar Lungu.


For Immediate Release.

Country wide Protests Coming.


The National Democratic Congress NDC will next month start countrywide protests to show their displeasure at the continued awarding of contracts by government to Chinese firms.

NDC national youth leader Charles Kabwita said it is unfair that the PF government is empowering foreigners at the expense of Zambians.

Kabwita laments that Zambian contractors have completely been side-lined.

Kabwita wonders why all major projects in the country are only being awarded to AVIC international.

He adds that it is unfair that the PF government is creating jobs for foreigners at the expense of its own people.

Kabwita notes that the PF government is using AVIC international to raise funds for the party.

He has accused the PF of benefitting from the Chinese through bribes and commissions awarded through dubious contracts.

Kabwita added that Zambian firms are competent enough to execute the high profile contracts being awarded to the Chinese.

He is urging NDC youths countrywide to turn up for the demonstrations.

The NDC National youth leader said police will be notified on the protests.

He said the protests will be undertaken at the respective offices of District Commissioners countrywide.

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  1. Dj amo

    Zambian contractors may be competent enough but the problem is that they chew first and fail to finish their projects.I have personally seen a number of projects own by Zambians which are now white elephants.all what we need ba Charles are people who are able to work on time so that our country is being developed.

    • John Chinena

      Kambwili”s company got money and never completed the projects awarded to them. Just keep quite and let the Chinese help to develop Zambia.

      • c200

        ba CK is not normal. he still has demons.
        he is just making noise from the recycle bin.

        • Billys Ntoba

          I think you chicks attacking HE Kambwili and Kavita over the right statement given to Zambians,you don’t know who you are and that’s why some of you can support even if someone is intending to sale your country!

    • c200

      spot on ba Dj amo.

    • SurGe

      Thats the point.. Zambian contractors are simply useless and incompetent.. There are so many projects are unfinished out there… Let the government continue giving Avic projects

    • Winter

      True Djamo, Zambian constructors like ARZ got money for Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and never did any work, NDC and its SMALL Consultant KAMBWILI should be thinking of demonstrating over such.

  2. Hakainde hichilema

    Common senses is not common in Africa,how can you stand up or come up with such nonsense.

  3. Mr Peace

    We don’t have contractors in zambia.The government has tried these idiots so many times.They only chew our money and abandon their work.I think ba NDC find out something else to do.Those protests will be most meaningless ever

  4. Butterfly

    ” Kabwita notes that pf is using AVIC to raise money for the party ” Some sections of the media say that Lungu has shares in AVIC . What about Lungu’s property along Twin Palm wortth millions of dollars with Chines connections . If all these allegations are true , then as citizens we have the right to query. If not , then i see no reason why NDC should raise dust against Chinese contracts .

  5. Marker

    If a Chinese firm is able to deliver, I see no problem with it given a contract.

  6. James Mphande

    NDC rubbish how can u expect government giving people who don’t finish works and run and also stealing cement. AVIC is just OK as long as they are doing what the people of Zambia wants.

  7. Ashamo Makofi

    Where is the nationalism concept in ZAmbia Kansai? China is not where it is from nowhere but started from somewhere to be where it is. Let us not demean ourselves as we can also do it. We have just been let down by the powers that be. From councilor up to president, all have failed to mobilize the masses to supervise and protect national assets. Atleast KK tried but was let down by the so called technocrats failure to work for the country but personal gain. Infrastructure development is well being undertaken but are we ready to protect and safeguard these expensive national assets? I say so because already drainages along nice roads have become full of liter. The big question is who is supposed to take the first care and who is supposed to ensure that these facilities? Chinese people and their government are well organized, they all work for the country under a well controlled system. Hence, every Chinese is atleast helped to benefit from the National Cake. Come on fellow country men and women we too can.

  8. ba shanflex

    The problem with zambian contractors is they wanna rip. Before they sow and these allegations of corruption against ba lungu why is he quiet if its not true prove them wrong my man

  9. JMB

    Avic is not employing chiness people to do the jobs .Avic is employing some zambians for the jobs . So what is wrong? Are zambians not benefiting?This is a clear indication that those who whant to protest have a political move behind them.

  10. Kay wiser

    Muli mbwa ba ndc tekeni utunyo panshi

  11. Sibweni

    Comment: It is not easy to rule. Remember Zambia is not a house where you have only 7 members. Zambian contractors have been tried and have exhibited failure where project completion is concerned. However, they should be allowed to undertake smaller projects since they have shown their incompetence. Sometimes they even fail to construct simple drainage systems and his about big tasks? Zambians like to talk but they seem not to understand what Zambian contractors can do when given a first instalment of the contractual money.

