I will Not Insult My Political Opponents to Prove Myself-Mutati

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Felix Mutati has told his party members that he will not spend time insulting his political opponents because it will not solve the many challenges the country is faced with.

Addressing an indoor meeting for party officials in Matero Constituency Mutati told members to stop expecting insults from him as a way of doing politics because it is not in him to insult opponents for political mileage.

He said it was sad the country is forced to see politicians exchanging insults when there is so much to do in the country adding that it should not take insults for one to be recognised as a good politician.

He said Zambia is big enough for politicians to coexist without resorting to insulting each other.

“We all have something to do for Zambia.. This country is big enough for all of us to co exist. It’s so sad we are forced to see our political leaders in the media quarreling everyday when there is so much to do in this country. You want me to be insulting everyone no! Every person was created with different abilities, everyone has a different talent, my talent is not talking about individuals, my talent is to work for people. My capital is in people.

“I will not waste time talking about individuals whose actions against me won’t change my being instead I will dedicate my time and energy to serve you and fight for your interests. Let those politicians whose talent is bickering continue to bicker we shall continue to serve,” he said.

And Mutati has called for patience among party members as the leadership puts things in order for it to be in the condition to contest and participate in elections effectively as opposed to just adding up numbers on the ballot papers.

He said the leadership was aware of the concerns from the grassroots as regards party’s non participation in by elections but that the party members should not be worried as the leadership was on top of things.

Mutati further said the leadership will soon announce the date for card renewals which will provide a road map on the party’s mobilization programs.

The MMD leader and his National Executive Committee Members are on a party mobilisation tour of constituencies in Lusaka District which he has been visiting after knocking of from work as he “does not want to steal from the Zambian people by engaging in party politics during work hours.” He has since visited Kanyama Constituency where he went Monday and Matero Constituency. He is expected to visit the remaining constituencies in the coming days.


  1. Mr. Mbayo C. Jackson

    Those are the leaders Zambia deserves…. We need a leader who thinks like an adult, not insulting each other anyhow , anywhere. Thumbs up MMD President.


    do not afraid yourself papa that party come from god if you prayer hard 2021 you are going to be a president my the Lord be with u

    • The hayfer

      Dont cheat your self Dairy Tember,2021 ni PF again with MBS as presidential candidate,because ECL will not be with us by then GOD will take him to the other side

  3. James Mphande

    Well spoken mutati

  4. Richard longwe

    MMD will never be forgotten, we want u in power,

  5. Benny

    Well spoken but is he still minister in PF government all l know is that those politicians of today do not tolerate double tobelas

  6. once most corrupt regime

    Once most corrupt régime

  7. Jms

    How many talents should one have you should add views on Emmanuel who commented on barose agreement if you are a man of your words

  8. Bernard

    Comment Zambians will never go back to corrupt gorvements like mmd

  9. Bluno marss the moonshine jungle

    Dead mmd

  10. MMD

    Ati Mmd president??? What is he doing in pf if he is mmd president?

  11. manfield maurice

    We want other parties to rule Zambia not mmd na pf, let’s wait 4 upnd in 2021. iyi tamwakebe.

    • Kalawa

      Mansfield Maurice go to hell with your UPND.you losers

  12. FGM

    Mutati is a mature politician who can surely bring the desired expectations on the Zambian political scene. Unfortunately our political system is sidelining great men and women that can help mother Zambia move forward faster.

  13. Digital underground


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