Kitwe Council Demolishes Illegal Structures

The Kitwe City Council have demolished over 20 illegal houses in Kitwe’s Mukuba Natwange Township constructed on land belonging to ZCCM-IH.

Council Police alongside state police swung into action around 01:00hrs to raze the structures that have been constructed illegally.

Among the structures demolished include over five completed house with others being on slab level.

A check found occupants in the cold with their property displayed outside while the structures had been razed.

One of the affected accused the local authority of being unfair to the residents claiming they have legal documents.

“We acquired these plots legally and we are wondering why the local authority has carried such an exercise without even notifying us, we will not leave until the President intervenes in our case because we are not squatters,” he stated.

Despite failing to produce any legal documents, the resident maintained they had papers issued to them by the local authority.

And Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu has described as unfortunate the demolition of structures especially that some of them had been completed.

Mpundu was however quick to mention that he was disappointed with the increasing cases of illegal land allocations in the district.

He has appealed to the Kitwe City Council to quickly deal with illegal land allocations in the district and reduce on cases of having structures demolished after completion.

Mpundu has further urged resident to always follow procedure when acquiring land to avoid having their structures being demolished.


  1. Chisenga kandela

    Why do they delay in Lusaka…

    We have a lot of illegal structures…..

  2. Brian

    There should be another way ….always the poorest people suffer . Do the people in power enjoy doing this ?

  3. DAVID

    This is not good this land is for every one us you have started the power that you have binwell that power cames from them try to be like tutwa ngulubes mind and you will be free your mind coz god will panish you BINWELL MPUNDU THAT’S NOT YOUR LAND.


    Chisenga kandela u ar an asshole,banzako balila balibe ko yenda but u ar busy kutunfya ati bati pwanyile naise here in lsk,idiot!Unavutikapo iwe mwati?

  5. Thabo

    This is unfair, where was the coucil when these houses were being constructed, If they warned them in the beginning the victims would have not been suffering now .Zambia awe mwandi.

  6. Kelo

    We’re all Zambian let’s live like people, let’s have companion for one another, God will punish those who misuse their power, coz power comes from God.

  7. Richard

    Very unfair

  8. Rosaria

    Am telling u its bad,it takes time to find money and invest into something and only to hear all ur efforts hard work sweat is now for nothing. bane tiziganizila banzatu

  9. Truth

    Polo is a horse game played mostly by whites.Rendering your own people homeless at the expense of the polo club is failing to govern your people well and yet governing whites and their horses very well.Shame.

  10. fisunge

    These pipo shud not complain because they warned them which papers did they have You think the Council is so foolish that it gives plots and demolish again the council knows which land belongs to who so they can’t give if you get dubiously that’s what happens let’s follow procedure


    Fisunge,if u wek at the councel,am blaming u bcoz u dont stop us pipo when we start from foundation ad not aftr roofing,nonsense! ,if u ar just lyk me den just shut yo medula!

  12. MANFIELD maurice

    Fl council very useless

  13. Comic

    If Kitwe City Council ‘ve any muscle left, let them go to those Bar owners in Nkana East and check out the unproductive NOISE made until the wee hours of the morning.
    Or is it that the Kick back is too sweet to be true for one to revisit the contentious issue?Comment

  14. Bradstreet coaster

    Guys Zambia is [y]our land,but these big headed guys are behaving like its their nationa,who is the problem now those with legal documents? Or those saying they are illegal documents? Come on let’s wake up… Remember it’s (y)our country…

  15. Kinda Joseph

    Mmmmmm This is Zambia the Christian nation sure ,so they want to sell that land to the chaines people God come and watch

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