CONFIRMED: Miles Sampa Wins Mayoral Race

The Patriotic Frontโ€™s Milse Sampa has been confirmed as the new Lusaka Mayor after polling 81, 936 while his closests rival ngwa Chileshe of the UPND got 36, 753.

Mundia Mukubesa of the Peopleโ€™s Alliance for Change managed 7, 741 while Saboi Imboela of the NDC 2, 645.

The Lusaka mayoral seat fell vacant following the death of incumbent Wilson Kalumba.

Sampa swept across the seven constituencies of Lusaka with an overwhelming result that leaves no doubt where the balance of power in Lusaka lies.




Chawama – PF10,361 upnd 3,900


Kabwata – PF 9,166 upnd 5,628


Kanyama – PF 9,617 upnd 7,109


Lusaka central – PF 7,565 upnd 4,663


Matero – PF 17,012 upnd 4,600


Munali – PF 12,717 upnd 6,636


Mandevu – PF 15,566 upend 4517



  1. mwila mwamba


    • Somebody's Man

      Lol Homie U Don’t Talk Welo Welo

  2. James Mphande

    Pa was

  3. Isaac

    Believe you me, these are powerful indicators. Come is it 2021? Will be walk over. Now i agree this is not Monze or Choma.

  4. Mercy banda

    Awe congratulations ๐ŸŽ† hope u wil do ur job with honest



  6. Washington Mulenga Lesa

    Past experience. Ruling party wins bye elections by land slide. Its no indicator of future



  8. Zambian

    Congratulations to Of and Miles, now ba mayor please work according to your promises, I read the good things you’ve promised to work on in your broshuar and I can tell you ba Mayor that you will be the best Mayor ever. Especially ama caders mu ma bus station na mu markets twapapata fipwe, just create jobs for them, bazi cleaner mu town bamene baja instead of stealing council money.

  9. Zambian

    Congratulations to Pf and Miles, now ba mayor please work according to your promises, I read the good things you’ve promised to work on in your broshuar and I can tell you ba Mayor that you will be the best Mayor ever. Especially ama caders mu ma bus station na mu ma markets twapapata fipwe, just create jobs for them, bazi cleaner mu town bamene baja instead of stealing council money.

    • Bwalya

      Sampa never promised to remove cadres,it was chishimba’s message.

  10. Augprina

    Congratulations! Work very hard for the people of the greatest city of Lusaka

  11. Born richy

    Bamu gagada UPND lol, congrats back Mayor

  12. Uncle Bizzo

    The low turn out of voters for Lusaka mayoral position shows that the people who stood were all wrong people for the seat, honestly Lusaka has the highest registered voters in the country , if you add all the votes it’s by far,this is an eye opener to all political parties to choose right candidates for any incoming elections. DAY WASTED.

  13. Hebk

    Pf is still very very popular dont be cheated. We dont just talkertive people for nothing. Show them by being popular in a multi -tribal town not in those tribalistic areas. Weldone you have outshined them.

  14. Lawrence

    Ba pf congratulations

  15. Lawrence

    We love u pf

  16. Awisi Joyce

    congrats ba Sampa but work on cabbage collection,issue of cadres in bus stations and markets we also need the building of markets to be experdited

  17. Uncle Bizzo

    If you add all the votes you will find that they are even less 3 constituencies Chawama, Matero and Mandevu. There was no need for a public holiday. CONGRATULATIONS MR SAMPA do the works for people to have confidence in you.


    Indeed the greatest city of lusaka has decided wisely. I can see the comprexion of the greatest city of lusaka changing for the better.

  19. Patrick kasonde

    We love you pf

  20. Christopher mwale

    Congratulations PF,to the loosers let’s unit and work together as one zambia one nation.

