Lusambo Turns Away Late Comers at Provincial Office

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has sent a strong message to late coming civil servants by turning away those that came late for work.

Lusaka made an impromptu visit to the Lusaka Provincial administration office and turned away late comers at the gate.

Lusambo has since revealed that the late comers will get a deduction from their salaries for a day’s worth of pay.

Below is his full statement:


This morning I sent away around 45 civil servants at the Lusaka Provincial administration for reporting late for work. I personally closed the main gate exactly 08:00 hrs and chased everyone who reported after that.

Since I was transferred to Lusaka from Ndola, I have observed a bad culture of reporting late for work among the civil servants at my office.

Civil service guidelines stipulate that work starts at 08:00 Hrs but it is worrying that some civil servants report for late around 09:00 Hours which frustrates the delivery of public services to our people and for me this is tantamount to stealing public funds.

I will now write to the Ministry of Finance to dock a day’s wage from the salaries of the 45 public service workers whom I sent home today.

As long as I remain Minister, I will ensure that civil servants deliver for the work they are paid for. His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the great leader has demonstrated hard work as he reports for work way before 08:00 Hrs and as such, we should emulate his example.


  1. Jay Wizzy

    Dats a gud 1 Honourable Minister i lyk it.
    Kip on doing dat….!!!!!

  2. Rhapsody

    Continue without let-up bwana Mininster!

  3. Paipa

    This why we need such great leaders, the only reason behind this is that lusambo has very fresh minds as he a youth, lusambo has got vision for the people and this great city of Lusaka. These workers should lead by example for the rest of the country as they hold senior most offices.. Good work honourable…

    • Derrick mukokwa

      That’s gud ad am 100 percent supporting u honourable

    • Derrick mukokwa

      We need leaders like u honourable

  4. Jj

    That’s a great decision made next time they should not come late at work.

  5. ian

    go to ministry of health as well.

  6. James Mphande

    Mmmm how I wish u were passing through clinics u would have chase many at the Ng’ombe clinic.

  7. mascus

    keep on patrolling in all public sectors.

  8. The Northmead Guy

    In full support with minister Lusambo keep it up.
    All provincial minister should emulate what Mr Lusambo deed let it become a culture in the civil service.
    Please let the president commend him on this one,most civil servants are too lazy .

  9. Charlesmicklay

    That’s my minister, visit clinics u will c t

  10. Charlesmicklay

    That’s my minister, visit clinics u will c the time their reporting for work

  11. BMK

    If there was a way , i would sugest that Lusambo be given a Lusaka mayoral position . I think this guy can do wonders in that position .

  12. Nkonkosheni

    Keep it up mr Lusambo.

  13. maybin

    Sure that’s stealing public funds shame to those culprits and please minister don’t end here let be the start.even those lazy ministers emulate your fellow minister.

  14. Ryson Julius Phiri

    dats lovely sir, keep it up.


    Wish you ll continue with the same thing u did
    Am proud with uh leadership

  16. Sam

    NeXT ni fired I like that bwana minister

  17. Montford chellah

    Excellent work . Continue with the same spirit. But pliz visit clinics as well

  18. Leon

    Even him should be monitored ,good observation

  19. Chitamuka joel

    Bwafya,,,, thumb up minister

  20. Bs

    Zoona mwandi , minister

  21. Mushinge Macmillan

    Honourable lusambo that’s wonderful this civil servants they have that advantage of they are already in employment.and it needs to be extended even to other ministers has well.

  22. mengmoreler

    These are people we want n da world and only a fool can hate u sir,bt u keep up wth da same spirit.

  23. Moses

    Good move minister you are acting like the late MCS. First good comments I have ever read keep it up guys

  24. King cool

    Kikikki thanks , but the only problem is that, He will do it only for a few days, and other fellow ministers will start complaining of his actions

  25. Munsamwa f

    Civil servants have taken their jobs for granted. Come to siavonga also

  26. Relax

    That’s my hard working minister,
    U deserve to be minister without portifollio . clean up all the ministries my minister.bravo!!!!

  27. zekman 1

    That’s lovely Sir, visit the healthy workers and see how they treat patients. She is busy with mirror instead of attending the patients.

