Mukubesa Thrives on Door-to-Door Campaign

The dark horse in the July 26 mayoral race Mundia Mukubesa’s chief campaigner Andyford Mayele Banda has noted with satisfaction the success of their door to door campaign. With a candidate that resonates with ordinary Zambians, Mukubesa whose stage name is Petersen is hoping to spring a surprise outside the two lead horses in the Patriotic Front and UPND.

Below is the PAC Campaign Message:

AC PRESIDENT SATISFIED WITH DOOR TO DOOR VOTER ENGAGEMENTPeople’s Alliance for Change (PAC) President Andyford Banda has described the door to door campaigns code named as “Nyansi Nyansi” as a game changer and most effective way of engaging the voters. PAC President Andyford Banda, PAC Mayoral candidate Mukubesa Mundia, PAC Secretary General Gerald Mulao, Lusaka Province Chairman Felix Limande and PAC leadership have been conducting the “Nyansi Nyansi” (door to door) campaigns by visiting tax ranks, markets, homes, bus stations etc.

PAC President Andyford Banda also added that the campaign has done its best to educate various people of Lusaka on Mukubesa Mundia’s vision 7 strategy for Lusaka which includes:


  1. Increase revenue base for Lusaka City Council by venturing into other income generating ventures such as the direct running of billboards under the department to be created called CBU (Council Business Unit) which will look at the running of council business on a professional level.


  1. Facilitate the building of modern markets and create alternative trading places for the people chased from the streets.


3.Remove political interference in the running of council business especially in markets and bus stations.


4.Enhance the clean Lusaka campaign through a proper waste management system.


5.Rejuvenate council police to supplement state police in improving security in compounds and residential areas.


6.Empower the youths through entrepreneurship from council projects and revamp Lusaka City Council football club.


  1. Fight corruption and enhance efficiency.

The PAC leadership has been conducting door to door campaign while other teams conduct roadshows as per campaign schedule.

#Tiikosesa #MunthuWathu

#MukubesaMundia #Petersen #VivaNewZambia

PAC Secretariat



    Good luck

  2. Abraham

    viva mundia

  3. DO OR DIE

    Go ahead Petersen.

  4. Jaguar

    As a concerned citizen , i have observed with sadness the following trends by our polititicians and mayoral candidates at large .
    # They all have concertrated their campaigns in the compounds because thats where most votes come from .
    But what do the poor people from the compounds benefit from the votes they give these polititicians ?
    – political regaria
    – fake promises
    – poor water sanitation
    – poor status of markets
    – loadsheding
    – unemployment
    – lack of adequate schools
    – unnecessaly taxes and levy
    – poor drainage systems
    – Selling out of school grounds
    – lack of drugs in the clinics
    – subjecting our markerteers and vendors to harsh conditions in their quest to do business
    The list goes on and on . But this list is not applicable in the urban setup like Ibex and Kabulonga where our taxpayers money end up and home to these politicians . Why can’t they hold massive rallies in those urban areas today ?

    • BMK

      I suppose that we come up with comitties such as compound youth and elders of the compound comittie . When these politicians come to campaign in our compounds , we make them sign agreements of the projects we want to be undertaken in our compounds if we are to vote for them .

  5. Chiwama Stev3

    CommentGod bless you Zagaze seriously Zambia needs opposition rulers to end cadres operations in public places

  6. Shaka jopijo mswati dingani


  7. Okay Wina Aluza Next week

    Miles sampa will win it straight forward with no doubt….

  8. prophet waku chanyanya

    viva ba zagaze,whether devil safuna nizake izo♥♡★★★☆■★♡♡

  9. Lemmy cheba

    Kuwaya waya fye!!!

  10. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Viva upnd we love you forever

  11. blues

    I love your style.

  12. Uncle mugabe

    People with money they dont have where to spend their money…..sure sure ba petrosen afwilisheniko nangu abalanda God he ll bless you abandantry…

  13. One Amos aka Friday s


  14. muzoka91

    tivoteko pa vibelo zoona…..Zaga nimbama!!!!!

  15. muzoka91

    But musakavale ma suti ya black ba tyga ka!!!!!

  16. Kerry's

    Go ahead Mr Petersen

  17. One On One

    Welcome to Zambia where musicians are now politicians and whitch doctors are now lecturers.

  18. :-O

    Is the only one whose characters we don’t know, as for miles he is not stable mentally. If you ask me I think miles ni njala imuleta

  19. Robby Chola

    I think uyu muntu aoneka aliko na nzelu. I wish we could vote for people that can bring about positive change.

  20. bravo

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I wonder why we even rally behind wolves who are highly talented when it comes to amassing wealthy and vimba tumaluvumo shyaaaaaaa

  21. Richard longwe

    Go mundia u have my vote

  22. Uncle Lemo

    This Guy With That Song ‘ Banyendule Babweza Dziko Pansi’. I Think You Have A Vision Coz U Are The One Blaming Others

  23. Easy Easy

    Muzalema chabe bazagaze,read situations!!

  24. Awisi Joyce

    tiye tiye petersen zakaze Banda mayb u can clean Lusaka

  25. make valencia

    Good luck mundiya, welcome to the field of politics

  26. djoe

    Comment zaga man u have my vote

  27. Dombwana

    go mundia go ,we want to remove cadres in markets and bus stations.pipo have been chased to vend we are struggling as if we are foreiners.

  28. Uncle K

    Yes we need new blood on the political scene, keep it up Mukubesa.

  29. God's time is the best

    what about George wayer was a footballer but today is a president,go ahead bo mukubesa Luizi kwa Mulaho Wamina God bless you.

  30. MÆJOR

    Welcome banyandule part two


    Never give up remember its a long and road you have taken. Mark my word soon or later you will be people’s representative. Some of us have already seen version in you

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