NAREP Opposes Public Holiday on Mayoral Poll Day

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has taken issue with the July 26 public holiday declared by President Edgar Lungu to allow electorates cast their votes during the mayoral election.

NAREP has advised President Lungu to rescind the decision on acciount that the country is already swarmed with too many holidays.


Narep Press Statement on Declaration of 26th July as A Public Holiday

As Narep we ar e very dissapointed that because of a bye election for a mayor in Lusaka and a few other places, the President of Zambia has decided to declare 26th July as a public holiday.

Do not misunderstand us. Much as we are encouraging more people to go and vote on this day and exercise their democratic right by voting  for our candidate Bwalya Denis Nondo for Lusaka Mayor, we feel declaring this day as a public holiday is an abuse of authority by the Republican President as the nation can not come to a stand still because of these bye elections.

We therefore ask the President to rescind his decision and only ask employers in Lusaka and places where bye elections are taking place to give time to their employees to go and vote. In reality many people are already on forced holiday created by this same government as they dont even have jobs and we wonder what kind of a holiday this is.

The nation is in an economic crisis and the President has shown no concern on the seriousness and losses the nation will incur on this day.

If the President does not reverse this pronouncement we will ask all bussineses to remain open and not make any losses as this PF government has made enough money for themselves toto allow them  to go on holidays. The production wheel cannot be shut down for simple bye election in Lusaka when the nation is experiencing economic crisis. May businesses are struggling and this is very retrogressive.

People are curently living on hand to mouth and shutting down the economic wheel will do more harm than good. This PF government is busy creating more bye elections and holidays which are causing serious damage to our economy. We ask all Zambians to reject this offer. People are ready to vote and go back to toil as they can’t afford to go on a holiday. Remember 6th August is another holiday.

Why should children not go to school in Mkushi and many other places just because people in Lusaka are voting for a mayor? Does this make sense to anyone who cares more for this nation?

This is a sign of how unserious this government is and we condemn this decision.

Issued by:

Frank Sichone

IPS Central Province

20th July, 2018.


  1. tk

    yes too many public holidays in this Pf …they want to make each day a public holiday

    • Hammer

      May be the teacher in Mkushi is a Lusaka registered voter , and we all know that NAREP ha no following in LSK. Otherwise go and change the constitution if you are not happy ! I thought your president is a laywer ! If ECL broke the law tell us. ECL said “ by the power vested in me by the constitution I declare ……” Now you which powers are you using to overturn the president decree???

      • Angoni

        U are boasting on yo disputed presidency,we hear he just stoal the votes then to day power vested in me? I declare public Holiday wait one those power will turn sour! Ask RB does he use his power any more?

  2. tk

    yes too many public holidays in this Pf …they want to make each day a public holiday, people should reject this especially those outside LSK

  3. Kashikishi Primary school

    Ba narep chamikalipa… Leteni tutushe

  4. kungwabanze

    Chipimo u where my inspiration but now u are worse than mulyokela,u are a direction less politician.I can tell u that ur bigginig was very attractive to us youths.U hav become so irrelevant to zed naka container babomfya kumushi ubushiku kaliko na bwino.

  5. FGM

    A holiday on Thursday ! Obviously Friday will be affected. No wonder countries concerned with economic productivity push all public holidays in the middle of the week to Friday or Monday.

  6. D

    I also think that we were just able to be given time to vite then go back to work..

  7. ROKA

    Surely, it’s retrogressive having too many unnecessary public holidays. It’s even better to declare Teachers’ Day as the public holiday!! What’s do special about these elections!!

  8. Frank Bwalya

    This Lusaka mayoral election has been exergerated for nothing..in developed countries you never get public holidays declared anyhow because politicking. How do you develop when man hours are lost unreasonably?? Decisions made under the influence of alcohol..

    • Angoni

      Too much Holidays because the leader is a drunkard he will be just drinking and enjoying our money,Thursday holiday u will go for work on Friday? Few people Chakolwa!

  9. mengmoreler

    First does the ba chagwa understand wat a holiday z ai?hmmm!wina Azaka pyelapo pofuna kukondwelesa bantu!now my advis to ba prezdo z plz don’t try to make yoself to b God or bcom a dictator,napela let m nt tok many things ai.

  10. Kelvin D Mulanga

    This surely does not make sense if indeed the voting in Lusaka could trigger a national wide holiday? This does not sound right?. Why should other people in other districts be deprived of services and commerce when the voting is only in Lusaka? We hope to hear more explanation on why this is indeed declared a national holiday??

  11. mulenga

    Was the president sober by the time he was declaring 26 July a public holiday? may be balinwamo

  12. Walya ndimi

    But mwandi this govt



  14. Uncle Bizzo

    Am very disappointed with you NAREP, how can you say simple bye elections and PF creating bye elections,you should first find the cause of the elections .The opposition in Zambia will continue losing cos they take things simple, instead of them to rejoice so that they can have more votes on that day they are busy condemning ,PF with or without a public holiday they have already support to win.

  15. Easy Easy

    We can of course prepare to view full lunar eclipse, lam sure that is the reason,relax Narep!!

  16. Shadreck banda

    Am very disappointed to this holiday,but anyway is the own of country

  17. Elizabeth Mphande

    Brothers nd sisters, maybe the reason y his Excellency brought up such a holiday is fr our own good! Cadres carelessly damage things in fights that’s y. Sorry!

  18. Mulenga

    Yes u are right too much holidays in pf govt .Nimasobela aaya yemuchita.in 2021 we wont vote for u,mwanyela mumugodi mwemutapila manzi.we want upnd in power 2021.

  19. Jonny splash sakala

    By the power invested in him..lekeni tutushe mweh…

  20. poka

    Zambian’s against the declaration of 26 as a public holiday mulibwa fye,how do you expect a person to work instead of casting vote matole yenu bonse mwebalekana holiday

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