Ng’onga Bounces Back Under Vandenbroek

Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroek has summoned 23 players to a three-day training camp in Lusaka.

During a media briefing at Football House, Vandenbroek said that his selection was based on his having watched local matches since taking up his Chipolopolo appointment on July 10.

Vandenbroek said that he had watched 13 Super League teams stressing that he would watch all the teams in the coming days.

“It is not a definitive list, because I will have more than one camp. I will try to make a pool of 30 to 35 players. From there we will go to 23,” he said.

The Belgian said the camp was aimed at helping him know the players better and appreciate their strengths and weaknesses.

He said that more players would be called up in upcoming camps as he narrows the numbers to those required for Chipolopolo duty.

The coach said that he had excluded Zesco United players that had a continental engagement over the weekend.

The Chipolopolo have crucial Africa Cup of Nations engagements in September when they play Namibia and Guinea Bissau.





Charles       Muntanga   (Nkwazi), Lawrence       Mulenga      (Power Dynamos),           Mangani     Banda         (Zanaco)


Gideon Sichone (Green Buffaloes), Gift Zulu (Nkana), Benson Sakala, Allan Kamwanga (Power Dynamos), Lawrence Chungu, Isaac Shamujompa (Buildcon), Mwila Phiri (Lusaka Dynamos), Laison Thole (Kabwe Warriors),


Linos Makwaza, Larry Bwalya (Power Dynamos), Mike Katiba, Fellon Sitonya, Jack Chirwa (Green Buffaloes), Kelvin Kampamba, Jacob Ngulube (Nkana), Collins Sikombe (Lusaka Dynamos), Charles Zulu (Zanaco)



Brian Mwila         (Buildcon), Alex Ng’onga (Power Dynamos)




Sven  Vandenbroeck (Head Coach), Dayle Solomon (Assistant coach), Chintu Kampamba (Physical Trainer), Steven Mwansa (Goalkeeper trainer), Ephraim Mphanza, Hensley Chilimboyi (both physiotherapists), Gerard Sakala (Kit), Hastings Ndovi (Team Manager), Nathan Phiri (Team Security)


  1. Jms

    WELCOME TO ZAMBIA Sven Vandenbroeck and Dayle Solomon may God help you we are behind you in any situation

  2. Jms

    A good coach changes some one ‘s life by seeing his ability to maintain what he need in life

  3. Richard longwe

    Ng’onga prove yourself

  4. Richard longwe

    Security must be two people,

  5. lameck Mupunda

    Welcome to Zambia bigman

  6. James Mphande

    Now what about those who are out of country like fashion sakala,patson daka,and mwepu even algastine mulenga am afraid if I will not include them

    • William chanda

      yes we need fashion sakala,inock mwepu, patson daka

  7. mercutio

    Ndeloleshafye…ba sven Ngo’nga has broke so many hearts in zambian football arena hopefully you can transform him hopefully… Look for a good pair to play along side with Brian Mwila whose quick like him…All the best ba coach muposeko amano sana.

  8. mala one

    no experiments ba coach we need to go ku Afcon

  9. quincy

    You people what of patson daka tht guy z gud striker

    • Benjamin walker

      those are only local players,

    • marlon

      Please ba soccer fan try to understand, the coach was only assembling the local players only not the pros and this does not mean that those who were called are his final selection no he was just trying to assess the local players that’s all.

  10. King David

    That’s great for him

    • Nkonkosheni

      Ndeloleshafye kikikiki Mr coach be careful this zambia, people like soccer 2 much.

  11. james brown

    keep searching more players on your own,we need a good and well maintained team

  12. james brown

    keep on searching more players on your own,we need a good and well maintained team

  13. Mphatso Zulu

    I hope you have picked those players on merit otherwise the nation is watching you closely. You may be held responsible for your actions.

    • loved chips

      Am worried,how can you choose Ngonga to be a striker when he only shoots in heaven.

      • Mphatso Zulu

        Imagine how do you bring ng’onga out of all the strikers we have, atuletele ng’onga sure.
        Uyu coach akalibe kutiziba

  14. PHILIHELLEN chalwa

    We still have others who are outside our country such as fashion sakala, peter computer ,partson daka and main others am waiting for your response

  15. Easy Easy

    Lots of expectations!! I love Zambia!!

  16. Rogan Mwengwe

    Let Him do According To What He Have Seen,,,, Coz U Can Not Count On People Who Are Not There, They Will Back And Join The Group. But We Are Warried Mwandi Without Fashon Sakala,daka,mwepu Noooo! He Need To Include Them.


    Rainford Kalaba
    Nathan Sinkala
    Mwepu Enoch
    Daka Patson
    Mulenga Augustine
    Kennedy Mweene

    Not abena Ng’onga do you want to kill us with HEART ATTACKS?


      Imagine zoona ok mr Sven spirit what ever you call yourself ba catch two strikers why nd that selection is it not the one we used to cosafa or they have just given you the same list do your job let not them to start giving you there unless ideas we will send you back to your country all eyes are on you

      • SOCCER FAN

        Zambians love football but they don’t condon uselessness, ok Ng’onga remember what happened and don’t break our hearts.
        Sven you will know how Zambians are if you won’t reverse your decision on strikeers.


