Pres. Lungu Declares July 26 Public Holiday

President Edgar Lungu has declared Thursday July 26, 2018 as a public holiday to allow voters to turn in numbers during Lusaka mayoral and other local government elections.

President Lungu who is in Eastern Province campaigning for Patriotic Front candidates is hoping to boost the turn out.

He made the announcement at Ukwimi School Grounds in the newly created district of Lusangazi Eastern Province, where he was drumming up support for Patriotic Front Council Chairperson Candidate William Banda.


  1. Razor

    But elections are only in Lusaka & few places so why should the whole country suffer loss of productivity and yet we are trying to get help from the IMF. No wonder this country will never progress.

    • Dafer

      I Agree With You Bro

    • Angoni

      Razor I agree & blame who voted for this dununa thing,visionless thing menomeno!

    • Simon

      Same wondering as you guys. This country has no rule of law, only rule of man. When a man says something, it’s overpowering everything.

  2. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    What a holiday mwebantu mmmm

  3. Chot_ Lee

    who is this william Banda, is this the one who was in UNIP,MMD and in UPND?

    • Coswell Banda

      That is also my question.Zambian journalists make statements not to inform and educate but to confuse.You as a reader are left with more questions than answers.Useless.

  4. James Mphande

    Way to go

  5. colly

    bushe mwebantu, ichalo cha zambia chileya kwisa? anywhere we are in the last days

  6. Charlesmicklay

    Vote wisely, it’s one Zambia one Nation


    Wow it’s good but you’ve forgotten us in kabwe want about kabwe

  8. Nkonkosheni

    Why being a holiday ,u are just promoting beer drinking tht day.

  9. Hotness

    Too much holidays In this regime, any way, we shall rest.

  10. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Vort for wat? arahhh

    • Mk

      Bashi means,we’re tired, if u’re not,go to the the field and cultivate. Intact,we need more.

  11. Mk

    Bashi mwana,we re tired,if u’re not,go to the field and cultivate.intact,we need more.

  12. xx

    A public holiday…urhh don’t u think it’s…..

  13. Mr Peace

    This very irregular.How can the whole country go on holiday as though we have general elections.Infact,it’s not work which causes people not to vote in big numbers…it’s coz of fear of being crushed by the violent cares and also because the people they vote for turn them down once they get in to office.


    Ba opposition ba fikala shut up

    • Mucende Wabacende

      Comment; MILAKA Nobasankwa katusola kulisyamba kala.

  15. Kunbucha drink

    This idiots too much talking why ba opposition

  16. Evergreen


  17. Zankalewa

    Upnd fuck you

  18. Dj amo

    Takwaba ichisuma kubanthu,even if they are not general elections weather voting or not, you just have to be free minded from work and be updated of what is happening within our beloved country mother Zambia. thanks a lot Mr President

    • Elias

      Very good reasoning
      we need people like you.



  20. Edgar Musonda

    This will only promote lawlessness because there is no point in having a public holiday.

  21. bk

    Even small small things ati public holiday ?


      So you want your grandparents memorial service Chi bk

  22. brenda

    Tipumuleko we

  23. Mike

    He is the President of Zambia,why not
    declaring it as holiday. Let’s respect our President no matter what u say he is the head of state,He has declared nobody will argue.

  24. fabian pande

    its 1 zambia 1 nation lets respect & love each other 1john4:19

  25. timber mwape

    Mwebanthu please I don’t know what a person will do for you to be proud,Lusaka is the head of Zambia wat is the problem of our president to declare a public holiday,no wat to oppose please,fikala fyenu bonse mwebale fwaya ukubomba ,arguing with ubuteko

  26. Benny

    Imwe! he did well 2 declare 26th public holiday why condemning him? Stop nonsense! stupid

  27. Henry Kingsley Munthali Jnr

    The way things are going I think the Zambian motto has been changed from one Zambia one nation to one Zambia one side.

  28. Kesh

    Bravo!!!! Tukatushe

  29. ek

    go go lungu decrear even 27 july 4 results plz,we love our great president


    Being the head of state it doesn’t mean that some one should be doing what ever he or she dreams, the country is not for the President but citizens, just recently we had four days holiday and now another four days holiday because you can’t report for on Friday this is another long weekend senseless declarations.

    • muzuli

      rewrite yo comment
      begin: no soon had…,………………………………….

  31. ek

    resting is part of health plz,us we do manual work lets hav more holidays

  32. John

    Can the president declare a public holiday when I go and take a sh*t.

  33. The work lover

    I am not going to allow any of my workers to take a holiday on 26th july any who wont report for work i will fire without any pay,why must my business suffer because of visionless lazy leaders who only think of holidays, yet you want our businesses to pay overburdened taxes without fail.
    I just wonder why Easterners mostly make mediocre Leaders doing things with no strategic plan/direction.its a sharm that useless people were allowed to enter state house and be influencing the presidency.
    Surely if we had sane leaders ,there would not be unnessary holidays decleared which are counter productive when the country is laden in debits.

