OPINION: Bravo ECZ but PF& UPND Truce Must go Beyond Lip Service

Images of Patriotic Front (PF) and opposition United Party for National Development leaders (UPND) mingling freely and exchanging pleasantries made very heartening reading. It is not often that the green and red shades of our political specie sit together and bask in light-heartedness. Things are so bad that the PF and UPND have become the single-most threat to political stability in the country. Even when the already dominant bigger brother in PF enjoys some measure of popular support in Lusaka and the UPND has been on the mountain top claiming newer dominance it has not been easy to just leave it to the electorates to make their final verdict.

The UPND has been playing the victim card in the violence shenanigans while the PF has also played ignorant to its members instigating violence. Sadly in all this the Zambian mass have not been given a say to determine who is at fault. Both political parties have ruthlessly played the blame game. The real victims in this equation are ordinary Zambians. It is the poor bystanders who have been on the brunt of this senseless political violence. The ordinary people that these two political parties are trying to coax into voting for them. To finally see some light in the PFs Stephen Kampyongo and the UPND’s Obvious Mwaliteta among others warmly interacting could be an opportunity to consolidate some semblance of normalcy in our politics. After all both parties have repeatedly preached peace whilst being the purveyors of violence.

President Edgar Lungu and his UPND counterpart Hakainde Hichilema have often times rendered the signal to their disciples by embracing each other publicly but that has not subbed off on their supporters. Why do the ordinary political party cadres have to be the ones desperate to clobber each other in the name of Hichilema and President Lungu? President Lungu and Hichilema have no problem dropping by each other and exchange pleasantries while lowly placed cadres preach and practice violence on each other. How much more signals do they need before they can embrace politics of civility? Even the pretence of a truce seen on Friday could bear some fruit of both political parties are sincere in their dealings.

Our appeal is that this commitment to peach and nonviolence should transcend cosmetic boundaries. No one needs those commanders that wield so much power and influence in propelling violence among political party youths. Are people not tired of seeing fallen former violence vessels like William Tekere Banda, Scorpion Kadobi and Chris Chalwe among others? Let there be politics of civility as everyone gears to prop up their candidates in the July 26 mayoral election and beyond. May the best candidate win!




  2. Gavin

    This is a very good idea but the people that signed the peaceful agreement are not the one’s that go out to fight.They may sign today tomorow we see violence,anyone can sign that to confuse everyone politically but what is needed is peace not peaceful treats.we wish to have a very peaceful election in lusaka,may the lord be with each and every voter n that day.

  3. Donald mayere trump

    Pretence at its best😵😵


    It reminds me during the time of delta force three when we went to Congo for peace keeping,there was this unknown friendship with labels we were trying to help them to stop telourising pipo not knowing that there killing us secretly we were 200 but we remained 85 so careful i don’t know Who is after the other us or ba upnd

  5. James Mphande

    Way to go.

  6. Whiteson Zulu

    Problem is those involved in actual violence do not even know there is such agreement, if they know they don’t read, if they read they don’t care and when they don’t care, they go for violence. For me these are violent upnd/fp self-branded criminals who have taken advantage of politics of hate in some of our politicians.

  7. FGM

    Politics of excessive defence are what have made the governments that have alternated power since 1964 fail to fight ” Poverty and Corruption ” ( the real enemies haunting the Zambian citizens) The poverty has perpetually hanged over 70%. And the people being butchered are the same suffering citizens. Rhetoric statements of ” one Zambia one nation ” has failed. Laws, resources and personnel should be directed to sorting out this nonsense.

  8. Lemmy cheba

    It’s a good thing to see our polical leader’s embrace one another. Hope this is true!

    let’s pray to God that the unity will continue in nation

  9. Amano

    The only party promoting violence is the one benefiting from it. Which party comes out on top when people stay away from polling stations out of fear of violence? If you know the answer to this question then you know who the real perpetrators of violence of violence is. Bear in mind that voting numbers are ever reducing.

  10. The Laughing Philosopher

    The 2 fools did not even read what was written on the paper they signed. They just went to show off.

  11. Jms

    Signing eee , Legs hands ears,eyes ,nose have their work to do and these being driven by MIND A Buffalo can graze with a rabbit but I don’t think they can agree Now man has mind so which means man can cheat and become an idiot so those with wrong motives we squash them and forget them and start a fresh

  12. TOM LEE

    Comment: We Want Peaceful Election

  13. Mukando

    Lets wait and see if there will be no headlines of violence in our daily tabloids thats when we are going to trust their signatures

  14. Biloko

    It shameful to distribute responsibility equally to un equal entities. Clear refusal to be held accountable. PF is the part in govt and over the years have tried to conceal their violence by pretending that the people they attack are also violent.This like we are beginning to learn is no sustainable. It has actually affected the genuine support for the part in power what we are seeing as support is of those who are directly benefiting or hard-core tribalists. Otherwise anyone normal can not fail to see the failure of this government to manage things to the benefit of all Zambian.


      me I have pangs don’t fuck around with me


    I mean pangas and catapaults, shovels, knives, slashers, razor blades, screw drivers etc so ba pf don’t try me kupusa

  16. Kalaba James

    The government have passed in some issues but failed on properly looking for children under the age of 20 , who are abusing substances in schools , communities and public areas
    Am kindly asking the government to take focus on people who are abusing drugd and polices nees to start patroling and take force to put a end to substances abusing expecierly in Lusaka area

  17. Kalaba James

    Without more youth , our country can Develop economically & socially


    And u kambwili try heghlping not give the government your bullshit aahtaa !!!!
    Our government needs to be socializing other people and organizations not always getting fucked up with chishimba kambwili problems

  19. Edgar changwa lungu

    And u kambwili try heghlping not give the government your bullshit aahtaa !!!!
    Our government needs to be socializing other people and organizations not always getting fucked up with chishimba kambwili problems

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