  28. Razor

    So you mean to say your predecessor had a bad work culture ?

  29. BA LAZ

    Good work hon Lusambo

  30. RAZ

    Keep it up! Honourable.

  31. James

    keep it up our minister extend to other institutions like councils too much stealing public fund by say bali mu field what field
    but busy building there houses using company hours

  32. Gilbert Mutuna Chama

    Keep it up

  33. Sonkafsyd

    Yes!yes!yes! You a hand keep it up

  34. David Bao

    The copper belt minister shud emulate yo stance of checking on the behaviors of civil servants especially those at ZRA- Chingola branch…. Thumbs up honourable.

  35. Sali

    Good work mr honarable lusambo .
    I wish all the ministries do the same 08:00hrs work should cormerce not ati 08:30hrs you reach work then yoy want powder your self and so on please lets be serious.

  36. Robert

    I like It

  37. Joseph.mwape

    Liwala fye

  38. Truth man

    Yes ! Well done but follow general orders.These people have immediate supervisors why should it take the whole of a cabinet minister to follow junior officers.Punish their supervisors first for failing to supervise,because they are paid to carry out such duties.

  39. Kalembe bahadoh

    Great bwana minister and this Shud not restricted on in Lusaka but Shud pass widely the net thank-you very much u ar doing a recommendable job. Some of these civil servants they think that public offices are belong to their parents next tym just fire them their not worth to deriver their works

  40. Fame

    But it’s cool manje ni June kah!!!!😂🤣😂😂

  41. Elijah Mache

    Well done minister even in schools,headmaster don’t even report at work.just eating taxpayers and awarding themselves tenders to supply uniform at high price.catch that thief

  42. kedrick siame

    If he’s going to stop it means there’s someone who corrupt him by using payment in kind please do not expt that mr go go show them your position.

  43. Rabecca sama

    That’s how Zambian leaders hould work well done

  44. Oscarmwale

    Am inspired

  45. Kastve benard

    That’s a great idea of chasing them, so that they can stick their time keeping in their works, but it will be also a good idea that all our government representive takes an observation on their civil servants on hw they are working in their given institutions. Let build our nation with hard working so that we may not keep our equipment for nothing. SO LET WORK HARD BA ZAMBIA, otherwise iam not blaming U, but iam encouraging U. Cos we loves you all !!!!. We don’t want u to lose your jobs.


    That’s good mr lusambo

  47. Lwimba

    That is a good move Mr Minster. Check also after lunch hour, and knockoff time.

  48. Samfya 2

    Honourable minister, please Come here in Samfya and observe the work culture by SOME short serving nurses at Samfya general hospital.They are hostile,they work with headsets in their ears (with fancy music )while attending to patients,some are perpetual late reporters ,,,,,and many more issues.am sure these are the ones tarnishing the name of our beloved Head of State

  49. Samfya 2

    Not forgetting some teachers here in the central businesses also called central zone check on them please let them work for the money they get rather tha enganging themselves in their personal progms on the expense of teaching,if at all transfer them and let them taste rural as well those are not fixed stations they are transferable.thanks Mr Honourable I wish you will escort His Excellence tomorrow up to Lubwe/Mwewa.

  50. Cizela

    Praise God in everything


    Look at them they are all tired they don’t even seem to physically fit and energetic to work,some of us we are jobless we need employment as nation at large please honourable do your job even in especially in hospital’s, school ,police station etc, if this guy’s are wick meaning they are destroying the president coz is the one who gave them employment in order to help him in those corners

  52. Kunbucha drink


  53. Evergreen

    It’s an embarrassment to those fools for nothing they usually report for late nd knock early idiots chanibaba mwandi heeeee!!

  54. Zankalewa



    This is what I say old pipo are in office’s busy holding our position they don’t even go for campaign’s but are the ones that are enjoying foolish


    That’s why the number of criminal gang is increasing, empower us youth’s olso not only marketeer’s nd tumichembele no pf


    Pf it’s our party we need to be enjoying olso

  58. Zodwa

    Thanks honourable, but these through thieves yes, but stilling on a very small scale, but thier are a group of thieves stilling public funds on an industrial scale, and I’m not un awere that you can’t do anything to control them, but keep going on the right track, so your name is not dented.