  34. Pamutunda

    No problem umuntu kutusha.

  35. Kashikishi Primary school

    Lyapuma….. Umuntu Ni timba life. Thanks my president…

  36. b

    Another 4 d holiday

  37. FGM

    Holidays are good for workers, but the economy suffers. Zambia has a poor economy because we have no proper strategies to boost our economy. Zambians are triple taxed and loans are a daily bilateral negotiations with China. We can’t do anything without borrowing. Economists in the ministry of finance should provide timely advice on how our economy can be improved and how poverty levels can be reduced to below 20%.

  38. Kancy Dollar


  39. mwana Zambia

    mmmmmm public what?

  40. Mercyandy

    Well done my president

  41. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    We are tired of having more holidays in Zambia. We need lower taxes which you promised the of Zambia, more money in people’s pockets and more jobs NOT more holidays. Why should the whole country suffer loss of productivity because of the simple Mayoral elections which is only in Lusaka?

  42. Kambwili

    Useless govt. Women day Youth day PF day, babies day, drunkards day….. Useless.

  43. chewizo

    Ammmmm wat z dis holiday for,i never imagine dat he will declare thursday as a public holiday for wat,some of us we ar writing our mock exams,ammm dis man z impossible at times mweh,vaupuba

  44. chewizo

    Ok let lusaka have holiday on thursday not da rest of da country,becoz we can’t be holidaying our selves for wat,indeed i agreed wth my friend wannipenga nyirongo da pf promised dat more money in people’s pocket not more holidays in people’s business,,,,,at times it hurts to have holidays,him he get paid every month,now us we ar jx ma self employers:-D💯📶☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝🐘🍀

  45. Animal farm

    This is what happens when useless drunkard are given instruments of governance power, whatever shit comes in their head they start alucinating.
    There is no need for a holiday because of by elections,cant you people see the economy is in shambles,you are such a reckless irresiponsible government full of nincimpoops.cursed be those who imposed you on this country for you have failed us lamentably even God is not pleased with how you have been running this country ,may heaven rain down quick judgement on you and your worthless administration

  46. awa na moyo

    chakunyonga.#fact 26th is a holiday, nothing you can do to change that.even your HH can’t do nothing. go to work if you want

  47. V.V. Dokuchaev

    Thank you my President H.E.C.L.

  48. Zambian Tribe

    Mind you,some Lusaka residents are working outside Lusaka but need to exercise their Zambian Constitutional rights of voting.They will travel ,hence the public holiday.

  49. Richard Mpande

    We shall rest.Thank you very much

  50. Dabwiso

    The cause of such declarations are stubborn companies that stop their employees from going to vote. Infant there are employees who have lost their jobs for taking too long to return to work after casting a vote. On the issue of this holiday covering the whole Republic; well this is the capital city and people in other areas are keen to follow what’s happening and to learn how to conduct elections.

  51. leonard

    Thanks for the president, public Holidays makes arise in our salaries. Its double ticket I thank my president for these public Holidays on behalf of the whole miners, Holidays is Money you people. keep on our president we need more. God bless you.

  52. Mumu

    Their will be only one leader at a time. Respect people in authority. Don’t always think you know better than others. The head of state is right. If you think he isn’t become one and let’s see your wise decisions.

  53. Banda Joshua

    We need people like you His Excellence Chagwa Lungu.

  54. Banda Joshua

    If you want to comment please do it mathematically(12%*+25/#℅¥}{^•√π67¢£÷π¶~|€¥})=please give answer mathematically and equationally.

  55. John JD Adeagbo

    AII Nations Particularly Nations Out of The Motherland Africa Must Have A Government of The People By The People And For AII The People. Ethnicities. Democracy. Unity Freedom Justice And Peace. On The Contrary. Anything Else Are Abominations? Divisions ? A Government of The Selected Few People By The Selected Few People For All The Ethnicities. Oligarchy ? Fear ? Undemocratic One Man Rule ? Corruptions? Oppressions ? Lost Generation ? Lost Man Power ? Lost Natural Resources? ? Modern Day Slavery . Unequivocally The Worst Abuse Atrocities Calamities For Any Nation Generation in The Twenty-First Century.

  56. school Bhoy

    tupumuleko vi mock muduuze zoona
    vote peacefully

  57. Edward

    Why is it disturbing you having a public holiday? Are you payed when you rest? Change if you want why do we blame or comment irresponsibly? Are Zambians or Tanzanians….?

  58. Edward

    Are you not payed when you rest?

  59. Zonzi

    fikala fyenu holiday yanshi “ur prsdnt vodger chakolwa lungusha”

  60. leonard

    I worked double ticket today, to my surprise whites never reported at work, then I said ohoo everyone is resting which was good. Ntaubomba kulaunfwafye itifukushi, public holidays is these who works, yabakabomba.

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