  21. Matthew Chomba

    Go go PF

  22. Pf

    Go go go go of lungu is Zambian president

  23. N Thole

    Congrats PF.The way to 2021 .Now work for the people of LSK,listen to their concerns

  24. Of

    Upnd let them change party president otherwise the Cary will never end

  25. Solo

    Our part is done,we challenge the mayor to rise to the task of mending so many patches in the capital city

  26. Mimbulu

    Bamuguguza,bamukudzumula,bamupweteka,bamutetha,bamugagazura,amtenthera nchire ammeta wopanda madzi

  27. Lupek

    I see Petersen carrying a day in the near future.

  28. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Now that the elections are over and were violent free you must accept defeat and respect those in power and their policies and congrate thรชm and for the loosers hard luck next time.upnd pls a word of advise to you your president has a tendency of escaping defeats by blaming others he has failed you am sure there are think tanks in upnd who can move the party foward not that failure so called HH wat ve u seen in him such that u cant let him go?upnd wake up it is not too late.Ba HH na ba GBM it is not your wealth and boosting language/insults and lies that make you leaders be wise resigne before 2021 so that u paveway to wise pipo within your party if you ve the nation at heart you are hindering the partyยดs progress if u dont know,shame to u and your political career.

  29. H Mainza

    Congradulations Mr Sampa for a favourable victory…
    As for the UPND please lets see where we are going wrong, lets pull our socks together coz this can repeat itself in 2021 if we don’t work extra hard.

  30. james kaumba

    Let’s hope people are voting wisely,as for me PF has brought too much poverty,loses of Jobs,eg My self fired last year but not yet giving me my benefits but busy creating bye elections please pay me my money if u a care government I want to look after my family keep on voting for government in poverty me never .,forward forward!!

    • mwape

      where were you working? and where you fired?

  31. Patrick lungu

    All the best ba Mr Sampa kaili,all we are waiting is for you to do the work kwasila,all the best.

  32. Chris

    PF UPND diffrence
    Chawama 10,361 3,900 6,461
    Kabwata 9,166 5,628 3,538
    Kanyama 9,617 7,109 2,508
    Lusaka central 7,565 4,663 2,902
    Matero 17,012 4,600 12,412
    Munali 12,717 6,636 6,081
    Mandevu 15,566 4517 11,049

    82,004 37,053 44,951 landslide victory


    Pf forever..we the best

  34. kelvin mukuka


  35. kelvin mukuka

    Congrats Mr miles and all members of pf

  36. HASSAN

    No reglet ba pf

  37. FK

    This is now winning

  38. FK

    Free WiFi I see you -100 days counting

  39. Daniel Kaonga

    PF has always been cheating we all know that.
    UPND is the best And thats a fact.


    Great fecilitations to Nduna yaikulu ya dela ya lusaka.It was all out of your much put-in effort,thus your won.

  41. The Black's

    100 Percent Re-loaded Pf

  42. olomide

    mukete ba janny sikazwe bakalishe if u think nabamibila.

  43. Nicolas

    This is a proper litmus test for the all Zambians.
    PF will win even 2021 general elections.
    Congratulations PF.

  44. Bob

    Congrats PF and Miles, work very hard we at behind you, till 2021 and beyond!



    • N Thole

      Bravo Bob

    • N Thole

      Let’s help our area MPs by giving them information in regards to our challenges


    Us pf we know our destination we are not losers so let it be an example to those thinks has if they can stop us its our time to shine,miles sampa congratulation once again well come back son you can now proceed with your works if upnd was a good party you wouldn’t have come back but I know you went to spy in order to know there weakness mission accomplished let it be an example to those who have intentions of leaving this party pf let’s support this chosen party pf as a country at pakulubility

  46. Evergreen

    Twabanyokola ba mambala ni pf chabe zoona eyelele ni pf cbabe zoona shi aliko I c u

  47. Kunbucha drink

    Twabawina heyaye mukamwenako 2021 ninshi pf elechitika Viva sampa Viva ecl

  48. Zankalewa

    Achibe zankalewa aaa nibani ba wina aaa pf yawina echibechibe zankalewa ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘ˆโœŠ๐Ÿ‘

