Mulonga Water Faces Legal Suit Over Contaminated Water Allegations

Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company has come under fire from some residents of Mufulira who have raised strong allegations that Mulonga has been supplying contaminated water.

And a Consortium of Non Governmental Organization has threatened to sue Mulunga Water and Sewerage Company for alleged distribution of contaminated water.

Advocacy on Human Development Coordinator Cris Mwemba who is spearheading the movement said water samples have been collected and sent for testing for possible contamination.

He said residents in the area have been complaining of contaminated water from Mulonga Water but the company has given a deaf ear to their concerns.

Mwemba said working with other NGO’s, the consortium is soliciting for signatures from residents before taking the matter to court.

Meanwhile, resident have called on National Water Supply and Sanitation Council to conduct inspections and test water being supplied to Mufulira residents by Mulonga Water.

But Company Public Relations Manager Deborah Kangende has rubbished claims that water being supplied to its customers is contaminated.

Kangende said the company would have by now shut down its plant had the water being supplied been contaminated.

She said the water may not be as clean as people want but is safe for drinking and has been treated.


  1. Charles k.mulila

    The report on the findings clearly indicates the impurities in the water. The test was done by professional public health workers at first and secondly by the same experts with backing by MULONGA themselves.

  2. Chalwe Benjamin

    its high time the govt do something abt this Mulonga thing

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