Bushiri Mines Workers Go 3 Months Without Pay

Workers at Malawian born Shepherd Bushiri, Bushiri Mining Limited in Lufwanyama District on the Copperbelt Province have gone three months without pay.

And the workers have expressed fear they may not get their gratuity as their one year contract come to and on the 31st of this month.

The workers who are not unionised have since reported their grievance to the labour office in Kitwe to mediate as they demand for their three months salary arrears.

Representative Simon Katimba said have been giving excuses when ever approached on their outstanding salary arrears.

He said managed had assured that they would be paid in two weeks but has gone mute and that all offices have remained closed on site.

“We are worried because when we went to check we discovered that the offices were locked, so we are not sure if we will be paid because even when we call they are not taking our calls, yes we reported the matter to the labour office so they help us get our money,” He stated.

When contacted Board of Directors Secretary Douglas Moyo said management is aware of the salaries it owes to employees and is still sourcing for funds.

However, Mr Moyo was quick to mention that the matter was before the labour office and it was being attended to.

“Yes I am aware of that challenge, just to let you know how bad the situation is we have also suspended operations..we are attending to the matter I can’t say much on this issue because we are addressing it through the labour office,” Mr Moyo said.


  1. RB

    Let miracle money work

  2. James mwanza

    Let’s understand the Zambian economy, I pray that these workers should be paid as soon as possible as the company stabilizes .

  3. Mwanza James

    Workers to be paid as soon as the company stabilizes .

  4. samfya 1

    That mine is under performing even failing to pay workers,,,,


    Times of Zambia hasnt paid workers for 13 months

  6. FGM

    Could the stand off between the prophet and ministers sumaili and lusambo over the threat to his mining licence be the cause ? Sad indeed.

  7. Gift lungu

    Patience pays, don’t worry very soon your salaries Will be in!!!!!

  8. Class 2

    Patience vichani Iwe people are suffering

  9. Samfya 2

    Don’t think people are stupid, patience pays when your father is able to provide you with all the meals.wait you will suffer you think you are in paradise?

  10. Jafa

    U wl be paid

  11. Christopher siame

    Please give you works money

  12. The political prophet

    Bushiri and uebert angel are masonic organised fraudsters .
    All the profits from that mine have been channeled to uebert angel(the sow owner of the mine as Bushiri is just covering up for his spiritual father)to buy properties in Europe for business(eg he bought land where they plan to set up housing apartments,he also recently signed some deal in france)and also bought sports cars.
    It pretty a shame that these guys boasts to be wealthy yet can not afford to pay their mine workers.
    You see them giving away expensive cars,but the truth is those are initiation gifts into their masonic/iluminatee occult membership.
    If hes got genuine money he cant fail to pay the workers.

    • Sk

      Wait,they will be paid.he’s also a human being like you though a true prophet of God.

      • Jonathan

        Bushiri can’t be a real straight prophet, mark that one. He can’t, will never be!!!
        Man of God are you man of devil huh? Were you not made in the image of God?? People deceive them selves sometimes*”

    • The E Jr

      you sound true. Isn’t it ?

  13. Kunbucha drink

    You bushiri what ever you call yourself please give money they also have children’s to look after

  14. Evergreen

    Mr miracle worker pay them

  15. HH

    Give us iwe

  16. Evergreen

    You bruce Lee what ever you call yourself give them iwe


    Patience pay’s not in this situation 3 months are they going to eat patience you fools

  18. syco

    Let him do miracle money

  19. Atheist

    Money brainwashed sister gives her hard earned money to Bushiri and TB Joshua crooks for blessings

  20. Atheist

    My brainwashed sister gives her money to Bushiri and TB Joshua crooks for useless blessings

  21. Reign Bosco

    What’s wrong on that company please twapapata just give them the employees sariryies three month z too much bakulalya-nshi ??

  22. bushiri

    ungadye bana

  23. King David

    Madame Joicy nondescript should bite Bushiri

  24. julius

    Plz leave tb Joshua alone he has nothing to do with this if the matter is in leba office then let the leba fight for the citizens of Zambia

  25. Enoch phiri

    Even leba office don’t fright us come at super shine u will c how Zambian’s r suffering

  26. Tre

    And he calls himself man of God…FAKE

  27. Toff

    Why are you starving people, God will punish you don’t even dare to exceed this month without paying them the hand of the most high Jehovah God I serve will be on you and your family. Don’t you think this people you are starving have got families? Pay them their arrears before your you are brought to shame

  28. Dominic Njobvu

    Iwe miracle man whatever you call yourself give people their money you think they’ll be eating miracles????

  29. Stern Zambia

    That’s no sense

  30. shelina beleka

    This is bad

  31. alex

    Stupid pay them

  32. alex

    If u are true man of god pay them

  33. Benny

    These stupid boys are using God’s name 2 take advantage of the poor please GRZ if they want 2 ender Zambia block them so that they go where they comes from not here

  34. Al kaida

    Mining company sourcing for funds ,its not productive or the onwers ar crooks.

  35. Somebody

    Aside from church issues, the employees are not been payed but the “bosses” or managers haven’t missed a month without pay.. why should they be payed until they stabilize meanwhile their managers get their pay. It’s not fair

  36. Zp

    Bushilu OR Bushindo what ever you call yourself please twapapata pay our people what belongs to them,Do u want them to feed on your balls? stupid,useless and false prophet

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