Hichilema Reaches Out to Security Wings on Campaign Trail

The opposition UPND has been conducting campaign road shows around Lusaka Townships unimpeded with its leader Hakainde Hichilema at the head of it.

Hichilema and the UPND candidate Kangwa Chileshe has touched base with possible voters in Lusaka without anyone stopping them and are bubbling with confidence.

Below is what Hichilema has written as part of his campaign message:

We have a task to take care of civil servants, all security wings including the Zambia Police who are working under very depressing conditions.

We will better their lives by improving their conditions of services and this will be done by de-politcising these vital security wings.

To our men and women in uniform and all civil servants, we say; do not lose hope because help is on the way. When in government, we will not only ensure your independence but also empower you with life and family supporting necessities.

Pastor Kangwa Chileshe is our torchbearer and we stated this to our brothers and sisters in Kabwata and parts of Chawama Constituencies when we conducted a road show ahead of the Lusaka Mayoral election on 26th July, 2018. Through him, our journey for a better Lusaka and Zambia as a whole has just been ignited.

Together with those willing to move our Country forward, we say; the time is now. And to those in the habit of attacking citizens, we say; meet the citizens as they defend themselves as it is their constitutional and fundamental human right.

Citizens have the power to decide who should run their affairs correctly and fix our country’s broken economy.

In fact no one should abuse citizens nor even stop them from following the law which gives them such powers.

The UPND will be attacking poverty, broken economy and other detrimental effects of bad leadership but again defend itself from unwarranted attacks.

May God Bless our Country!




    Kikiki mooooo 🐄🐂🐃

  2. Wise Leader

    hh is just desperate politician,any ways he’s not going to rule this nation and never is he.

    • Simon Zulu

      Words of life

    • Bikly Chaza

      I stand accused as tribalist,yes,but at the helm of leadership of this nation stands one regarded as supreme just ,as what Ayotola Hoemen was ,whether he spoke diving people in order to stay in power, those in support of such acts echoed their joy to the detriment of those with opposing views,but time will tell because those who speak the loudest may for now not detect the effect of their misleading utterances which of course are divisible.

    • Angoni

      Wise Leader are u the disciple or follower of ECL? Zambian are suffering if u don’t feel the heart of poverty better just keep quiet, civil servant are not enjoying anything apart from credits, the money has lost value things have gone up,ikalafye Imwe cadre u are enjoying money u get from PF Secretariat, but 2021 mwapya baisa BA HH!Ex Soldier!

      • Dan Patel

        Always been a beautiful country and wonderful people who have served by bad corrupted politics and leadership Zambia only had one decent leadership and that was levy mwanawasa everyone from KK to present who I must say has been the worst of the all I m writing about mr whiskey himself , lungu. Lots of potential from wildlife tourism ,Victoria falls and perfect climate and u could do on and on. Doesn’t take much to run a small country but uneducated and thugs running this small beautiful country has brought it down to its knees. Wat a shame. By the way I was born and raised in beautiful lusnshya in the late 60s and 70s.

  3. James Mphande

    Ba HH get out with your kangwa chileshe u thought when u choose CV a bemba that’s when you will win boza iyo noooooooh🌓🕤🐄🐄🐃🐂🐮🐮

    • dominator

      Been tribalism won’t get you there…….

  4. Alexander Saimbwende Mushala

    “I WAS USED, CHEATED AND DUMPED BY HH” says Daniel Munkombwe. HH don’t mislead yourself that you will rule this nation, this is like trying to squeeze water out of a stone. You are using bembas to dilute the tribal tug of your party, it will never work .You are a pure tribalist, with 90% of your MPS being TONGAS and most of the structures of your party are occupied by TONGAS and 97% of your tribe voted for you in southern province heeeeee we fear to be ruled by tribalists. VIVA PF NOW AND 2021



      • Mulenakako ba HH. You can't win when you know the past experience. If you started as Councillor this time you should have been MP or even President. But let's wait and see. It will be another flop

        Mulenakako ba HH …it will be another Ndundumwezi and disaster….and petition at CC….wait and see 2021

    • dominator

      God almighty is the last say…..

    • Mudenda

      Hh was not in government or the keeper of munkombwe,a former minister must be taken care by government


    Just forget what fools are token tulibakale not him whe are hh upnd

  6. Maybin

    Wait and see

  7. hummer where it hurts

    He who have ears, let him hear and he who allows luciffer to use him let him meet the repacation.


