Zambian Domestic Worker Thrown Out by 18-Year Old Employer

A Zambia working for an Indian as a domestic worker has found himself in the cold after his employer of 18 years bolted leaving instructions to have him evicted from the cottage he has occupied over the years.

The Zambian identified as Clement Soboyo has served as a domestic worker for 18 years for the Indian family on House number 54/50 Kariba Road opposite Radisson Blu Hotel.

Soboyo is seeking some compensation in form of benefits for the 18 years served.

The wife to the employer is plotting an exit following the death of her husband and has refused to pay Soboyo anything.

Soboyo has reported the matter to the police although no action has been taken yet.

He was taken aback when police threatened him instead of protecting him as he pleaded his case.

His belongings have been thrown out of the premises.


  1. Allan

    This is the result of weak labour laws

    • John D

      Please Ba reports correct your heading. The domestic worker worked for the Indian family for 18yrs. The Indian employer is not 18 yrs old. Please don’t mislead.

      • Newbie

        Thank you. Basic editing and proof reading would prevent such a joke of a report.

  2. takecover

    Weak labour laws indeed

  3. Temboh Miguel

    Weak Labour laws in this country,even in private sector that’s what is happening,we are leaving like slaves in our own country😭😭

  4. Humphrey Monde

    Let the affected person visit the Labour Department for possible action in regard to payment of terminal benefits. The minimum wages and conditions of employment CAP 276 provides for 1 month salary per each completed 2years of service.

  5. E.k

    The police do not deal with labour issues, there is the labour office… u are just showing ignorance in your reporting

    • Joyous

      You’re just showing ignorance in your response. The police were supposed to direct the poor man as to where to go instead of Ill treating an already ill-treated man. Shame on them. The problem is Zambians when employed by foreigners become very timid. In 18 years he should have asked if his employer was contributing to funds such as NPF, NAPSA and others. Don’t they hear it on the radio? And who evicted him without notice? He should be given thirty days to vacate the premises. He should go to court to obtain an injunction or whatever it is to get him back into the house until the issue is resolved. Where are the Zambian lawyers to assist this unfortunate man?

    • Prince David Bvunguzile Shawa

      You are correct when you say that the police don’t deal with such matters and that Labour offices are there for a reason but you must also understand that not all are privileged to know about the existence of such offices or indeed labour law itself and as such we who are better place must help them understand what they need to do to get help,in must not be our place to expose their ignorance as you put it,if we are to progress as a nation and a people we must fight together as one people,our brother needs help and our support would be in order

  6. chimpampwe

    What a weak government we have even the police are corrupt hmmmmm they have even detained him over his benefits that he work, now look at the weather umuntu kuti aipayapofye

    • Dennis

      Labour minister can you get involved and solve soonest as to your job description.We can’t have this happening in our country anymore.

  7. Ndeloleshafye

    We have a big problem with weak Labour laws in ZAMBIA if there are any I wonder. When exploited employees present their grievances to the Labour officers instead of assisting the victimised employees,Labour officers side with the employers to victimize the already exploited poor workers. We don’t know who will help the poor Zambian worker who is Victimised and Exploited by the “SO CALLED ” INVESTORS who have just come Ripe where they did not Sow.They are in fact shameless Harvesters.The sad part is that we don’t know whose interest the Ministry Of Labour safes because so many workers have been Victimised and Exploited by these Slave Masters and the Ministry or concerned Minister does nothing.

  8. c200

    bane labour laws are not weak. there are there as highlighted by humphrey monde.maybe you can talk about implementing officers.
    lets help such pipo seek equality and justice rather than always blaming government.

  9. Bono

    Indians are bad employers and very seldom follow rules and regulations. Zambia should look at a system such as the CCMA in SA. Labour dusputes are usually resolved within hours. Mostly with compensation to x employees.

    • KUPUSA


      • Abeda Valli

        That statement was very judgemental and rude. Imagine if I made a statement like that of black people? But not everyone is like that. There can be some ignorant people in every community. I’ve seen Indians treating their workers very nicely and even got a house for them in their village when they retire. I’ve seen Indians paying school fees, buying uniform etc for their worker’s children. I’ve seen Indians giving their workers bonus at Christmas and buying them Christmas hampers and blankets in winter. So please next time before you make general statements think carefully. And besides some Indians opened manufacturing industries thus helping to develop Zambia but people can be jealous abd ungrateful.

