Kabila Pushing Congo Into Chaos – Opposition

President Joseph Kabila is pushing the Congo into chaos, members of the opposition have stated.

This follows President Kabila’s failure to publicly declare he will not contest an illegal third term that is on the cards.

A consortium of opposition political parties in the Democratic Republic of Congo have issued a statement accusing President Kabila of choosing chaos over peace for the country.

President Kabila is barred from seeking a third term having served out his two term five each mandate.

The DRC leader has been in power for 17 years having taken office in 2001 shortly after his father was assassinated.

President Kabila has since illegally extended his stay in office by two year but mounting pressure has forced him to call an election for December which many observers still doubt was as credible as a democratic election should be.

According to the opposition, the passion that President Kabila claims to have for the DRC is that of driving the country towards chaos, notably by obstructing the electoral process.

“The opposition calls on the Congolese people to put an end to Joseph Kabila’s criminal passion for the Congo, which is driving the country into chaos and obstructing by all means, including the use of Article 64 against any attempt to maintain power in violation of the constitution and to establish a new dictatorship in our country,” Delly Sesanga read a joint statement.

The opposition took the opportunity to reiterate its demand for the release of political prisoners.

Sesanga said there was a need to clean the electoral register urging authorities against using the voting machine which have widely been condemned as rigging tools.

Among the members of the opposition present were was Martin Fayulu, Jean-Marc Kabund, Eve Bazaiba, Delly Sesanga and Jean-Baudouin Mayo.

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