PF in Clean Sweep of Ward Elections

The Patriotic Front has added to its sweep of local government elections scooping the Kanyama Ward election in North Western Province.

So far the Patriotic Front has won the Chilanga chairperson elections adding up to their control of the constituency where they have Maria Langa as Member of Parliament.

The PF candidate has polled 967 votes in the Kanyama election while the UPND only managed 261.

IN Petauke District the PF has also win the Lusangazi District chairperson position amassing 2444 votes while the UPND got 1257.


  1. silver


  2. mwila mwamba


  3. Malama Golden

    The PF is doing more right than wrongs…keep it up

  4. David Makasa

    It was obvious that pf will win because most of the Zambian people want serious development this time around so it’s possible for pf to win no party will stop them as long as they continue with their development programs

  5. Dickson Mtine

    Pf until 2026

  6. King David

    Too bad

  7. Cleopus mulenga

    Don’t kube ba laimwena

  8. Paul

    Mmmmm that’s great works

    Rigging is really working

  9. Mundu Nicholas

    Go go pf this time work with the farmer give them inputs on time that’s key

  10. kopala.

    surely ine kuti nafileka!why should i be forcing people who hv clearly rejected me?just stop and do other things,WE DON’T U!siumvela?

  11. kopala.

    surely ine kuti nafileka!why should i be forcing people who hv clearly rejected me?just stop and do other things,WE DON’T WANT U!siumvela?

    • james kaumba

      MMD won all by elections in 2008 when 2011 came General elections PF won the election PF is in control of Government machinery no way about it see u in 2021na poverty iyi,mwalacha amenshi,Kaunda said mukafonka pamala this is what u will be ubupuba bane,give Sampa the job mwanyengwa again!!tiye nayo PAYA FARMER!!

  12. Patrick kasonde

    Pamaka chabe zikomo kwambili ba pf

  13. Kikik

    Iyee nakabili yaabaa

  14. James Mphande

    I said it

  15. ben

    pf 4life baby

  16. Chitoshi Remmy

    UPND has a lot to do , dismantle structures and bring other people on board otherwise l doubt the 2021.

  17. Chitoshi Remmy

    Some leaders in UPND are batulye kubili and not hard working.

  18. mulenga mulenga


  19. Love your neighbor

    One party state, doing all dubious means to win elections.

  20. Jordan

    Congrats PF

  21. fisunge

    It’s people who were voting not cows or animals so they made the right decision based on their thinking why force them to think otherwise you can’t change pipo by burning there markets and property so please change your ways and God will bless you ichifukushi the kusova

    • Thinku

      As long as HH, GBM, KATUKA , and irrational KAKOMA are in the top brackets of the Party, UPND is on its way to extinction.

  22. james

    Yaabaa! Good 4miles
    & PF at large. Losers,dont loss hope.


    We won’t easily give up with my party pf if it means to steal votes we will do as wise

  24. Musalu

    Congrats Male’s

  25. Frank kaoma

    Viva pf if you can’t beat them join them.no petition no VAR technology this is not football iweeeeee

  26. Austen luckliner kachana

    Upnd let us unite together don’t worry about these election,whay we need is to building our party hh we are behind you whether in cold or in hot,in loose or win

  27. Uncle Bizzo

    It’s high time the opposition parties start to check on their leadership qualities otherwise they will continue crying over straight things. 2021 is just by the corner.

  28. moyo msadala

    signal # 2021= 80+1 team PF

  29. Teshakuno

    Ratio too big.

  30. Prince Lupek

    It’s one person at a time country men that’s all.

  31. ephraim n b

    99 days 4 the thif 1 day 4 de own each out chidzagwamo mubuna chokagi ku tembenuza lean 4rom 2011

  32. innocent ings Soko

    Congrats 🎉 pt

  33. Jms


  34. nasikuku mukombwe

    nonse for sure i can never be a boss tuday and become a garden boy tumorrow.elections for sale\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  35. amon mbewe

    paya farmer i have hope trust that all who voted for paya farmer will regret vry soon

  36. King cool

    YABA !! I thought the UPND has put the clergy Man I thought things will go well with them but nothing, the problem is that, they are not denouncing panga for panga , Zambia is a Christian country we donot want blood shed any more. Although you call PF that is a paya farmer I would rather go for it, because the food I eat it’s not the PF who provide for me. I put the food on the table on my own. The PF are the facilitater only. If you think UPND will put the food on your table , badala muzafa nanjala work hard for yourself.

  37. Martine

    If the opposition’s parties want to keep opposing for the next hundred years let them bury their head in the sand,the writing is on the wall. Time to shuffle your top leadership structures.

  38. Jk

    Pf 4 life

  39. mengmoreler

    Simple mathematics mwe bantu:Dont u knw dat this hapenz and som of us we cnt b suprizd bcoz we knw and it z easy 4a person to pas mock exam then fail n final exam or vice versa !!kkkkkkk ndelolesha fyee!

  40. chisala kapya

    In Politics you do not need to force people. Change can only come if people are not satisfied with the current Government; let’s wait and see.

  41. Chisenga


  42. Ubuntunse

    Strong opposition is good fotlr Zambia. But if setting things ablaze is all they know then probably right way to go is to encourage them to set things ablaze in their own parties so the changes they are trying to bully the Nation into can begin with their own parties leadership structures. Without that, we should just keep on congratulating the winning voter for their wise and option less choices. We need peace at whatever cost. Best policies without peace are rogue. But even bad policies with peace have every chance to be improved on ant turnen into best policies. Jealousy, hatred, discrimination and violence are evil in the Lord’s sight.

  43. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    God is on the side of PF because they do consider God first before they do anything. That’s is why they are celebrating their victories all the time. And they will continue doing so.

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