  49. HH

    2021 ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿด๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ–๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ‚

  50. King David

    Cryful results


    I was worried coz my president was amazed with the number of people who voted for the election not knowing that it was a planed move we have gained experience you people you will try to stop us but we unstoppable

  52. Malama Golden

    Perfect win

  53. Leon

    If God is the one saying yes then let it be that of has won otherwise I do not like the leadership

  54. masters

    winangu alile acuuce


      We are the best PF,well done.Go back to your board and start again UPND.Awe balalanda namu chepa filekini BA UPND

  55. Kayz

    The turn out was poor…..Where did all those people come from????

    • Thought there was voter apathy,how come we now have thousands of voters?good question my dear,im also wondering

      Im also wondering,voter apathy witnessed by everyone but thousands of votes have come up,I think God wanted to reveal something about what goes on,,iyo mulateya,God is watching time comes when we all pay for our sins

      • Kayz

        Ah! These pipo r just too much mwandi……. They r so IRRITATING n’ USELESS…..Come 2021 it will be all RED

  56. Uncle mugabe


  57. L D


  58. Rael Vilimba

    ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ba musician just go back ku studio twapapata ayleast you have a large support base on TV and muma cassette

    • HH


  59. Ngwenya John jasob

    Congratulations sir, I knew i’ll do it

  60. Joezman

    Zeted master ebine

  61. cleophas zulu

    Congrats miles sampa

  62. Mr. Nice

    Your excellence, the president of the Republic of Zambia, MR. EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU , surely am proud to say we the people of this great nation are proud to have you as our leader and that is why today the mayor his WORSHIP MR M. SAMPA has surly come from your party, a sign enough that even 2021 you are still the MAN-IN-CHARGE, had your party been of violence today the mayoral sear would not be in your favor. God bless you dady and may He add more wisdom to you and the entire PATROTIC FRONT. ……..VIVA ZAMBIA VIVA PF

  63. UPND youth

    It doesn’t make any sense you were president again you bring yourself down anywhere UPND 2021

  64. fisunge

    Dununa dununa iwe ayee dununa iwe dununa reverse meaning all those who are in opposition should come back the pf is calling everyone who has gone to come back (dununa reverse )and enjoy the comfort of the boat and to come and help the country develop let the losers concede defeat

  65. mulenga kelvin


  66. shi aliko

    bakawalala imwe,lets hope u wil be bakawalala forever.

  67. Jms

    Never mind even CRIMINALS have wives a woman doesn’t care why ,when and how she should perform her duty similar to some men we need change for better, congratulations

  68. Bashi Leticia

    Congratulations all the best

  69. dumbe

    pipo of lsk y kupwalala kanshi,bantu bakudyelani masuku pamitu again mwafwatika,mwania u wil suffer forever.pipo buy u beer naimwe mwavomela,u are not serious about your life wakeup b4 it is too late.

  70. Galamukani

    Win or loose,Upnd for ever….2021,keep celebrating but don’t forget days are not the same

  71. adriano

    zambian politics chimo nokwa ngala nangu ukubuta zambian people are not serious when it comes to choose leadership at the some balelila isala mutufumo bakapoli

  72. james mhande

    takubelani again ba pf.

  73. Rodgers Simpotwa

    Sometimes it’s good to come down the ladder and start afresh as it may give one, an opportunity to work out those areas he or she was missing out whilst on top position, however, being the Mayor of Lusaka is a big office, moreless like that of the Minister. Congratulations to Mr. Miles Sampa, and to those who took part in the by elections, it is now time to work,as much is expected of you Sir.

  74. wisdom mwale

    Is UPND the next body to be in power?
    if yes, when, is it posible in 2021?

    frm mpl.

  75. Mata

    Matero & PF All The Wayyyyy.. Congrates

  76. chau chau bukoko zambili

    zambian politics make me sick even if u win i cant see any change unless we change the president.i cant waste my time to vote pf nalipena.upnd for life win or loose.