  10. Keith namalongo

    The real issue is that most don’t know where to report Labour related issues and what happened was a shameful especially that Zambia is a Christian nation…the Children rights should be taken seriously how can you make young children to sleep outside with this type of weather…This is indeed sad for our country. The police should also investigate before they act…

  11. Vc

    Poor consumption habbit,how can someone work for 18yrs without coming up with something constructive?Those in Service learn something from this family.

    • HH


    • mathias

      you know wat some of the bosses we work for they pay us k700 ,in this k700 we have to take our kids to skul,we need to eat and clothing in the same k700 so dont blem this man for not buldng his own house in his 18yrs

      • Abeda Valli

        The minimum salary was created by the zambian law. Apparently the domestic worker is paid properly. It’s best not to point finger and three fingers is towards you !
        Minimum Wages in Zambia with effect from 01-07-2012

        Last update: 14-02-2018

        Currency: ZMW (Zambian Kwacha) 

        Job TypeSkill LevelMinimum Wage per HourMinimum Wage per MonthCleaners, General Workers, Handy boy, Office boyCategory I


        Watchman Category II



        Drivers Category III



        Receptionists, TypistCategory IV



        Qualified clerkCategory V



        Domestic Workers


  12. Chinyanta Yombwe

    I’m wondering why the 18 year old did what she did

  13. mathias

    you know wat some of the bosses we work for they pay us k700 ,in this k700 we have to take our kids to skul,we need to eat and clothing in the same k700 so dont blem this man for not buldng his own house in his 18yrs

  14. Bbc

    Indians are one of the most wicked hearted people on earth.
    They deliberately miss treat workers.
    Make sure as you work for them be shrewd ,otherwise they will just use you and afterwards damp you

  15. Bbc

    The heading is wrong you are saying this worker was employed by a 18year old indian.
    Instead you should say zambian domestic worker for 18years evicted by employer, this man served his employer for 18years and not the employer being 18years old


    That man is not the only one going through such a problem, there are a lot of people dying in silence some are from the same govt itself. look at kifco in kabwe do you think govt is not aware?Balilyamo kale abakuntanshi nangu ulile shani uleicushafye

  17. Tutu

    We should all learn from this, each one know what you ought to do. Government is up to no good. They have no interest for the people, but their own.

  18. Solva

    It is by saying Indian and giving the full address of these people you have failed as reporters and been unprofessional. I have heard many many stories of Zambian employers doing such as well and with no comeback. You didn’t even investigate to say why this happened and your story is therefore biased. If he has done nothing wrong let him go to labor and plead his case. This employer living in Zambia for 18 years must know some of the laws. And let us not be racist in our reporting and in our commenting and act with some degree of maturity.

  19. Zambia FK

    Some of the comments are from bitter sauls. You want govt to follow you up on your person problems. Lack of knowledge is not defence in law. I think this govt and the current labour minister have done very well in make sure even informal sector such taxi or bus drivers, domestic workers contribute to NAPSA this is happening for the first time since independence in Zambia.lets give credit were it’s due. The govt has improved labour laws.

  20. Bbc

    Zambia fk
    There is nothing this government has done on labour laws,just mare rethorics and paper work which can not even be enforced
    Napsa how many have been paid there pensions contributions over the years veryvery few if any atall. Contributions from informal sector is just day light robbery

  21. Zambia FK

    Dear Bbc all my work mates who reached 55 years ( 6 in number) in last 2 years have gotten their NAPSA money just within 3 months of completing the forms. The problem is pipo fear offices.

  22. SMZ

    Too bad ,for police officers to act in such a manner.

  23. sem

    The labuor laws of zambia they dnt work for the poor people,i wander why even puting some one incharge of that minstry

  24. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    This case is NOT for the police. Let the Labour Minister, Victim Support Unit, Ndovwilani program and other organizations to take up this issue. Don’t laugh at this person because he/she needs your help. These foreigners are exploiting our citizens. Let them face the wrath of the Zambian Labour Laws.

  25. Kachika Kenny

    This is the result of weak labour laws in our country

  26. leonard

    please Zambia is not a poor country, India is a poor country, Is a Zambian am grieved much when I see my fellow Zambian s surfers like that. Zambia has everything, oil, Gold, uranium, colbot, copper, diamonds and yet we think we are poor please we are not. please before I travel from Solwezi tell that Indian to compasert the man uponshilaisa mukama pamukoshi.

  27. Maxiwena Maxinal

    Corruption is much highly in our country

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