Sakala Offers ZDDM 2021 Ticket to Kalaba

The confusion around Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) is on display again with party president Edwin Sakala inviting Harry Kalaba to contest as Presidential candidate in the 2021 elections.

Sakala is seeking adoption for the vacant Kasenengwa Parliamentary seat whilst running an opposition political party.

Kalaba has been thrown in a quandary after his Democratic Party (DP) was de-registered.

Kalaba and Sakala have reportedly been in talks to seal a deal that will see the former Foreign Affairs Minister stand on the ZDDM ticket.

Edwin Sakala, The ZDDM Party President’s indication to apply for adoption on the Patriotic Front ticket to contest the Kasenengwa seat clearly shows he is not in charge of his political party.

According to a letter, signed by Sakala and his deputy Charles Kafumbo, the Party is happy with Kalaba’s style of leadership and have since invited him to lead the party in the 2021 elections.

Kalaba has set himself a target of being a presidential candidate in 2021 but has yet to find a platform to contest on.

Since his resignation as minister he has been hopping around building his profile as a prospective political candidate.


  1. mike

    kalaba and sakala are jokers

  2. King cool

    You might never know what tomorrow brings.ekosulile ekopa noko. Kalaba is a big brain. Thanks guys. Let us try him.infact He has my vote

  3. King David

    Wapasa bwanji mkazI wako munzako kuti akukwelee a sakala na chizende.

  4. Jms


  5. King john ii

    Leadership naikosa, wayamba ndewo mphamvu wulimbe kkkkkkk, you have to make your eyes red to achieve your goals


    Yamunyokola njala sakala

  7. Benny

    Kalaba is better than HH try him he has my vote

  8. HH

    Planed of refused HK to form a political party because they care scared of him….😈😈😈😈😈😈 forward kalaba

  9. Son of Zion

    The difference is the same, Kalaba won’t even be felt on the political scene.. Work done is equals to zero.. Atleast if he was made UPND president, otherwise PF is here to stay until a formidable opposition is formed.

  10. Chrispine nyirenda

    As at now no position part can remove the PF in power so ba Kalaba kuwayawaya fwe.

  11. Easy Easy

    Who even told kalaba that he is any sharper?Don’t mislead politicians. Ask saboi and Peterson the heat on the political podium.Face reality and you will never be in Utopia. Cheap politics!!!!!!

  12. Razor

    This sakala and his convict brother Richard sakala are just chancers who want to ride on other people’s backs since they themselves have no support.

  13. General

    kkkk ba zambia they dnt even tok much on corruption koma politics.mmmm no sense!

  14. ben solomonsjr.

    too much of comedy in Zambian politics

  15. Benny

    Let’s try HK we are tired of salary delays

  16. Mwale.net

    No vote 4 mad buddies!y giv yo friend yo wife to mek u a child when u ar not impotent. CHILDISH !

  17. Mochias.com

    Mwilaba ati BASAKAALA bala KALABA pakwiba!
    Crazy& Lazy dudes indeed!

  18. Gtu

    You must all(commenters) be shallow minded,cant you all see that sakala is trying to get the attention of PF.he thinks by doing this PF will invite him and him to stop this move as they do not want kalaba in any political party .then he would make a deal with pf that if they adopt him as kasenengwa mp by election candidate.he will drop his offer to kalaba.
    This is what is going on in the head of ba sakala

  19. Fwenkufwenku

    Kalaba is not a joker; he’s against satanist and dirty politics

  20. Benny

    Gtu uli shilu

  21. onemore

    please let us just ask God to help mother zambia since politicians has now introduced witchcraft learning in a christian nation otherwise God will punish us all due to our politicians.

  22. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Mr Sakala, Kalaba kambwili, Tayali and mulongoti are the same in politics. Visionless.

  23. Gtu

    Benny ukutumpa amano kwati ulinkoko.
    Cursed chap,do you know political psychology.



  24. njekwa muhamubi

    Sakala is better than lungu

  25. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Don’t bother yourself Njekwa. Lungu ni Lungu.

  26. Benny

    Gtu l have degree what about u? U first insulted us all waba mano nge nkoko

  27. Ian mutuka

    Gud move their! namonamo sense kalaba talaba!

  28. Andrew Monde

    Its fine he has all the Democratic right to ride the ZDDP chariot if he wants.

  29. Andrew Monde

    Its fine he has all the Democratic right to ride the ZDDM chariot if he wants.

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