BoZ Introduces New Features on Bank Notes

The bank of Zambia has launched enhanced Two and Five Kwacha notes today while other new notes from ten to One Hundred kwacha will be put in circulation in due course with a view to mitigate counterfeiting of existing original banknotes by criminals.

One of the introduced security features called sparklive has been incorporated in the figure on the lower right hand side to further shield thebanknotes from being counterfeited.

Central Bank Governor, Dr. Denny Kalyalya, says the security features will exhibit three overt visual characteristics which are colour- shift properties, optical brightness and dynamic light effects.

There will also be a 5mm optically visible four window security thread with micro optical dynamic effects has replaced the hologram on the three denominations.

Dr. Kalyalya added that the “birds in flight” feature has shifted from the right edge of the back of the banknote to the left edge


He further said that “The tactile mark” for the visually impaired have now been put on both edges of the banknotes to enhance tactility or the feel effect.

The ten kwacha denomination will have among other features a new four-window security thread which will replace the hologram on the front of the banknote.


“Tactile marks for the visually impaired have been put on both edges of the banknote to enhance tactility.The K2 and K5 denominations have the following features,” he said.


“Different images (dove, text K2 and K5) appear as a new glossy varnish with a blind embossing for ease of identification. Tactile marks for the visually impaired have been put on both edges of the banknotes to enhance tactility.”


The Central Bank Governor said that the Bank will start circulating the upgraded banknotes in a phased manner, starting the with K2 and K5 denominations in August 2018.


The Bank will not withdraw the existing banknotes until the end of their circulation life meaning that the existing banknotes will co-circulate with the upgraded series and will continue to be honoured at full value.



  1. Osie

    Yes yes yes I sow it comeing


    Let the criminal suffer.Thanks lungu president

  3. Chisenga kandela

    Nice consideration for the visually impaired individuals, they are the worst victims….

  4. James Mphande

    Job Weldone

  5. Bwantu Chilopola

    Hello there. I am cashing in!

  6. Ras Kay

    That’s a nice maybe will lessen theft and forgery by selfish individuals whose aims are enriching themselves

  7. CAC

    Great development. ..

  8. sunday chisha


  9. 1 August 2018

    nali shibefye

  10. Willy

    I feel explaining the features is giving room enough to the ” Counterfeit experts”,Is it mandatory?

  11. National councillor

    It is a pity counterfeit money will continue for as long as the old notes are in circulation

    • true counterfeit notes will flood the market why not put a deadline


  12. Moses kinda

    Good move




    That’s nice

  15. Joseph Ngosa

    A hearty concideration forbthe visualy impaired.Thankyou!

  16. one Zulu


  17. ethan tutu

    bushe elyo mukapwisha bukabolala mu calo

  18. Warren chungu

    It’s a good idea but the bank of Zambia shouldn’t have to relax because criminals never rest. Up grading security should be continued either annually or a certain period of time. Wonderful

  19. Punchu

    Thanks ba Willy thats a good point, they are giving us way more info than we need, imagine am an expert counterfeiter. What would happene? Ba Leon a deadline is not a good idea, people will lose a lot of money when the old Notes are automatically deactivated or ineffected by it. Suggestion to the Bank of Zambia, next time such a move is planned, would you please let us concerned citizens or members of the public know ahead of time even if our opinion dont matter. So that there won’t be any need for such explanations, they are self betraying and unprofessional. Like the choosing of a Zambia national team coach, they give us the name and the picture and then say that football house will announce Zambia’s new coach tomorrow. BOZ, Journalists and you guys who share on line, let’s be smart next time. Sometimes you dont have to share everything you get from an interview. Am honestly disappointed.

  20. moses

    Good development

  21. M.K LEWIS

    thank u ba kateka


    Thats very great development in our beloved country

  23. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Good development.


      please put my portrait of a neckless head I mean a head without a neck like a hippo something like that

  24. Newman

    This is Good I think I will lessen the forgery of money. Well done job well done

  25. Hill hillz

    Tyani. Get move Boz

  26. label leader

    It’s a well come move

  27. Augustine Junior

    the bank notes are warmly welcome. the security measures which have been introduced will lessen theft and and money relating crimes to selfish individuals.
    thanks to the BOZ

  28. Drex

    That’s great

  29. Christopher Mutambo

    That’s a good strategy by the bank of Zambia.



  31. Saz

    Well well

  32. Pwele

    After Siphoning the treasury then you come up with an idea of printing more money in the name of securing from counterfeit notes……if the dollar can be made what of valueless kwacha….. any way its a good move tumone ck, fm, nabapompwe banenu basokolole….. limbi yalabalansa

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