Pres. Lungu Replaces Chimese as ZAF Commander

President Edgar Lungu has shaken up the Zambia Air Force command appointing Major General David Muma as ZAF Commander and Kapotwe Chintu as deputy.

ZAF commander Eric Chimese has been sent on an indefinite leave.

The shakeup is the major overhaul conducted by President Lungu since taking over power.

Chimese has been ZAF Commander since President Lungu assumed office in 2015 although he was appointed under late President Michael Sata.



  1. Leon


  2. sunday chisha

    whatever goes up must come down

  3. Leon

    Too bad he helped a lot in the 2016 elections

  4. back to opposition

    The President is the commander in chief and friendship does not play a role more so I firing

    • Peter Phiri

      It does for special people to ECL, how many times has Kaiser Zulu committed dismissable offences?

  5. Mugabe

    Maale u see they just used u n domp u remember what happened in 2016 election back to u now good

  6. Jms

    That period will elapse and thing will be normal

  7. Mwale z

    Ok here we go!

  8. Zagwa Zatha

    No big deal its just common sense that when one is appointed either army,zaf,zns as commander then that’s the beginning of the end of their career.

  9. mulenga

    pf cadres dont try HH he is a karateka black belt holder,he did comfu,ashihara,shortogun and taikwando.he did from china and japan.

  10. Kancy Dollar


  11. kopala.

    long overdue, NOW!the inspector general of police must be the next one cos the police service has been turned into a gang of criminals.the IG has failed, infact,i thought he was the one who was supposed to go first.the only WORD they know”police”,is investigation! even notorious criminals r being released because of the IG’s incompetence. please please please, Mr. President, retire him before it’s too late.

  12. lombe

    GBM is a boxer.he did from usa and uk stay away from him guys azakatyo ma pf cadres boonse.

  13. Peter_Chinyama@gmail.com

    My fellow country men and women , if there are Institution that are very delegate and sensitive are, Army, Air force, Police, Office of the President, Correction, These Intitutions are very sensitive, and when commenting on these we have to be wise are the secret Powers of the Nation, they are not supposed to be Polititisised I beg you My fellow Zambians, If you have an issue with anyone of these wisely see the Commander in Chief in this case the President of our Nation, and give your confidential advice, this is the bed room of the Nation, Thanks.


      Not in Zambia too much junta ba police batu even caders are better than them

    • FBI

      Very wise and brotherly advice u are very patriot

  14. Imasiku

    Shotokapi, Jukusuu and Shaulin done in China under chuchunkhanda and Chihnuua are deadly if the PF can unleash them

  15. noble

    Zambia is for us n we have to talk what’s wrong that’s what democracy is,so the IG must go we are tired of him

  16. Razor

    But the defence minister said he has not been fired. He is just on normal leave.

  17. Viva Pilato

    But Lungu should fire himself for Swaziland corruption

  18. Cornelius

    Everything got time.

  19. Padoko padoko mwanyane

    Yes uproot unwanted weed

  20. King David

    I knew though ministry of defence was trying to hide things in soil.

  21. Barotseland

    Just watching carefully

  22. Mujala

    Its with preasure that he has been fired, this man has accumulated a lot corrupt wealth within a short time. Kanganja and Mihova should also be fired as they are in the same boots.

  23. Jay Wizzy

    What has he done 4 him 2 b fired

  24. Evergreen

    He was stealing fuel

  25. Kunbucha drink

    He was not following orders just like kambwili

  26. Victor Kawana

    Stop speculations

  27. Kapambwe Saviour

    Everything has got a time

  28. Kabwe Changwe

    Fire also zns staff,they are just drinking beer with ladies in Samfya especially those at Luamfumu of Luapula.change them plus for they are not working.

  29. The Laughing Philosopher

    Its good to retire do that others can also have chance to be leaders. Even hardworkers, as long as they are employed, must retire at the right time. This gives them time and opportunity to do what they may have been dreaming of after retirement. The former ZAF Chief has a lot of experience which he can now use without somebody reminding him of his responsibility as a government worker. He may even establish his own company and employ some of you who spend the whole day on social media.

    So. Dont fear retirement. Prepare for retirement.

    Even politicians like Nawakwi, Cosmo and HH must consider retirement. Its good to give others chance. They have failed but they have done their best only their best is not good enough.

  30. Obama Trump

    But you Zambian, who said these are permanent seats or positions. What does appointment mean? It means you can also be disappointed!

  31. wakumawa

    Let the government work according….

  32. Kings

    He helped to rig 2016 Elections. Time for him is coming..

  33. Luckson Kaonga

    Hope de recruitment (ZAF) will be free and fair is tym around …

    • Son of Zion

      Am waiting for them too, but the date is so quiet..

  34. Luckson Kaonga

    Hope de recruitment (ZAF) will be free and fair this tym around …

  35. Chali C Malz

    This is not fair how can you give a Zaf Commander an indefinite leave ? Do you think what you’re doing is making any sense ? Bumwi buzuba ikupenga kuyakumana uyakutwedelezya leza…..ibulelo obo buboola bweendelezi bwamwami Jesu ,ikupemga basa akulila kuyakumana……tuuyakusekelela.

  36. Wenge

    Learn from your friend the truth will sent you free.

  37. Benny

    Is kanganja not working l thought he is doing recommended job since he managed 2 move from Lusaka 2 copperbelt just 2 try 2 curb gangs

  38. Not Educated

    Zambiaisademocraticcountrywehavetogivechancetoathersolsointerms ofleadershipandotherkindsofjobingovernment panctuatet forplease

  39. MÆJOR

    Be good to people on yo way up coz u will need the on yo way down


    chili eko tuleya

  41. musaka sir evor

    Time is up ….

  42. David

    Learn a lesson please guys.

  43. Emmanuel Ndawa

    I urge everyone in country to be calm when things are being handled by those in authority. Am also apealing to investigating wings to start bringing to book all those inciting people to cause confusions through either social media or open speeches bcoz they are criminals hiding in political parties. As far as I know Zambians are peaceful,loving & United. Confusions is not part of our culture neither is it part of democratic rights. It z right from the pit of hell & must be stopped by all peace loving citizens.The church, I mean believers in Christ MUST seek God for the peace of the land as opposed to just talking. There’s a spiritual battle going on in the country which can only be quenched by fervent players & tears before God. Stand up in faith for our mother Zambia.Speak good things about the Nation & show others the way into the kingdom of God.

  44. Luanshya

    We want the labour minister to come here at antelope wholesale merchants ltd co.in luanshya. To see the conditions of service and the salaries which they pay us please.

  45. Chitu

    Zambian conditions ov service are still poor.
    God help our Nation.

  46. Rocky tj

    Great, the president has done a good thing. That’s the way forward for development, we need chance. Good.why build 22 mansions, and how, when so many poor hungry eyes can see and not act and talk not,why fear, thanks mr President .grab back what belong to cisear and give what belongs to God…..

  47. Tom Bruce Brown

    The work of being appointed is just like that,wish u a safe journey into new area of life.I hope you left nice conditions to all seniors and juniors so that ,they will remember you as your way down now. You’re welcome to a world of no command sir.

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