  12. martin chitakwa

    Comment NDC if you have no manifesto or any tangible to talk about,you should just shut your stupid loud mouths.The so called Zambian contractors have been tried several times,most of them are crooks,they just chew the money & fail to complete the projects.let Zambian contractors change their altitudes for them to be taken seriously.

  13. Miyoba

    Ignorance at it’s highest level, how many times have local contractors let Zambians down?Chipata Lundazi road was given to a local contractor,what has happened to the road within a year?The Contractor was just burrying dust instead of putting up tarmac.Jelousy is really killing this Country and that’s why we have taken time to develop.Look at the Roads that Avic through this Government is putting up, surely could someone begin to think that low.The Police should not even entertain such foolish,idiotic ideas to embarrass Zamba.No world has developed without China.When these idiots dare the Police,just beat up the idiots.We don’t need embarrassment.


    fuck ndc full of stupid fools can’t even form government Muliokela is much better

  15. Im just saying

    Kikiki yaba Ba NDC! Surely is this all u can come up with? Nomba mwalapena

  16. tembo

    Plizz ba NDC…Zambian contractor… Thy ar nt serious with work…just imagine …in northwestern …thy had to give the road to China GEO…ad they hav put up a very gud road ad first ever dual courage way…in SOLWEZI….BT …giving lacal contractors the drainages…maaaaaa….its something else…if u had a chance of seen these drainages …..u can’t even say that…ask the pipo of SOLWEZI …thy will tell u the type of drainages that are their ..mind the rain is coming ..BT the project is just 30% done….

  17. citizen

    sometimes many may here it as senseless motion,raised by ndc.but the reality is that, the failure of our local contractors is not their failur themselves but it is the failure of our local leadership which has failed to raise them to the standard of being better contractors.Zambia is very old to continue relying to the outside skilled lobour while subjecting its on citizen to drinking beer which also is the beginning of failure. And for that reason I would love Zambia to beer on the the mind of its citizen and also to impose new ways of displine that will enhance the beginning of a better Zambian contractor.without doing this Zambia will never grow, it will remain a beggar.

  18. citizen

    I wanted to say that Zambia to remove beer out of the mind of its citizens because most of the failures are subjected to to much drinking beer less working.no rules to guide the contractor no supervision etc.

  19. sandy

    we need leaders with inborn qualities not leaders nowadays

  20. c200

    pipo here can comment with their hearts and not with their hatred.
    ku ZWD there are real hateful pipo just like their leader kkkkkkk

  21. Avic

    Country wide demonstration? You ,you are in Lusaka secured then us who will be demonstrating will be arrested and fined. How much do you have to release the all country who will be arrested for that unlawful protest.?

  22. Leon


  23. Jms


  24. King cool

    Zambian people have no machinery and are not experts, it’s simple . Zambians when they are given a huge sums of money they run away…. and abodone the work.useless Zambians . Let the people who can develop the country do it than wasting country resources and revenue.

  25. Mp chulu

    I thought your demonstration will be about the mushrooming of Chinese and other foreigners in our compounds and townships. These chines guys they av even gone doing businesses that a poor zambian can afford to, Please stop using innocent youths for your selfish motives. You quite know how some of these local contractors are that you want to take up every contract. Do you want most projects to be white elephants? Next time try to inform us that you will organise a demonstration over these foreigners that are doing business that zambians can afford to, it’s better for foreigners to come in as contractors not kusunga khuku👐👐👐👐👐👐

  26. SP

    NDC LEADER has carried out a lot of contracts as a local contractor. Kabwita must visit Luanshya to see the mess his leader has done side by side the Chinese works before protesting. Ala mukomfwa insoni (you will be ashamed) and dig your face in the mud.

  27. Elizabeth

    The main point is that if Zambian contractors have failed us ,Yes!
    Let’s go to foreign contractors but why always AVIC, is there no other better company in the world but only it for everything…

  28. Available

    I wonder how pipo are still blind up to now, ndola kitwe road Chinese 5 years and still going, luanshya turnoff to kafulafuta road, in less than 10 years another road. ATI Chinese fulfill contracts, it’s better you don’t finish than making something rubbish. Just because its ck you start vomiting.

  29. Boks

    Zambia is not to be taken over by the CHINESE thieves, who bribe officials to get contracts. They ALL must be removed IMMEDIATELY. This is our country – NOT CHINA. It is known that China wants to take over Africa!!! So we all must kick them all out — NOW. The Chinese also make promises of providing big loans — yet they use Zambian Government guarantees which they then cash and use in China.
    There is nothing wrong with Zambian training and development programs. SO CHINESE MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. Any one supporting them are being bribed.

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