PICTURE FOCUS: How Low Can You Go?

The race for Lusaka Mayor is heating up with candidates combing every part of the vast Lusaka district.

Patriotic Front candidate Miles Sampa has also been busy at work pleading his work before the electorates.

Maybe he may have gone a little too low in this picture in Mtendere Township as he meets all possible electorates. The mayoral elections will be held on July 26.


  1. mr boom

    We know you

  2. Linso

    Gold diggers, we ain’t that stupid you know….

  3. Benny

    Iyee insala ba miles Samoa iyee yamiletele nsoni, why did u leave government? Did u think life is simple? Iyee l no longer believe that u are banker how can a banker leave his job and then start crying due 2 hunger? Try 2 imitate HH he is not hungry like u.

    • semmy

      Sampa is a leader not hh sampa has been minister b4 u jst praise hh who us he?he will never be wat u think

      • Mano Chishinka

        Semmy, it is really sad how narrow your understanding of what leadership is. How can you say HH is not a leader when he leads one of the biggest parties in the country, he has led several private companies and is chairman of many other big companies.
        In fact Miles has never led anything in life. He has always worked under someone.

        • c200

          ba mano chishinka…..kkkkk the biggest and ever shrinking party. wake up and see. be realistic and come to terms with it. that’s why you always cry out ati they have rigged the election. face it and change the strategy

  4. James Mphande

    God is the one who choose leaders let him be

  5. Kyamumina

    Kupoka isenda Ku koko

  6. Marker

    But who cries every time there is an election?Leave Miles alone that’s the path he has chosen.

  7. John

    We are stupid and dull zambians so we will vote for the most corrupt and most stupid mayor. That is what we are about today.

    God does not help people like us

  8. MAINALababy

    Y are jelasi abt Samoa?sampa for lsk mayoral whether cold or not pf chabe.

  9. tk

    Sampa get out… your politics are fake, switching from one party to another, only after money

  10. SpecialB

    ife ba PF we are used to win the elections so all the complenants. prepare your tieyes

  11. Jms

    James mpande have you ever seen or heard God SAYING GO AND VOTE FOR WHO AND TELL ME did you anoint your so called president or show me an anointed president even what I am saying God just ALLOWS TO SPEAK GOOD OR BAD IT DEPENDS ON MY GOD GIVEN MIND so even campaigning just do it once or thrice people have heard of you you are just worsting resources in the end people are feud up and comes in is criticism

  12. mauto Nkhowani

    Musieni who will feed his brood of kids when his not getting paid ha?

  13. sage

    Everyone can do that in the presence of God…..but what matters is the attitude……

  14. black spider

    Political prostitute

  15. impunuswa

    let God punish this bafoon woof called sampa.

  16. Elizabeth Mphande

    Point of correction Jms, if you know nothing I’d advise you to buy a Bible and read so that you can see what James is talking about. Stay blessed.

  17. Christopher halwindi

    Politics is a dirty game he is just begin kamutanto koyendela pa mwamba azakagwesa pansi ngati apitache imwe muzasala eve ninshi ayenda pa mwamba ok

  18. Shi kabule

    The problem we Zambians have is that we don’t vote for quality but for quantity.
    Let us always be wise when voting.



      • c200

        Low life behavior ba kambwili. the vote will not come from only you.

  19. mr lolo

    mu Zambia nobody is educated.Those people that call themselves to educated they’re most drinkers. just keep suffering you are adapted.

  20. BOKO haram

    Miles is too childsh

  21. Travis

    Our political structure z nothing to be admired of,t seems like we vote for de same people over and over.The only time we had voted for change wz wen Mr satas pf defeated de MMD.I think we shud stop D’s muselela kwakaba kind of politics,ts either u are in one party or if yhu feel like u have become a political nuisance,instead of defecting to de potential party which yhu see dat t will win de next elections,u better end ur political career.Let’s try to copy de American political structure at least,either yhu are a republican or a democrat and if yhu feel de values of ur party are not something to be admired ts just to step down and stop it thr rather than yhu joining de other party. In summary, in Zambia we have been voting for de same mindsets every elections,de only thing which changes are de party names and de colour of de chitenge material but same people.RIP Zambian political structure

    • c200

      good point ba TRAVIS if that can be enshrined in the Constitution the better.

  22. c200

    Low life behavior ba kambwili. the vote will not come from only you.

  23. Miles Sampa

    “Inshiku shilabwesha”
    He who laughs first, laughs last.

  24. Doreen

    Bà politician balecita ifyabupuba naiwe uli busy uku basapota wen they get up there tabakakwishibe wakulafwa nensala shobe mukomboni work up,Zambians y ukupwalala so,uwatulowa ninani,

  25. HH

    I think I will just find a new running mate cause Bemba’s want to overtake my upnd…my net running mate will be Dr Hanyuma Hachintu.

  26. Jeff

    Teach sampa a lesson.

  27. james kaumba

    Miles went a mile to form his party thinking he can win Zambian unfortunately his ka party went no where, he joined HH they didn’t win so njala yamunyokola about turn to PF and is welcomed to a vision less leader and aspiring Mayoral position From President to mayoral,may Kalumba Wilson the late turn in the grave and shame PF!

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