Chipata Gets New Shopping Mall

The fast growing city of Chipata has got a new Shopping Mall named Shunfend Feng Shopping City.

Chipata Mayor Sinoya Mwale officially opened the Mall on Friday that locals refer simply as China Mall and is located along the Chipata/Lundazi road.

Mwale said building shopping centres or malls for a young developing city is an immense and complex undertaking.

He said the construction of the SF shopping mall marks an important milestone of the economic growth of the city.


  1. Nathan moyo

    That’s great, but we want more things to come!
    How can a big city like Chipata city have no hungry lion??
    That’s so discouraging!!

  2. Naked facts

    Why giving China names to these malls ayi ? Its pathetic, as things are right now we are colonised by China.

  3. BBC mwaimona

    Because Zambian have no names and the other reason is it’s like we are being governed by Chinese

  4. ditto

    He who has fat bank account speaks the loudest…thank you china for building for us using your cash. God bless your nation.

  5. Me

    Ataseeeee with a Chinese name as if it’s in china

    • Chin ying Sing

      Zambians have English names as if they live in England and noone cries about it

  6. Mwanza James

    With or without a Chinese name , the truth is that Chipata residents have been favoured .So let’s thank God for this development.

  7. Leo Zulu

    that’s great my hom town

  8. Kunbucha drink

    Hungry lion to humans why moyo

  9. Evergreen

    Nkalamu ya njala


    You pipo why criticising simple things

  11. HH

    Or maybe they want to name it hh

  12. Zankalewa

    Name it Gabon disaster mall


    We need employment so that we also have money to buy things from the same malls

  14. King David

    Okay tambela

  15. anna

    These Chinese names we don’t even know The meaning.

    • Colonial names

      Do you know the meaning of Edgar? Or Dorah? No! But you keep naming your children these colonial nomenclatures

  16. MP

    Am Listening!

  17. Chibs

    We thank Lord 4 that development but pliz let’s change de name OK?

  18. Mphepo

    I wish the names were local. Sad

  19. musaka sir evor

    Gud news I like chipata Town. Those mountains around the city makes its view beautiful…

  20. mwimwi

    China they have money than zambia so let them buld this world is for all. Which zambian billionarer who can manage to go and beat china? If you cant beat them join them. Lets go china:

  21. justice

    a birds with the same feather flows together
    a foolish country should also leads by the foolish people, it is not that i’m opposing but i’m looking at unfair contribution of services other parties are developed while others are not.
    i know none of you can suport it due to your foolishness and ignorance.

  22. Jay chelsea

    Aweeeee I agree……..nomba zambia we are idle fyeeee

  23. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Things have changed. It was difficult to see these big shops in some ereas. But now they are everywhere. Thanks to the hard working government.

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