  59. ked-sing

    Even hospitals

  60. yachty

    our country will change in the normal circumstances

  61. E.C.L 2021

    Good work honourable

  62. Lazarus Phiri

    Visit ministry of lands also and act the same

  63. George Mainza

    You are a very good example sir.kip it up with a level eye for all zambians.

  64. Isaac chisala

    Keep it up minister,,,, civil servants need to be born again toward work…

  65. fisunge

    Talk to the president on the issue of 65 years it’s too much for someone to work for that period that’s y they report late kaili most of their superiors are old we have so many qualified young zambians to work but there blocked by 65 years please change this style come back to 55 we also want employment as fresh bloodc chack out those old people who are tired in the offices

  66. fisunge

    Minister well done let those fools who think government offices belongs to them learn one thing but the 65yrs talk about it it can be used as a campaign by the opposition since many voters are youths and they want jobs which the older people are holding

  67. Charles

    Great job minister.

  68. Jackson

    Excellent work keep it up my man, Even in clinics like kanyama…

  69. Frank

    Am 100% with the honourable minister for doing such to this government worker’s all what they do is to report at 9 then go back at 12 of which the service they offer are little to the public I also recommend the minister to also visit schools, hospital,police station


    That is a great thing done. Ministers show your skills, not your corruption. Great work minister.

  71. shadreck

    That should continue honourable even in the school we use to be punished chase the late come nice one.

  72. and mwechi

    Most of them are youths, well don’t minister.

  73. lombe

    haa haa james mphande kanshi unkala ku’ngombe loko umanyoza HH ye ankala kumayadi the richest man in zambia.


      You are a kid lombe what’s wrong with James staying ku ngombe what of maybe there his relatives that side nd he just went to pay a visit grow my friend

  74. Benon

    Great job hon may you continue. With. The same spirit

  75. Richard Mfula

    Great move like late SATA (MHSRIEP ) used to do. Keep up Hon. LUSAMBO

  76. SMZ

    Good move honourable, visit all ministry’s by surprise.

  77. Ndeumundaa

    That’s a good move, but do you Kno that tendency is found in many government sectors. How I wish there can be a way of monitoring these offices without their knowledge,u would see that the services are not lendered accordingly due to late coming

  78. Dee

    Come to Rufunsa health district u will be shocked.
    Some individual does not even report for work.
    Office orderies are the one who works for thm

  79. Kachitsa

    People should not report late for work. Mr Minister,the same way you look at late coming as Theft..is the same way we look at your colleagues who haven’t PAID BACK WHAT THEY GOT ILLEGALLY (STOLE). Use the same Eyes to look at things..


    100% minister, weldone especially in hospitals you find that you have an emergency and someone ll tell you that tje docter is not yet in the office, you look at time you find its 9hrs. thats good mulebatamfya fye inchito you employ people who knows ubucushi.

  81. Mugabe

    Since I knew the pf n it’s members u are the first one to do good thing cheez



  83. Carol

    That’s how it should be, good work honourable!

  84. Sims the best

    I wish southern province will learn a lesson too because there is too much laziness especially in health sector

  85. Elias Chipili

    Stealing gorvenment money, ghost mps also stolen grvmt money for 3 good months and were told to pay back but they haven’t payed yet. why??? ghost mps, ghost teachers, ghost doctors in health centers,ghost ICT personnel entered ECZ saver room unnoticed. Zambia twasebana, lelo teti tulabe. Tuu!!!

  86. Jabulani

    Please pay a visit to Shimabala plaza toll gates and see for yourself what happens in the morning. Only one gate is open and vehicles have to queue for a long time as they are rushing to work . We deserve better. If the young people are already tired, the NRFA can employ me. Am computer literate.

  87. magwaza

    sims the best watch out nosense,mind your business mukamwa kuwoola

  88. simon

    Great work mr honorable…

  89. Terence mwange

    especially public health servants looking forward to improve mwandi

  90. Concerned

    This culture has been going on for long but neverless give the late comers a warning so that should they repeat, the act in which ever way.

  91. Jacksonkaminsa

    They hav learnt great administrstion.sir

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