  77. benard mwale

    Comment good lucky pf and mailes uliwesu mudala ala apatebeta lesa tafuka chushano bombeni nokulingana nefyo mwalaya ba lusaka God bless

  78. one ZULU

    WELL DONE! Mr sampa,this is the chance now to show your promise towards
    audience.We rely on U.

  79. Dickson

    Congrats PF, Mr Sampa time to work Sir

  80. zedoc

    Potipher Tembo on UPND ticket would have given Sampa a good run for his money. Was just wondering why UPND could not field him. Nangu atemwa ukunyenga bamukabene, naba first lady kumo.

  81. sammy


  82. A.mapiki

    Bravo Sampa and PF ,sorry UPND

  83. Benny

    Conglats Miles am happy 4 u but l don’t like the way u are moving cheating people that u have a heart 4 them.U were even crying because of hunger hope u are not going 2 root our resources pliz behave in that office.

  84. Innocent

    Zambians are all still in darkness! People from South province, Northwest and Central province you stand with the pipo of Barotseland on the issue of Barotse Agreement otherwise you continue crying like that my dearst.The issue of Barotse agreement is the only solution to these pipo,believe me you!

    • Kampeni

      Freedom of speech is to allow even fools to have a say.

  85. Patmoll

    Congratulations, 100 days remember.free internet, no cholera in Lusaka. No cadres in bus stations,no more fire on markets, no street kids.We voted

  86. Chinusho

    God is great, work hard sir show them that you are great. God bless u.

  87. tk

    win or lose upnd forever… HH we gat your back

  88. King David

    Let us think about food now not wa wina wina naiwe what is your profit .You were used and dumped. He got what he wanted for its over wanna. Think big please the problem you don’t reason. OF stand for people fighting.

  89. Patrick Mwale

    Congrats on your sweet victory!

  90. Daniel Smith

    congrats Miles Sampa

  91. Kubo

    Dats want we want …go miles sampa

  92. Kalembe bahadoh

    Kubikamano kumibombele not ukulaumfwafye ngakwaba utumilimo mwasenda bamwano mu gvt vehicle mwaya mukutinya abantu muma offeshi ngefifilecita ba DC Ku mporokoso pamulandu nokushita inyanje Ku FRA

  93. Abraham

    Miles, can you start working, rather than ubufi.

  94. Lemmy cheba

    Ba CK don’t worry it’s your leader people don’t want!!.

  95. djeo

    wel done ba sampa

  96. FGM

    True leaders get into leadership because of pation to fulfill their Vision. KK’s vision was to Liberate Zambia, Chiluba was to liberalise the economy and politics. While Mwanawasa was to fight corruption restore peace and order, Sata was to improve Zambia’s appearance to execeralate economic development. Since poverty levels are still at over 70%. Zambia is in dire need of a leadership that will solely focus on drastic poverty reduction. The poverty levels are just too high for a country with vast natural resources like Zambia

  97. Boyka

    Maaaah let’s continue singing

  98. Pastor polite chulu


  99. Muleya

    Chashupa mwami. What is the way forward.(Back to drawing board). May be too many childish activities. ” ?… Today we are here, tomorrow we are here … tell us where you are watching us from? Nothing coming out of those ” we are heres “. Be careful our party can end up a circus comedian party. I am not sure what to say? The magi England is just too much and discouraging. 2021 is just around the corner!!!!.

  100. Muleya

    Sorry. Should read xxxxxx the margin is just too much …
    ** I will sleep over these results for the next few weeks and will comeback for the way forward.Getting it wrong can sometimes mean getting nearer to the right one. (Kulila kwamukami ndaaye). I am not against PF I am just thinking about the total difference in votes. I would make the same comment if PF lost with this margin. May be a change in leadership is inevitable before it’s too late for UPND. Niganiza cabe. Chishimba Kambwili is building from north CB. 2021 will be interesting!!!!!!.



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