    Sven do things on merit Zambians don’t like jockers never be bribed standard selection and winning is what can your job in Zambia


    Standard selection and winning is what can save your job in Zambia Not corruption

  20. sage

    Great one but strikers…….. Reconsider…..

  21. Bradon

    Boy posakomano

  22. Briven

    For him to see potential in ng’onga, then, I will doubt he can coach football.

  23. kedrick siame

    I think this is not a team it’s a local training team not so ba coach don’t be bring jokes in Zambia my dear.

  24. Brightest

    welcome to Zambia mr coach bt boi here were u are plz don’t let faz or any other person influence u whn selecting prayers i mean no corruption or tribalism jst select prayers on depending on there military then de all green nation will b behind u nd mr some times alex bazo tefintu anyway gud luck

  25. D-square

    One zambia one nation
    Don’t be jealous guys
    Because some of you,
    U don’t know how 2 play
    football.So let us
    encaurage them and
    the coach will fixt those players you wan
    t.known as,DAKA,SAKALA &MWEPU.

  26. palata minina

    Dont be disteped by Zambians go ahea

  27. sim1

    First read before u comment,he said local players first. Did u pass through jerita and mulenga u.he is still doing the selection. Na bola yonse ni bu kada.lets wait and c pliz.

  28. Uncle Lemo

    Better To Include Palira Phiri From Young Kachisi Than Ng’onga

    • Jonathan

      You write good English but what surprise me is that you can’t understand it get back to school boy!!

  29. Dexter

    Let’s wait he said local players
    Waiting to see
    Emmanuel banda
    And alot more players

  30. Dickson

    Welcome mr.goal ng’onga

  31. Robert Joel Mbambara

    Zambia kuwayawaya fe

  32. kingman classic

    mr sven do your best if not so, you will go faster than u came.

  33. Melvin

    If u know how to coach the team or set a line up, why were u not apply to be a coach ???we are buzzy giving him names of players to call is this normal???? If we will be telling him which player to call then it is gud as to send him back bcoz we can manage . if we can’t zen ,,,,let us allow this man to see wat he can do…

  34. Rockhy

    We need players like mwepu,daka fashion,fwayo mulenga not bazo

    • Jonathan

      Understanding English still a problem to some of us mmmmm niyokosa!!!

  35. Casket

    Comment Fellow fans the coach hasn’t made a final team yet. He simply is trying to pick suitable local players that he can mingle with the professional players out there to come up with a final squad If you ve read his statement carefully in this article, he has mentioned of having many camps. He wants to give chances to everyone to prove themselves. Let’s cross our fingers n watch his moves before we could judge him.

    • mulenga j kabanki

      Correct muntu wanga with wat u are saying and that’s true

  36. Emmy kayz

    I hope he will come up with a strong team!

  37. Leo Robert

    let ng’onga be serious now

  38. Peters Mwape

    Please coach we don’t want corruption in football, we want to remember you like Hevy Relna when you will leave this country.

  39. Chilz

    Nice selection coach
    Wish u all de Bst as u ar trying to come up with de strong team

  40. Kangwa mutale

    Let’s wait and see

  41. dador

    we only need good players like mwepu c.lungu Dakar fashion mwene kalaba Justin mulenga Augustine triple c …….mr coach you Will regrets what brought you in Zambia if start jokes and bribe here in Zambia…..we want friendly game fast

  42. Pst Aaron

    one ngo’nga kkkkkkk ngo’nga ni last man stand

  43. Kashitu

    The coach is doing his first assessment,just wert and see you will like chipolopolo again guyz,don’t condemn him yet.

  44. gbs

    I whish the coach should let fun’s select the team first. Coz he doesn’t know our plays yet. We know them best we can select a good squad for him.

  45. Napatali

    All the best coach,

  46. Jacksonkaminsa

    All the best zambia

  47. Benny

    Ala imwe the coach said 4 assessment please understand English l now see that we have high number of illiteracy in zed once the provisional team announced u start calling Sakala ati Sakala do u think he can play well at National level look at what he did last time against Nigeria he was wasteful. These players he calls need 2 compete those foreign based player 2 see who can perform better don’t try 2 influence him 2 make the positions in national team as personal 2 holders as it may lead players 2 become stupid as kalaba did last time by saying we are the ones who brought glory 2 Zambia is that what u want? I wonder what some people think about players who becomes big headed just 4 doing little (playing football)

    • Jonathan

      I that am the only one who is seeing that problem, pa zed kukosa!!

      • Jonathan

        I thot am the only one who is seeing that problem, pa zed kukosa!!


    Carry on sven

  49. Røckbwøy

    Scene plz exclude ngo’nga plz he was a disaster da game btwn nigeria and zambia

  50. CROSS B

    Ngo’nga I’m solid behind you prove what z in you I surely believe in you for a coach to come all the way see something in you that means God wants you to prove to Zambian people,and remember if God says yes no one can say no you do better than the name are mentioned good lack

  51. Chisaz mr 365

    Try all your best put Zambia up.


  52. Jonathan

    Simple English shame

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