FRA Revises Floor Price for K70

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has revised upward the price of maize to K70 kwacha from the earlier announced 65 kwacha for the purchase of a 50 kilogram bag of maize in the grain marketing season that starts on 1st august, 2018.

FRA’s swift action follows an outcry from stakeholders with the Head of State also noting the displeasure.

It was on the basis of this profound mandate that the FRA announced the 2018 Crop Marketing Arrangements as an annual requirement. The announcement of the price of Maize at K65 per 50kg bag specifically received mixed reactions from various stakeholders which necessitated further consultations.


The Board and Management of FRA have in consideration of the price band emanating from the analytical process of price determination employed by the Agency decided to review the price of Maize upwards with consideration of the following factors:


That the price;


  1. i) Should be within the confines of the 2018 National Budgetary allocation to FRA


  1. ii) Should strive to mitigate all possible negative risks that could fuel consumer dissatisfaction on the price of the final product, mealie meal.


iii) Should not disadvantage other market players


  1. iv) Should not pressure fund releases from the Treasury

The prices of the other Designated Crops remain the same as follows:






  1. Soya Beans 10,000       2.60  130 50 Kg    K2,600


  1. Paddy Rice 2,100      1.75    70 40 Kg    K1,750


TOTALS   512,100

The FRA being one of the players in the market intends to purchase only 500,000 Metric Tonnes of Maize, representing 21% of the 2018 National Maize Crop Forecast of 2.3 million metric tonnes, therefore the above prices are FRA prices and not Government floor prices, hence farmers are encouraged to negotiate for better prices with other market players who may buy the larger quantity of the what has been produced.

I would like to remind the farmers in the targeted areas to continue to prepare as guided in the 2018 Crop Marketing Modalities and the marketing season still opens on 1st August 2018.

Thank You




  1. Tule

    What!! k70 isn’t enough, remember this year we experienced a drought in most parts of the country… FRA Wake up

  2. Educated native

    What a mockerly K70!
    People better start producing maize for their own home consumption. Grz must start farming its own maize than exploiting peasant farmers.
    Zambians stop singing diversification put it into practical action now! Otherwise politicians will continue manipulating you.

    • Al kaida

      U pipo u should also bear in mind that if the bag of maize is purchased at high price it will have also negative outcry of mealie meal price,bit will be u the same pipo to cry, what kind of thinking do have?.The government is doing all its best for everyone, ba opposition bring real checks & balances for the benefit of all ,or else bit by bit u ar becoming irrelevant.

  3. oneZULU

    If you have declared
    this price to the farmers, ATLEAST WEEeee!!!!!!!
    But next time make that the bag of whitemaize
    should be K85 per 50kg.NIFYE BANA BENU TWAKULILILANI,
    Because k70 kaya
    ngati tiza surviver.

    • one ZULU

      If you had declared this price to the farmers (ATLEAST WEEeee)
      But next time make sure that the bag of white maize should be
      Ƙ85 per 50kg.NIFYE
      Ɓecause Ƙ70 kaya ngati tiza surviver.

    • Al kaida

      If u want maize to be @ K85: what do u expect the price of mealie meal to be.

  4. royd Vinda

    FRA should have considered appreciating the farmers by increasing the flow price of white maize by at least above K80 if not K100 considering the farming input which is very expensive and labour which is needed to the mentioned crop.

  5. steve k

    the price is fair. You need to consider other factors as well .

  6. Mubita

    If it’s really K70 50kilogram bag of maize then it’s better now.

  7. Maize virus

    Farmr asauke chabe!?army wemz,drought,high fertilizr price,high fuel price.palast agulise mili pafupifupi mahala.yaba!!

  8. Analyst

    Surely i see now most zedians are stupid K70 ati atleast,fools you deserve much better no wonder poverty will always be your lot.
    A 50kg of maize this season should sold at K85 – K100, this is a crop you produced purely through your own means without government subsidised farming inputs,now you selling cheaply but come rain season they will sell you meale meal at exorbitant prices making huge profits.
    This country better wakeup from its foolishness

  9. William

    what a mockery

  10. Abros

    K70 not good atlist k85

  11. Lex

    atleast next time make k85

  12. poor economy

    zambia is so poor economicaly more expenses less income

  13. Benny

    What shall we do if the prices of maize floor increases 2 above 85 then mealie meal prices will also go up perhaps K110 25kg breakfast but if it is reduced 2 K65per bag 25kg then prices of mealie meal will be clinging 2 above K85 but we are still exploiting farmers.

  14. LOTA


  15. Bomah Riverlakes

    the problem is that ise bene sitilima we are the one’s complaining the famers are just quiet.the famers are thinking of taking their maize out side zambia thats why they are not making noise here.but the fact of faming is this,when we force the government to buy maize more than k70 we are going to cry more reason is simple.i think in their explaination they have talked of budget allocation that means if they will buy more than that they have to look for money to pay some of you are just saying from the blues you don’t know what happens muma offices ya FRA umu.when they raise the issue of looking for money those small farmers will be affected because big farmers will give them money so that they can be paid fast and ma peasant farmers will get their money maybe muma february of which is not good it will affect them interms of buying farming inputs.

  16. shi aliko

    i wil jst sell my maize from gbm milling & yengatech milling atk90 per 50kg.

  17. Nchimus

    k70 aceya fertilizer is very expensive

  18. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    If the price goes up then the majority of Zambians will be affected because the price of mealea meal will go higher. Mind you that majority of Zambian people are not faming. So Please think of others. Tomorrow you’ll be blaming the government that it is not working. No. This is not good. K70 it is fine.

  19. shialiko

    dr zimba u are not a farmer jst keep quit,let the farmer talk.mwine wachilonda ndiye anvela kubaba.

  20. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Yes I’m not. But do you know that majority of Zambian people are not faming?

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