Kang’ombe Expresses Frustration with Pace of Keep Zambia Clean Drive

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe says the Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Health Campaign is slowly losing its momentum.

Kang’ombe who has been a lead campaigner the Keep Zambia Clean exercise has complained of lack of support from residents.

He said it is disappointing that communities always wait for leaders to take the lead before getting involved in cleaning activities.

He said keeping ones surrounding remains an important exercise and those not taking part are not helping to realise clean, green and health towns.

“It is a challenge we have had over the last two years, people don’t want to get involved, the level of participation has been very poor, we would want to have people in their localities taking part but if it’s going to be a few of us we are not going to achieve anything,” Kang’ombe said.

He has appealed to residents in all communities to actively get involved in cleaning activities so as to realise the dream of having clean, green and health towns.

Kang’ombe said it was unfair to only wait for the local leadership before participating hence the need for all residents to realise it is their responsibility.

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  1. KAYA

    Stop ifyakubesha clean, mwalatwipaya kunsala. Bakolwe imwe!

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