Lusaka City Council Inspectors Shut Pizza Hut

Leading food outlet Pizza Hut has been shut down for using expired ingredients.

Pizza Hut that operates from some top end shopping outlets like East Park, Kabulonga and Cosmopolitan Mall has fallen foul with inspectors from the Lusaka City Council.




Lusaka, Saturday 21st July, 2018.

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has with immediate effect closed all the three  Pizza Hut outlets in Lusaka for using expired ingredients in food production.

The closure follows the inspection conducted by a team of Public Health Inspectors from LCC on 19th July 2018.

The inspection revealed that Pizza Hut was in possession of expired food products at their premises and evidence of use of expired food stuffs and ingredients in food production.

Pizza Hut officials also gave false and misleading information to authorised officers and also attempted to obstruct them from inspecting the distribution point.

In one of the outlets, workers went to an extent of concealing expired food items and ingredients in the ceiling of the shop.

The above mentioned findings contravene the provisions of Food and Drugs Act Cap 303, Section 4,6 and Section 24(3)(4) of the Laws of Zambia.

Pizza Hut has been given  24 hours in which to show cause why legal action should not be taken against them for put the lives of consumers at risk.

The three Pizza Hut outlets closed are located at Kabulonga Shopping Complex, Cosmopolitan Mall and East Park Mall.

The Council also seized all the expired food stuffs and ingredients which included Hot Jalapeno slices, Mild piquante peppers diced, Indulgent choc sauce and Regular chip scoops.

Others were Vegi wash, Halaal peri peri sauce, Halaal sweet chili sauce, Halaal dough and Halaal Macon sliced.

The local authority wishes unscrupulous business houses to think twice about their actions as their days are numbered as the Council now has a reasonable number of Public Health Inspectors to do the job.

The council has also advised consumers to develop a habit of checking for expired dates before buying food items.

Any food items that are expired or suspected to be in questionable state must be immediately reported to Council for further investigations.

Issued by:

George Sichimba

Public Relations Manager



  1. Albert

    keepit up. Welldone

  2. Kaumba

    Well done LCC keep it up

  3. Mulenga Joseph

    Food lablings are important but most of zambians don’t read them why? even those who did food & nutritions ignore them why?
    let us develop our habit of reading before we buy things.

  4. Jms

    Its well done but no action taken upon they don’t fill it THATS WHY YOU KEEP ON SEEING SAME SITUATIONS OCCURRING you are unfearful

  5. Katongo Oscar

    Well done

  6. C M

    It’s Not Good Feeding People The Expired Food Stuffs.

  7. James Mphande

    Weldone LCC

  8. Donald mayere trump

    Obviously we ate nembwa

  9. Jens Bröcher

    Hard to imagine that such a renowned. global brand can be so sloppy. One would not expect this from Pizza Hut.

  10. Kongo

    Thumbs up LLC

  11. Ba Mwaata

    Aaaahh…Ba Pizza hut why…LCC has done justice on that one bravo

  12. bk

    Weldone but visit also other food outlets and Chain stores. Other towns should do like that also.

  13. Jms

    We need results you have done job done but they will open without letting us know why and how so reports you are out of your minds you should finish what you start

  14. Elijah Mache

    Unfortunate that Zambian working for pizza hut went forward using expired ingredients. Shame on you guys ,

  15. Kesh

    Keep up with the good work LCC

  16. Pas-y-zi

    Ba pizza hut why?

  17. Richard longwe

    Trust me pizza hurt is going to be opened and continue using expired ingredients again,

    • emelda

      I agree with you Mr. Longwe, it will be as if nothing had ever happened and people will continue buying and eating the same pizzas

  18. Daliso

    Very good tip off from the observant public. LCC wake up and move in to check all international junk food outlets.

  19. Marko

    Keep it up

  20. Kayaboi

    As if We were getting for free zooona must shut down – a reason

  21. magwaza

    its not only pizza hurt its all shops in zambia.dont shut where did pipo going to work?jst give them last warning.

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