PF Sweeps East Polls

The PF has won all the five district council chairperson elections in Eastern Province.

The ruling party won the elections with a wider margin in most of the districts in an election which was marred with low voter turnout.

In Chipangali district, PF candidate Million Tembo polled 7,024 votes

UPND’s William Banda got 762 votes while United Prosperous and

Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) Davy Kapwata got 487 votes.

In Kasenengwa district, PF’s Saul Zulu polled 5,942 votes while his only competitor Peter of UPND got 1, 207 votes.

In Lusangazi district, PF candidate William Banda polled 2,444,

Patrick Banda, an independent candidate got 1,257 votes, another

independent candidate Blackson Tembo got 1,012 votes with UPND’s

Robert Mwale got eight votes.

In Chasefu district, Chimwemwe Banda of PF polled 6,436, Thokoza

Ndhlovu an independent candidate got 2,147 votes, UPND’s Bernard Zulu got 799 votes with FDD’s Davies Nyirongo got 644 votes.

In Lumezi district, PF’s Clement Mwale polled 6,860, Jimmy Phiri an Independent candidate 1,341 votes and UPND’s Marjorie Mumpanshya got

795 votes.

PF provincial chairperson Andrew Lubusha directed the new council chairpersons to get down to work and fulfill the provinces they made to the people.


  1. Chota Mwabat J

    marjorie mumpanshya u were suppose to stand at pf ticket not in the opposition ticket, ba mwanya people why

    • Pf

      In fact as well its what I expect her to do like what she did.useless

  2. The e

    How about Pettersen zagaman ?

    • Pf

      Kkkkkkkkkkk these are some of issues we would like to know coz me aswell am totally black no news of him.

  3. Benjamin kamanga

    Comment To fulfill the promises and not the provinces

  4. semma

    When we say upnd is finnished others claim 2021 upnd will takeover

  5. Bomah Riverlakes

    ba majorie,you are making me wonder.in general elections you stood as a chairperson for upnd in lundazi and you even quited that job ku lundazi general hospital kukana k3000 per month no sankha ndale.now lumezi is a district you have shifted muli ku lumezi hoping to win,you think you can blackmail the people of lumezi.now if you where to win sembe mu chokela ku lundazi district noenda ku lumezi for work.hope 2021 muzaka imilila ku lumezi kwa mene uko.now God is punishing you for what you did,imwe bantu basakila nchito imwe musiya noyamba ndale.please if kuli muntu wene afuno siya nchito just because of politics mama majorie is the example you will suffer like her.

  6. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    PF is here to stay. Even the founder president said so. PF has not abandon the spirit of the late president Sata. PF now is in the all parts of Zambia except southern province. Viva PF and Victorious belongs to you the PF.

  7. Nyonyozi

    Ba Dr zimba just concentrate eating wat u leep from bootlicking,politics of the berry.finshi mungatweba imwe ba zimba pa menso kwati no makish.

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