Imboela Exposes UPND Violence

Former UPND member and NDC mayoral candidate in the just ended elections Saboi Imboela has given a chilling account of some members of her former party.

Imboela’s sister found herself on the end of verbal and violent attacks by some UPND supporters.

Below is her full posting:


The United Party for National Development, UPND, should control its violent cadres and discipline them when they attack other members of the party especially women. I was horrified yesterday at the behaviour of about 8 cadres in the company of Chitanga and Brian Mulenga who followed my young sister home and verbally assaulted her in all ways possible. They threatened to beat her up and told her never to go to the UPND Secretariat and that if she did they would beat her up and strip her naked. The insults they hurled at her were very demeaning and scary.

The Gender Based Violence my young sister experienced yesterday is a very common thing in the UPND and I urge the party to discipline the 8 cadres who attacked my sister yesterday or we shall take the matter up as a family and let the law take its course. Contain your violence within the party if that is your accepted behaviour and do not follow people to their homes otherwise we shall not accept that lying down. There is now a school at the former family house where my sister was attacked from and they exposed this violence to the children who were nearby and all the neighbours and passers-by who watched the incident in horror.

Remmy was jailed for 9 months just a few weeks ago for physically assaulting Mbozi and while Mbozi sought to solve this matter internally you supported a man who assaulted her instead of supporting the woman that was physically attacked. The law now took its course and no one should blame the woman for protecting herself when you the party failed to protect her. I know how cadres like Brian Mulenga verbally attack anyone who fails to give them money on a particular day regardless of how many times you give them money in a particular week. And sadly, it is women that he normally targets for that abuse. I was a victim of that abuse when I was a member of the UPND and as usual you failed to protect me and the answer was ‘that is how he is’. Women should be protected from these violent cadres in the party and not turning your usual blind eye to the violence that your own members are facing from such hooligans. Moving forward, I would like to give the party only this week to discipline the violent cadres who attacked my sister yesterday failure to which we shall do so as a family. My sister is not NDC as the cadres are alleging and she has to be respected for her opinions and contributions within the party of her choice UPND. Politics, like religion, is not something that everyone follows just because the next person has done so.

Personal conviction is what leads people to make decisions and not just because a family member has taken a certain stance. What information can my sister be getting from UPND to give me- ‘how to lose elections several times?’ Besides, my work and roles in the UPND exposed me to sensitive information that my sister does not even know. I know more about the UPND than my sister does and my belonging to another party should not make my family members be labelled as suspicious characters in the party.

I still have a lot of friends and family members in UPND and those that joined NDC have done so openly and proudly, so respect them for their choice to be with the party of their choice. I am very disappointed and appalled by what happened yesterday and it is my sincere hope that the party takes this up urgently and deals with it accordingly. To me, violence is not a private but public matter, especially that it was done in a very public manner like that. So let all the perpetrators of this violence be brought to book in your party disciplinary systems, if at all any, failure to which we shall rely on the laws of the land to protect us.

*Saboi Imboela*

*Gender Activist and sister to the victim


  1. James Mphande

    That’s how UPND is

  2. Leon

    Just report the individuals to your nearest police station .

    • BA LUNGU

      that’s why I say HH panyo pake

      • Choi

        Ha! God bless you

      • Ba Northern power

        We’re not solving anything by insulting ourselves, let’s just advise where necessary.

  3. PWII

    Where were you when PF cadres harrassed and undressed a UPND lady in full view of the veep at a state function?

  4. Papwe

    Imwe mwebana Ba mbwa mwilatuka hh mwefipubamwe just comment the way you support to coment

  5. smack down

    upnd is a disgrace to Zambian politics!!


    no wonder HH failed to fuck me I have a big cunt

  7. muntungwa

    Very shameful comments>

  8. Brave

    Just passing!!

