PF to Punish Rebel Candidates that Stood as Independents

The Patriotic Front Eastern Province executive committee says all party members who opted to stand as independent candidates after being left out in the adoptions for the July 26 council chairperson elections will be disciplined.

PF provincial chairperson Andrew Lubusha said the ailing members would be suspended from the ruling party and would only be pardoned after three years.

Lubusha labeled PF members who contested on independent ticket as traitors adding that they do not stand a chance of being adopted by the PF in 2021.

He said PF would uphold discipline as one of its core values.

Lubusha said the party would take disciplinary measures against party officials and councilors who misbehaved in Lumezi in the running up to the July 26 council chairperson election.

Recently during his campaigns in the province, President Lungu indicated that the party would not work with independent candidates.

Some independent candidates in Eastern Province were supporting President Lungu but opted to go independent after they were left in the adoption.


  1. Jomwa

    We must also consider people’s choice not what we think is right coz in most cases the adoption is not considered even if the grassroots recommends ,but the secretariat overlook peoples choice

  2. King David

    Don’t blame independent candidates

  3. Big gk international



    Go lungu Go.
    Bafune basafune 2021 ndiwe wowinawina.

  5. James mumba kalaba

    If is making those discussion people will lose hope in him
    He needs to be fair and some promises have not been fullied

    We need a democratically strong country

  6. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Deal with them. Let’s others learn a lesson.

  7. Richard longwe

    Let them be,they wanted to try there,

  8. Eric zulu

    Go linguistic go! Teach them a lesson they ‘ll never forget in future.

  9. Eric zulu

    Go lungu go! Teach them a lesson they ‘ll never forget in future.

  10. King

    I think it’s democracy people have to exercise there potential.

  11. mulase

    The Provincial chairman is right.It does not make sense to go independent simply because u have not been adopted.The problem is that wen u go independent.. u split the votes and the one who loses some votes is the guy u have chosen not to support. Is that not being disloyal to the Party u belonged to?Does it therefore make sense to later come bk and say u ar supporting them?This is left for those against the PC’s pronouncement to digest.Ex.IPS

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