    Bembas they say emputi ehesula taebula ukubwekeshapo it’s a proverb in english meaning if the anus is capable of releasing shits it can’t stop repeating it coz it is used so even 2021no room for hh Viva ecl Viva pf

    • Angoni

      Viva 2021 panyo pako na wameno yo 2021 uzaba ma votes nafuti,we shall avoid u,2021 zwaaaaaaa! Kuyabebele BA shetani bamwibila nsala! Ububi kwati ni leader wenu ameno bubi meno meno!

    • one fyonse

      HH 4life not ilyamwachaile lesa wabonse

  9. mr upnd

    You people don’t think like unborn baby.Hh is a leader not ,a just dreaming leader. na Holiday pa election of other provinces awe poverty is leading mweeee.

    • james kaumba

      I wonder what type of leader we have now just by election Holyday and mind u are still creating these by elections so again u declare holiday no wander production in this country is low,holidays anytime so that u dance like a mad man see u in 2021 koswe mumpoto!


    Still loading

  11. Abeuty Mukupa

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooo forward ⏩UPND👋

  12. original hh

    if u don’t like HH, go to hell

  13. Chairman

    A winner is a dreamer, who never give up. Believe in yourself HH. Its never to late. You can be the one to rescue Zambia.

    • Angoni

      Resue us HH I’m retired by the so called ECL,in 2016 up to now I’m yet paid my benefits to help my self,but why are firing us if u know u don’t have money to pay us,I’m troubled together with my family no vote for u in 2021 we shall see u baba,I’m suffering no food,no house to live,no school fees to pay for my boys who is in G 12,HH help us to this devil in a sheep skin,God will punish this man like Nebuchadnezzar in 2021 Forward!Forward! X civil servant!

  14. BISHOP B. K

    Respect one’s oppion

  15. FOX

    One Luv for u all upn

  16. Lemmy cheba

    One would wonder what massages are taking to people.! Change your leadership stracture.

  17. G-Bally

    One quickly move for all HH Pipo to the palace for unit meeting.ONE LOVE Meeting.

  18. FOX

    Why hating pipo for no cause, very unfair to HH & I hate that.ONE LOVE pipo.He promised Free education what are you talking about out there.

  19. Maize

    One Zambia one nation.to all my friends pls insulting is not a solution to a problem

  20. Love your neighbor

    But some tribalists on this platform are really disgusting, when UPND is filled with Tongas its a problem, when Bembas are embraced again it’s a problem, but my question is how many Tongas are in active PF positions? dividing our country is very easy, we are busy looking at Tongas to be tribal, what about us? It would have been good & reasonable if you were attacking HH alone as a politician, not attacking the whole tribe.Don’t forget I have seen Tongas in PF & Bembas in UPND, all we want so as to be satisfied is seeing all Tongas joining PF which is not democratical

  21. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    I have your vort already

  22. Muleishiba utuntu

    Muleishiba utuntu ba people


    well spoken



  25. Fifa

    Bintu vadula,ma road apakisa.Raise the economy plz.

  26. Simon Zulu

    Let us humble ourselves my dear friends many many won elections but never went to state house eg. Mazoka, changalayi, yiza,from uganda and main more. Honest speaking it is by grace of God that one can be in state house. It is very possible that hh may die with out him been called heard of state

    • Chris mwewa

      Hh is right. Those opposing him they have no plans in their lives,those are the people that the Bible talked about. Hh this country loves you and the God of David will be with the party. Have courage.

  27. Jms

    Bravo to education LOOK where you have proper equibrilium pupils / students this will be marvelous super and you will see that the mentality of yester year will be seen as a DREM

  28. Emmanuel kamwimba

    Only fools will go for PF.

  29. Evans

    HH 4 life let’s wait and see 2021

  30. Bradon

    God be with u hh

  31. Madiba

    Am yet to read correctly phrased sentences. Everyone is like opposition.

  32. magwaza

    the great HH zambia forward a wise man peaceful party wao wao.God’s time is the best.

  33. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Good words of encouragement from our beloved President. Go UPND Go we are behind you HH because Marketeers, Bus Drivers, Supermarket workers, Security Guards, House Maids, Farmers, Miners and Poor people have suffered alot under the bad and heartless Leadership of PF aka Paya Farmer because they don’t care how you toil(work hard) in the farms from October to March.

  34. Tombolilo

    Kikikikikikii just concentrate on cattle rearing mason

  35. mwila mwamba

    try in 2090 sir

  36. Shi kabule


    Mark 10:46-52

    …“The crowd told him to be quiet; but Bartimaeus shouted even more louder”…

    As Bartimaeus called to Jesus, the crowd, including Jesus’ disciples, tried to stop him. They thought he was disturbing Jesus on his journey. But, the Scriptures say, “he shouted even louder”.