  9. Mr. Mbayo C. Jackson

    why can’t u just take the case personal? Take those people to the police

  10. Non-Partisan

    politics in Zambia is full of allegations and everyone playing victim…we should just switch to military rule for 5yrs so that we can sober up and focus on issue based administration

  11. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Fake report getout

  12. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    Saboi u ar not a figure unless to fools only.if a blind person is able to ur desperation of work u ar just same as miles sampa,ur fake story is just too fake and usless to every meangfull citizen.just find another way of selling yourself and we Kno that soon and very soon u will join pf.u AR just waiting for an opportunity otherwise ndrc should please be able to ready her minds otherwise mmmm the young girl is after destroying ur part.she is otherwise a wove in a ship cote.u sound so prematured u ar still still to a party UPND

  13. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    Who is ur sister to UPND what does ur sister has, for upnd to follow her the way u ar putting it kkkkkk what post does she has in any of the zambian party’s?what are they going to achieve by following ur sister and beeting ur sister who is not a figure.saboi u ar nothing am repeating it

  14. Razor

    Your sister is not a member of upnd or ndc then what was she doing at the upnd secretariat? There is more to this than meets the eye. I think the sister went there to provoke these people and when they retaliate you concord this big story to gain favour.

  15. sir evor musaka

    Saboi your story sounds fake and why were you not reporting the violent behaviour when you were in upnd?? No njala or what …?? Mwananjo king …. ????

  16. sir evor musaka

    Saboi your story sounds fake and why were you not reporting the violent behaviour when you were in upnd?? Ni njala or what …?? Mwananjo king …. ????

  17. Python Django

    Why are you asking the party to discipline the alleged perpetrators of violence when you know very well that the leaders themselves are in the forefront inspiring panga wielding. Just go pa central and let there be no talk of internal discipline.

  18. Mr. SINGO's

    Where you police

  19. Jms


  20. Jms

    I thought I heard that imboela saboi is a lecture now her complaint it seems she is telling me that police men and women doesn’t exsist shame you call your self a lecture no wander why you lost

  21. Richard longwe

    Music was better,

  22. King David

    Stop talking about UPND PLEASE WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM? You Saboi you left the us already, do you to rejoin? Haha hahaha haha keep quiet. If you want go to pf.

  23. David

    Your friend is now tired of being a pf spokesperson thinking they offer him a job zero. Banakwana kuja bamvela? Come 2021 we are forming a government.

    • Zambian

      Ndeloleshafye kkkkkk what kkkkk which country kkkkkk Hazambia or Zambia

  24. DD


  25. Wwew

    Fake story madam try again later

  26. saboi imboeseli

    Ba soboi sure!!!!! 💵 money will make you to sell your kids if you are not careful. Just your statement itself is not clear. What made your sister almost to be beaten?? Suffering is very bad. Dont tarnish other people’s names just because you want capital iwee.

  27. umuntu

    Saboi I thought you are a learned person, y didn’t u report to the police what help are u going to get. Don’t lie.



  29. Joseph Zulu

    Sorry sis,just make sure you leave no stone unturned if at UPND seem undecided, show them what you are made of.

  30. Jms

    A good person does not insult where he/she comes from suppose you want to return what then or most of people in the ruling party are the ones you wronged how are they going to look at you for me a well educated person will be ashamed but non educated ones I’m sorry ,(educate your self education doesn’t end,)


    Such cadres must and should be dismissed from the party so that we see how they can fend for themselves. They useless dogs.

  32. ck

    Money issues, I read something that purported harrasors wanted money from your sister! If that is the case then your sister should pay if she owes them. And madam saboi you know the people why can’t yu report them to the law authority? You yourself as an activist should knw well how this is done. You know the people in volved,why not let law take its course by presenting the evidence to the police? UPND is not law. See how people express there opinions through insults to innocent people and one another? There are a lot of things we can do correctly if we want to establish ourselves in the political world.

  33. Jms

    Sorry my sister has been stupid ( without thinking what will come forth

  34. Fnc

    I thought ZICTA was suppose to close accounts with fake names and I guess they can track those who post insults on the media.. Please ladies and gentlemen lets learn to be sober when reacting to postings

  35. fisunge

    David which government are you forming and with who in case you didn’t know people are watching and seeing what’s happening we want peace not violence tools ma panga to panga mungatijube Mendoza na manja kaili slogan ni panga pangaS so soon hh was inciting youths to revenge

  36. D money

    Ba upnd why do you behave like cowz temuchibaya twaba

  37. ks

    Being PF,UPND,NDC or wat eva u call yoself does not gv u de authority to insult others. we want to hear yo positive opnion.

    • james kayz

      As long as we do not change the way we are voting it very dificult to put the right pipo into the govrenment

  38. Kalawa

    Ba UPND No matter how violent you become,you will never taste the power.and u Imboela u should think how can u join CK

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