Zambia U17 Booted Out of Cosafa

The Zambia Under-17 national team has been booted out of the 2018 Cosafa Castle Cup capping a nightmare 48 hours of youth football after the Under-20 were also eliminated from the Niger 2019 qualifiers.

Zambia suffered a 2-1 loss to South Africa ending their interest in the tournament they won last year.

The defeat also means Zambia cannot compete for the Tanzania 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Zambia got their goal through Vincent Kalinda while South Africa hit back through Thando Butelezi and Boitumelo Radiopane to top Group B.

Coach Tenant Chilumba’s side have left the tournament after drawing 0-0 with Mozambique, defeating Lesotho 1-0 and losing 2-1 to South Africa.

The results for the junior teams are an anti-climax to last year’s form that saw Zambia win the Under-20 Africa Cup and Cosafa Under-17.




  1. moses

    Insala mu zambia is the coz of these poor results….

  2. James Mphande

    U tried than the U20 who lost 3-0 to Burundi

  3. Jms

    We have good footballers in Zambia I think bad selection brings such results put quick silver to be inspecting all these young boys and see what will happen

  4. kedrick siame

    It is sem to the chipolopolo boys if the new coach is not going to follow african mind seat full of corruption then is going to perform his duet and make zambian people proud.

  5. Jom

    Lacky of strikers n experience, to bad for mother Zambia.

  6. Hollywood

    Just come back and participate in the fourthcoming election in your areas

  7. LEO Zulu

    full of disappointments dis team now sure!

  8. JOE

    Ata baice! !


    Bola ya pa ZED, kulumba nga yapwa. Otherwise kuti ya kulwalika BP.

  10. billy nkhata

    Poor selection of players

  11. Jahman metal

    E bola next time don’t lose hope Zambia paliba umupila

  12. chisala

    Just watch the names appearing on the selected. As if other tribes do not have talent…tribalism has even gone to football. Those of us who know some provinces who contributed greatly can agree that these same provinces have been blacklisted. Shame for selecters

  13. George Arsenal Phiri

    Ba Kamanga……………!!!!!!

  14. Chipolopolo firstfun

    It happens German failed to defend the WC

  15. kamanga

    shonse ni mbushi ndalanda lyonse

  16. tk

    Same headlines all the time…”Booted out” banajaila ,,useless

  17. Real c

    2 much corruption in Zambia


    U ar too selfish our country..

  19. Jms

    Not selfish but too FOOLISH

  20. Bwabwa,

    Coache must be blamed for poor selecting

  21. James Mphande

    Faz this taka taka system of changing coaches that’s why we always loose

  22. Rogan Mwengwe

    Black People Too Much Tribelism,.And Juju.

  23. Ashrry

    Too much corruption in our country

    • Arafat

      Ulimbwaa, wemwana wambwa,nabana bobe nimwa,naba kashibobe nimbwa,

  24. eugo power

    Dn’t worry next time dey wll do better

  25. yà¢hty £mpìr£

    team ni Zambia
    you can do better

  26. Bright Alexander

    You have to look for serious strikes, Just go in the village and find serious people who can compete with passion.

  27. one Zulu

    You should go in villages and look for players who would do
    better than these.
    chesu,Things wudu be
    okay.Ngamwatulekelera efye amapuleyaz takwaba uku chinja.

  28. Cfk

    .we paying the price of nepotism am afraid

  29. Patrick Mwale

    Very sad indeed for youth football.

  30. Patrick Mwale

    Very sad indeed for youth football.

  31. Kings Halz

    Too bad

  32. Daniel Nawa

    The problem with our Zambian coaches

    .they dont look for players in the country but the players are the ones looking for them
    Alll the time its BEMBA players….even here in western province we have good players……and one of them

    • Adrian Songiso

      Yeah too much corruption(tribalism) in Zambia brings these kinds of results

  33. Mercutio

    we ‘ve to be extra serious these young chipolopolo boys ‘re the future players of Zambia. Ok yes in Football Game we xpect to win,draw or lose.

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