Independent Candidate in Chairperson Polls Attacked in Eastern Province

AN independent candidate in the Lusangazi District council chairperson candidate Patrick Menyani Banda has found himself on the end of a violent attack that landed him in hospital.

In an interview Banda who was admitted to St Francis Mission Hospital in Katete said he was attacked by a group of ten people who were using unregistered white Land Cruiser.

He said the attackers forced him to lie down and hit him with bottles and pointed a pistol and knives on his neck.

Banda said his cousin Ousman Maumba was also attacked by the same people.

He said he had reported the matter to the Eastern Province police commissioner’s office because Petauke police were not acting on his report.

Banda said he knew two people from the group that attacked him.

He has accused his political opponents of engineering attacks on him to weaken his resolve in campaigning for the July 26 elections.

Eastern Province police commissioner Luckson Sakala confirmed having received a report from Banda adding that police are investigating the matter.



  1. chola

    look at the name of this cousin of ours.ati”,MENYANI”kuti abantu bafilwa ukukuma surely?cos ur name is suggesting so.my mbuya don’t complain cos people hv just fulfilled what ur name is suggesting.

    • Mother to kopala

      Chola u are an idiot what connection has the name to such babalic acts we are labouring to end violence in Zambia and u are busy promoting it,amano Ububi mumbwe iwe

    • Uncle lemo

      Go and eat the baboons not to commenting on this saddest story kikikikikiki

  2. Jeff

    Kikikikik mr chola.but u are ryt

  3. Mpyangu

    kki kki kki, ichimbuya awe mwe! sorry ba independent.

    • Gas

      Neshina line….Menyani. kuti bakana ukukuma? However, the police should just act fast over the case without bias. These savages should be brought to book. I believe this is what the Presidentis emphasizing.

  4. Samfya

    Too bad please let’s uphold peace and unity we are one

  5. FGM

    Political violence is rife in Zambia. I don’t know if we truly understand , ” Multi Party Politics, ” No one should be intimidated or beaten for doing what is Constitutionally accepted. That is what lowly educated people can do. Government should use its institutions, personnel and resources to end this “Nonsense” Fight Poverty, Corruption and Illiteracy . NOT your fellow suffering Zambians.

    • MR. X

      FGM, I like your comment and advice to Zambians.

  6. Doreen

    FGM u are very wise I like your comment keep it up

  7. Uncle lemo

    They know that you are strong guy.

  8. Uncle lemo

    Watch out for part two

  9. Don doc

    Ishinafye milandu. Ati menyani kuti bakupanya? Cousin change your name.

  10. cos dee

    Lol u are maker fun out of this let stop it the name has nun do with this let’s love one another

  11. Albert Kawaya

    Violence will never end in Zambia as long as we leaders who perpetrate violence, we need to put in public office people with credited references and lifestyle, people with no dictatorial or bullish tendencies, I fill sorry for Mr Banda and wish him quick recovery, mind you can happen to any of us, so let’s fight this bad vice.

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