Zimbabwe Poll Turns Violent

Three people were killed in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare after troops opened fire on rioting opposition supporters, police say.

The government says the army was deployed in central Harare to help police restore order.

The opposition MDC Alliance condemned the crackdown, saying it was a reminder of the “dark days” of Robert Mugabe’s rule.

It alleges that the governing Zanu-PF party has rigged Monday’s elections.

Parliamentary results show Zanu-PF heading for a big majority in the first elections since long-serving ruler Mr Mugabe was ousted from power.

The presidential result has yet to be declared. However, the MDC Alliance insists that its presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa, won Monday’s election.

European Union monitors have expressed concern over the length of time it is taking to declare the presidential result.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has announced 140 seats for Zanu-PF so far, and 58 for the MDC Alliance, ZBC state media reported. There are 210 seats in the National Assembly’s lower house.

More than five million people were registered to vote, and there was a high turnout of 70%.

(Credit:  BBC)



  1. Mr. Mbayo C. Jackson

    Zimbabwe can’t they copy from us Zambians sure…. We always conduct peaceful elections regardless of the results, we always maintain our “One Zambia One nation” Motto.

    • JB


    • RiggingPF

      What do you expect, Mnangagwa appointed his minister’s girlfriend to head electoral commission. If this not conflict of interest them what is?

  2. Mbo Bubo

    Stupidity is when you tell the people before one vote is cast that you will not accept any other result apart from that of victory.

    Idiocy is when the first election results are announced and they tell you that out of seven you have one and your opponent has six and then you announce to the whole world that you have won elections.

    Blasphemy is misusing the God who is in heaven in your selfish agenda. God does not operate like you.
    Godisinit does not work when your decision is stronger than that of God.

    Criminality is telling people to fight authorities so that they can know that you want the presidency at all costs.
    Shame on you Chamisa and your supporters. Your family is safe but three human beings are in the mortuary and the City of Harare has been turned into a war zone by your greed.

    Are you seriously a genuine man of God or you are an addition to the African Men of Gold?

  3. Kwahae

    Dear friends from the European Union

    You will agree with me that the time given for the election results to be announced is Saturday this weekend. Why are you in a hurry?

    The most unfree and unfair elections today are in your countries, where Cambridge Analytica and Facebook will make it possible for any person to vote for people he/she doesn’t know.
    If, however, you feel like leaving you are free to do so because you have already compiled your report, which is always negative.

  4. European Union

    chamisa respect yourself

  5. d man

    zanu pf iwe mnangagwa dont pretend as if you r innocent you r stupid also how can you give almost a week to announce the result also idiot electral commision ecz, we dont want refuges in zambia , can just announce the very old man munkwankwa uyo wine , we know you r after guns in your country idiots

  6. d man

    even you soldiers how can open fire on cevilians who dont hav guns? stupt miitary personal you dog why didnt you use tear gase? you r killing your own relatives like dogs sure go back to the training wembwa iwe

  7. Chabala abel

    Very sad development.
    But why taking long to declare the winner.
    Niuko mwangala

  8. Benny

    Zimbabwean authorities please treat your people like human beings we don’t want more refugees here in Zambia only few prostitutes r wanted here 2 serve our men with high libido

  9. Dj Amuchigushe

    2018 President elect Mukwakwa don’t emulate mugabe’s style of bloodshedding. announce the results and let sanity be restored in zimbabwe.

  10. Starboy

    I think Zimbabwe is so advanced than Zambia for them to announce the results so early, if it were here in Zambia it could have taken us the whole month just for some one to try and steal the votes. Keep it up Zimbabwe but don’t let your beautiful bitches with big buts come here coz we are not toothless lions we suck the whole soup from them u know…

  11. AJ styles

    Guys avoid insults ok, wat do yuh know yoselvs?

  12. mengmoreler

    These so called man of god i thnk they hv problm!are thy realy bibilicaly man of God or false prophets?bcoz da bible says u hv to accept watevr God has giv u good or bad and y crying for earthly post instead of heavenly one sure?awee ba shimapepo babufi twanaka nayimwe plz Mr chamisa study yo bible again and u’ll find da right way to liv!

  13. Ben

    What peace in Zambia when people are just quiet because of oppression

  14. Rogan Mwengwe

    That’S The Only Problem Of U African, I Wonder Why They Do Not Annaunce The Winner, And U Army Why Would You Open Gun Fire While u Know What Your People Needs?


    Zimbabwe there all fools wy can’t u wait the results instead of killing one Anaza wake up dirty election is ova mayb u were happy wat ka Mugabe kept u fools be wise election is to elect the candidate u want imwe bafikala tekwi payana

  16. wenger

    delay means injustice

  17. Patrick Mwale

    Zimbabwe has to choose through the ballot and not through the bullet.I think it’s time the Zanu- PF and it’s leader Emmanuel Mnangagwa left.The Zimbabwean people can redeem themselves by voting for the young,energetic and vibrant leader in Nelson Chamisa.

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