Mulonga Water Owed K40 Million by Clients

Mulonga Water and Sewerage have offered an explanation for their erratic water supply to their clients recently.

Company Director of Commercial Services Donald Lusambo announced that the company is owed over K 40 million by various institutions among the government departments in unpaid bills.

Lusambo said the amount of money yet to be paid have affected operations of the Water Utility Company to address the many challenges it is faced with in the provision of water and sewer services to its people.

He said the company is running a number of projects to meet customer demands but with such an amount owed it is proving to be a challenge.

Lusambo said in the past central government had been paying the debts through the treasurer for all ministries but has scrapped off the system tasking ministries to pay on their own.

“Government used to pay for all ministries under the treasury until sometime in march when it made a decision that ministries begin to pay on their own, so that is the position in our areas of operation we are owed about K 40 million in unpaid bills, so government pays when it decides to pay and we are hopeful it pays us soon,” Lusambo said.

Meanwhile Lusambo said the water utility Company is currently undertaking the Zambia Water and Sanitation Project funded by the African Development Bank AfDB to improve water and sewer systems.

He said the project is expected to be completed by 2021 with hopes of providing water and sewer services to its customers more efficiently.


  1. zamb

    These enemies of progress are busy owning money even though they have unpaid balances

  2. Chisenga kandela

    Am just watching….
    Ati, Boma ni boma….

  3. Benny

    This company in chingola is the worst in terms of providing residents with dirty water from the time l came here in 2011 there is water blues in chingola, even before l came here l used 2 hear about chingola water blues what’s wrong with this company? Sometimes it becomes even worse when u switch on the tape only 2 find muddy water coming from the tape l regret 4 coming here one day l’ll leave this town.Apart from erratic water supply there is power outages especially this week and Zesco offers no explanations where are we heading as chingola residents????

  4. Chalwe Kaputula Benjamin

    the truth is that z water this company supply its dirty not gud 4 drinkg.thats why in muf pipo prefer to drink from z borehll.

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