Police Record Accidents Increase in 2nd Quarter of 2018

18TH JULY, 2018 – In the second quarter of 2018, a total number of 7,713 Road Traffic accidents were recorded compared to 7,252 recorded during the second quarter of 2017 indicating an increase by 461 Road Traffic accidents.

Out of 7,713 road traffic accidents recorded in 2018, 399 were fatal road traffic accidents in which 487 people were killed compared to 432 people killed in the same period in 2017. This shows an increase by 55 persons killed and also an increase in the number of fatal road traffic accidents by 71.   831 were serious road traffic accidents in which 1,471 people were seriously injured compared to 2017 in which 1,353people were seriously injured in 732 road traffic accidents.

2,405 people sustained minor injuries in 1, 573 slight Road traffic accidents compared to 2,067 persons slightly injured in 1,422 slight road traffic accidents recorded in the second quarter of 2017.

The total number of casualties in accidents recorded in the second quarter of 2018 is 4,363 compared to 3,852 casualties in the second quarter of 2017 giving an increase by 511 casualties.

Among the casualties in 2018, 362 were children under the age of 16 out of which 44 died, 131 were seriously injured and 187 were slightly injured.

A total number of 10,430 motor vehicles were involved in road traffic accidents during the period under review compared to 9, 770 motor vehicles involved during the same period in 2017.

Most accidents in the second quarter of 2018 have been attributed to excessive speed, failing to keep to the near side (failing to keep to the lane), reversing negligently, and inexperienced driving.

During the period under review, 36,359 road traffic offences were recorded compared to 38,114 road traffic offences recorded during the same period in 2017.

Lusaka Province recorded 4,099 road traffic accidents with 113 deaths, Copperbelt had 1,179 road traffic accidents with 112 deaths, Central Province had 567 accidents with 58 deaths, Southern had 456 accidents with 33 deaths, North Western had 405 accidents with 36 deaths, Eastern had 340 accidents with 37 deaths, Western had 176 accidents with 21 deaths, Luapula had 158 accidents with 28 deaths, Muchinga had 175 accidents with 23 deaths while Northern had 118 accidents with 25 deaths. Airports division recorded the lowest with 40 accidents and one death.






  1. Evans

    Kuno kuluanshya natukwata problem naba police gawaatwala ama cases futi they started demanding money,do u have the money for gas mumotoka ulimbe gas hah help us tulimbe ndalama.

  2. Hakainde hichilema

    Bapolice mwatumpa ayii

  3. Jms

    Worsting time by crying crazy on a one stolen item buy more and reduce these crimes

  4. Jms

    MAMA LET ME HELP YOU you want to reduce axccident right GO to the ministry and request for police vehicles (100) and DIVIDE them in all long roots and the rest inside you will see many will be caught and you will be the first Lady to introduce how to acquire capital for us and nerve mind use those men they are just reluctant doing nothing while people are suffering

  5. Samfya

    In luapula, some of the noticeable factors could have been bad roads, unlicensed driving and driving while drunk

  6. me is me

    Satanism…. Satanists are very much at work and they are contributing so much to accidents don’t blame your selves bakapokola bakapaso Satanism is at work and I know your eyes are very blind to see what is happening

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    Nama road yene roads are bad in Zambia eg MAZABUKA road who to blame? Vision less leader!Toy gates are for what? Ans ECL!

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    You lady kaponona first repair the roads and state blaming the people course you also a contributor of same accident by having poor roads eg great north road who do u think you are doing??

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