    Bartimaeus shut his ears from discouraging words. To make it in life we need at times to be deaf to the crowd and focus on our goal.

    It was easy for people to silence Bartimaeus because they didn’t know what it means to be blind. What it means to stay by the road side. What it means to beg.

    My dear friend, don’t let people who are not in your situation silence you. You are the one who knows the challenges you are going through. You are the one who knows your problem.

    Don’t be silenced by those who have both parents and don’t know what it means to be an orphan.
    Don’t be silenced by those who still have their spouses and don’t know what it means to be a widow/widower or to be divorced.
    Don’t be silenced by those who don’t know what it means to be a single mother or father. Don’t be silenced by those who have faithful husbands/wives and don’t know what it means to be cheated on.
    Don’t be silenced by those who have children, and don’t know the pains of barrenness.
    Don’t be silenced by those who have obedient children and don’t know how it feels to have rebellious kids.
    Don’t be silenced by those who have jobs and don’t know the pain of being jobless.
    Don’t be silenced by those who were given houses by their parents and don’t know the pain of paying rent or lacking rent.
    Don’t be silenced by those who don’t have leprosy and don’t know the pain of this sickness and have need a healer.
    Don’t be silenced by those who are rich and don’t know the pain of being poor.

    You are the one in the painful situation. You know it better, cry out loud tonight to Jesus till he stops and calls out for you.
    Stay blessed.
    We love you HH and do not allow anyone to stop you go a d shout out more.

  37. Kunbucha drink

    I don’t know this breed so called hh

  38. Evergreen

    He is a little cow 🐮

  39. Zankalewa

    So you mean he is agoni breed kikiki


    He usually started stealing in mmd with chiluba now he is back with timing trying to destroy this country with privatization busy calling him a leader kwena hh you will dance before the tune

    • Mudenda Bornface

      You show high level of ignorance,do you know the role hh played during privatization,how can a person who does the valuing of the assets to be sold be responsible for missusing of government funds,hh and his company did his work and was paid money and government sold the companies at cheep then where did the money went?its late sata,inonge wina and many others in mmd who pocketed the money ment for this country just as they are doing it now. Wake up my dear or you die in poverty. The buyers did not pay hh but payed the government.

  41. Mwana wakwi2

    HH no mata hw u tried u Neva win or rule our country Zambia maybe 2026 bt Kaya che

  42. Chappy

    Only God knows who will be in state house after 2021 general election. Do not insult each other. Believe in God and listen to his voice.

  43. Teddy

    Hh go forward we love you.

  44. cos dee

    My God is the best more then any one

  45. black spider

    Days are numbered….. What goes up must come down.

  46. Onessmore Mukonka

    Of all we can say is that, peace,dignity, loyalty and having a heart for the nation at large can bring development in all wings of the government,it is high time Zambians demolised their own mindset and see who can fix this “Zambia. “

    • Mudenda Bornface

      Caderism has killed this country,most of these guys who just support people who are pocketing money ment for poor zambians are themselves very poor surviving on bear day night.

  47. Joseph.mwape

    Zambian people forgets easily. PF have brought TPIN just to steal people’s money. PF have introduced bore hole Levy just to steal people’s money. How many tole gates from Lsk to kitwe how much are we paying. Are the fire tenders saving any purpose how much did we spent. Is this lower taxes more money in the pocket as per PF’s slogan. Many more to review. If you want to suffer continue with PF. I can’t believe it to those who are supporting PF. Isukeni imitwe.

  48. Kango Mapoto

    Mr HH, stop lying to our citizens. You brought suffering to most miners, and now you want the people of Lusaka to fall for the same insane ideas? Why do like going fishing where only dry Kapenta is the only fish you get?

  49. Kango Mapoto

    TPIN TPIN TPIN; Joseph Mwape you know nothing about TPIN. Please leave the term to the people who understand what it is.

  50. Simon musonda

    May God bless upnd leaders for they will success one day and all supporters be blessed by God

  51. mulenga

    only fools can condem the great HH.2021 is for UPND those who hate HH must go to other country or hang yourself atase.

  52. Mulenga

    mwila mwamba are u going to be there in 2090 or u are jst dreaming?we will be in power in 2021 without fail.

  53. mamfiel maurice

    Go! go! 4ward mr hh, ba pf fipubafye. continue with de sem spirit we’re behind u na pirato


    well spoken our coming prisendent

  55. ba shanflex

    Simple things zambians Edga lungu has failed he has earned the wealthy he wanted XO its tym to go bye bye

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